Comments about ‘Man says he ate birds, turtles in 13 months adrift at sea’

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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 2:32 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Water, of course, is the biggest problem. You have to have a way to capture and store a lot of fresh water each time it rains, because it isn't going to rain often enough to keep you alive. That should be the first step in any investigation to see if he's telling the truth (he's have to produce the boat. The second problem is the boat itself--is it an open fishing boat, or does it have some sort of deck to protect you from the weather. It would truly be miraculous to survive 13 months' worth of Pacific storms in a boat of that size. Even a decked boat is going to require some serious bailing in a decent storm. No electric pumps to help do that. Barring those issues getting resolved, I'm guessing this guy's running a scam to try and score some book and movie rights.

Genola, UT

Sharks, water and going crazy.

Ask Louis Zamperini.

It probably helped that no one was shooting at him.

Far East USA, SC

The guy sure looked good for being at sea for that length of time. I will be interested to see if his story holds up.

If it does, you have to give the guy credit.

The truth will come out.

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