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Published: Sunday, Jan. 26 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

I'm sure we'll hear more of the right-wing anti-minimum wage scare tactics. The facts are that the opinion generated ideas that a higher minimum wage will "cost jobs" and increase prices are simply not true. Major studies in the last 15 years have shown that higher minimum wage infact help the economy.
The Myth of Job Loss has been skewered by studies by Paul Krugman (Princeton)"the great preponderance of evidence points to little or no negative effect" and from Bloomberg News "a wave of new economic research is disproving those arguments about job losses and youth employment". There are a great number of economic studies showing that a higher minimum wage will help everyone.

Minimum wages have lost 20% of their buying power to inflation since the mid 60's. The adjusted minimum wage would have be $21.00 to have the same buying power it did in 1968!

Vernal, UT

I know that this will rankle some of you, but increases in the minimum wage HURT those that work these types of jobs.

If I, as an employer, hire you for a low skill, low wage (usually entry-level) job, I really don't expect that you will be here for a long time. You come to me to get experience working, then move on to a job that is better paying and requires more skills.

When the minimum wage is increased, I will hire fewer workers to get the job done, or I will automate some of the positions that are currently staffed by a person. Because of competition, I cannot just raise my prices to cover the increased costs. The money for wages is a finite amount, and I will do what is needed to stay within my budget.

Increases in the minimum wage cause more people to be unable to find an entry-level job, and causes increases in unemployment rates, usually among the youth that work these types of jobs.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sadly, this cheap political gimmick will appeal to a large number of "low information voters" who have not even the most basic understanding of economics, job creation, or even "work."

If $10 per hour is good, why not $15? If $15 is good, why not $50 per hour? Heck, make it $100 per hour and we will all be rich!

The minimum wage should be eliminated entirely and the free market allowed to determine wages. If you don't want to work for "$x" per hour, then don;t take the job. If your skills and time will add value to an employer's product, they will pay a fair wage, so that they profit as well.

Look in North Dakota where WalMart greeters and burger flippers are getting $18 per hour, and unemployment is essentially zero.

A booming economy raises wages. Government mandates that drive up costs, but not productivity just kill jobs, especially entry level jobs where people learn the basics of "work" and incentivize automation or moving jobs out of the U.S.

Sorry, Democrats, your "minimum wage hike" schemes may win some points politically, but in truth they hurt the economy and the very people you CLAIM to be helping.

Way of the Warrior
Arlington, WA

Here in Washington State, minimum wage is $9.32 per hour and is adjusted automatically each year for inflation. This automatic adjustment in state minimum wage was passed by voter initiative many years ago. So far, the only visible impact has been the loss of items on the 99 cent menu at fast food places. While I agree that minimum wage should be adjusted for inflation each year, I don't believe minimum wage should be (or was meant to be) a living wage, and I don't believe large periodic large jumps in federal minimum wage (i.e. going from $7.25/hr to $15.00/hr) is the way to go. Start with the federal $7.25 minimum wage and adjust it each year to keep in line with inflation. No need for drastic changes in wages that make it difficult for businesses to adjust too.

Just Wondering...
Gilbert, AZ

...if the minimum wage were automatically adjusted for inflation, wouldn't that take another tactic out of the liberal agenda to convince voters that they were looking out for their best interest? I think it would be wise to legislate a realistic adjustment for inflation every year to a reasonable min wage just so that Dems can't keep tossing this hand out on the table when they need a few votes.

Sandy, UT

Dn subscriber is right. People need to value themselves. Why anyone would trade their time for minimum wage is beyond me.

Hayden, ID

Since Americans vote with their wallets, what effects do you think higher minimum wages will have on sales of goods made in China but sold here in America? Obviously, higher wages makes goods made in the US less competitive with imports from China and, darn it, there goes your job! Liberals love to blame US corporations for loss of jobs and for income inequality but the truth is, American consumers will not spend more money for goods made in the US! Americans are voting with their wallets and American producers are losing the elections in droves and made in China wins and American workers lose!

Bountiful, UT

Since Utah is a state where an increase in the minimum wage would never be considered by the Legislature, presumably all these other states will have an incentive to move their minimum wage jobs here, right?

That's what we want here in Utah, right, more minimum wage jobs?

Saint George, UT

Just another ruse used by the ruling class to assuage the underlings! Minimum wage laws keep the poor right where the democrats want them, under their patronizing wing while they work in their cush jobs and talk to their friends of those greedy republicans, who aren't quite as selfish as them, but who will sign off on it too, thus proving once again that their isn't a snails difference between the two parties. Both love proposals that keep the poor poor!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

We've had the minimum wage a long time, and it has been raised many times. Could anyone who objects so strongly to that practice cite a time when employment actually DID go down as a result? If their theory is correct, there should be plenty of real evidence, right?

Vernal, UT

If the minimum wage is raised, employers won't be able to pay their bills. This means that prices will go up and a lot of people will end up out of a job.

Saint George, UT

The Democrats are once more appealing to the base fears of men, collecting votes, and keeping the poor right where they want them, needing government assistance. It is really quite amazing how these corrupt politicians collude so often on issues of relatively little import to keep themselves in power, maintain the status quo, and shine up the appearance of doing something good. Even more amazing are the rich, mostly, ardent followers who support the charade.

Brigham City, UT

Point to ponder: If minimum wage is raised, think of all the new tax money now available to those pushing so hard for the raise. Suddenly, it makes sense why the "tax and spenders" are such proponents.

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

In economic theory there is what is called the wage/price spiral. Just by seeing the name you understand what a continuous increase in wages will do to prices and the inflation that will occur as a result, all in a continuous pattern. While I don't subscribe completely to this theory, I do think that a continuous increase in wages (tied to the CPI) would be disastrous, and exactly what Big Labor wants.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

In the history of the United States, federal minimum wage has been raised 29 times. None of those times succeeded in ending poverty. What makes you think the 30th time will do the trick?

not here

I look at like this, minimum wages will NEVER go up In Utah. So all of you that's crying wolf or that the sky is falling, have no need to worry it's just not going to happen.

@ Ned BC: Just who are the tax and spenders are you referring to? If I have read the story that's on the Trib. site it sounds like the GOP run government you have in Utah is looking to raise tax's to build more roads in your state. And if that happens will it also mean more inversion for the state? And how do's the tax and spenders fit in with that? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Kearns, UT

Solution to minimum wage. Get off your butt, get an education, or vocational training and make yourself marketable.

The Democrats who tout themselves as the "party of the working man" are only interested in staying in power. They care less for the working man that Vlad Putin does. Their pro-big goverrnment policies do more to harm the working man than anything out there.

A better and actually growing economy will do more for those working at minimum wage to do better by finding better jobs.

I started at my job 23 years ago at $5.25, the federal minimum wage at the time. I'm now making substantially more than that because I've worked at it.

Kearns, UT

Mark B. Why do you think that China is now the manufacturing capital of the world and the U.S. isn't? Our government has driven manufacturers over seas by all the arcane rules, unions, and the minimum wage.

I don't particularly like buying stuff from China and always look at labels to see if I can but from elsewhere but, the reality of the situation is, why would I make a product here in the U.S. that would cost more to make here if I can have it made in China or Bangladesh for much less and charge the same? Simple economics 101.

Until the business climate in the U.S. improves and the government quits trying to re-distribute wealth, nothing will change and we will have have to work in service related jobs forever.

Genola, UT

The minimum wage is zero. Always has been always will be. If I am an employer why would I hire someone who could not produce more than I paid them? Answer: I wouldn't hire the person nor would anyone else. Then they would make the minimum wage.

Brigham City, UT

Not here: your post insinuates that I am giving the GOP a pass here. Not the case. Have lived here long enough that I know that the Repuglicans are just as good at taxing and spending as anyone.. I'm just pointing out an issue that is very rarely addressed in the minimum wage argument. Higher minimum wage equates to higher income taxes. What better way to increase tax revenues without raising taxes.

However, the article itself does have a "D" very prominently in the title....

As far as more roads and inversions...rather off topic, isn't it?

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