Comments about ‘Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' dramatic story may have misstated details’

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Published: Monday, Jan. 20 2014 3:00 p.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

Nearly everyone in Texas has lived in a trailer at some point in their lives. Especially outside of the major metropolitan areas. A lot of single mothers with children still live in them. Not a really big suprise.

As a former Texan, I'm more worried about her politics, and her story. Tall Tails are a staple in Texas, especially with politicians. However, if a Republican was telling the tail, they'd be crucified in the media. Since this lady is now officially an Icon of the Left, they won't say anything except to extoll that she once lived in a trailer house for a few months.

I'm also worried about her two divorces. What fun.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

A half-truth isn't the truth, sorry. And it sounds like half-truth is being generous with some of these.

Why not just tell the complete truth from the beginning Wendy?

New to Utah

Wendy Davis is having a hard time telling the truth about her life. It is hard
to believe the people in Texas will vote for someone that can't trust to tell the truth.

salt lake city, UT

This is the State of Tom Delay, George Bush, LBJ and Ann Richardson. Texans are used to hot air and half truths.

Virginia Beach, VA

So . . . she didn't actually get the divorce at 19. She merely separated from her husband at that age.

And the divorce wasn't legally finalized until she was 21. But saying that she was divorced at 19 is somehow a terrible misrepresentation of facts?

From the comments on this site, I see that Republicans are ever-ready to gang up on a non-Republican. But Republicans seem to be plenty forgiving toward their own. . . for example, GW Bush, whose administration misled the American public into believing that Iraq had WMD's ready to use against us.

Republicans are plenty forgiving about that, even though it led to our nation unjustly attacking a nation that did not attack us first, resulted in the death of over 4,000 Americans and severe brain trauma to many more, the deaths of over 100,0000 Iraqis, and the complete destabilization of the middle east for years to come.

But a woman who said she was divorced at 19 when she was legally only separated . . . Is not qualified to be governor?

Sorry folks, that doesn't make sense to me. But in my opinion, it does say something about Republican values and their ability to prioritize.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Big surprise... a politician lies and embellishes the truth. Republicans do it, Democrats do it, Libertarians do it. Perhaps a good measure of them lies in how they deal with it when the truth comes out.

Riverton, UT


Did you read the article? The stuff about the age isn't the only lie.

She created a fake biography about herself. She portrayed herself as a struggling young, single mother and a crusader for women's rights. What she really was, however, is a different story. She married a man a bit older, and he paid off her college expenses-TCU and law school at Harvard. He took care of the two daughters while she was in school, then she divorced him the very next day after he made the final payment on her student loans. She handed custody of the daughters over to him.

So, if I voted for her thinking she was a self-made, independent woman who went through the same hardships I was going through, but found out she used her husband to get to where she is, I'd feel pretty deceived.

Davis was polling behind anyways, so I doubt these revelations will change the course of the governor's race, except maybe to open it up wider.

Eliyahu, Wendy Davis' campaign is blaming Greg Abbott for her fake biography.

Salt Lake City, UT

Details, details, details, who cares about truthfulness? Life is what we want it to be, not what it is or was. She sounds perfectly fitted for a life in politics.

Murray, UT

She stands up for killing unborn babies mature enough to feel the pain inflicted by the procedure of cutting them in pieces.

Who is surprised that writing a revised history to help her get elected is okay in her book of values?

If she were running in New York, or Illinois, or Michigan, or any number of other states, this would make no difference, but she is in Texas. We will see if Texan's value truth, and I hope they still do.

Virginia Beach, VA

Yes LoveLife, I read the entire article. And it said nothing about her creating a fake biography other than the divorced-at-19 claim I already mentioned.

And yes, Wendy Davis was at one point a “struggling young single mother.”

And she is in fact a “crusader for women’s rights,” especially for women’s right to choose, as the article pointed out.

True, she married a man, and they got along very well . . . Until they didn’t anymore . . . And she got a divorce. So what? Why is that so terrible? And how would that in any way affect her ability as a public servant?

In other words LoveLife, none of your complaints about Wendy Davis has any merit.

Riverton, UT


It's her overall story that has been fabricated. I guess you'd have to know more about how she was presenting herself to the public to see that. Yesterday, she tweeted out, "Mine is the story of single mothers who feel alone in the world, searching for their chance to become something more."

Her own website says, "With the help of academic scholarships and student loans, Wendy not only became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor's degree but graduated first in her class and was accepted to Harvard Law School" with no mention of her husband's help, financially or with her children.

If she wants to send a message about her own "story" it would be to find an older, successful man gullible enough to marry her, take the kids, then dump him and the kids when he's paid the bills. That's how she became successful. Her "story" is not defined by a very short span in her life when she was a young, single mother.

She could have been sending her message without making those emotional, personal ties and giving credit where it was due-to her ex-husband.

clearfield, UT

Interesting that the liberals and media consider her a hero for a doing the same thing that Senator Cruz did. Stand for principles.

The story says that she lost custody of her children and was ordered to pay child support. If true, which she apparently has not denied, then that does call into question as to what she is or did that caused a mother to lose custody of her children. I'd like to know more about that part of the story before seeing her as governor of Texas.

Virginia Beach, VA

LoveLife, you're really nitpicking.

If her website says "With the help of academic scholarships and student loans, Wendy not only became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor's degree but graduated first in her class and was accepted to Harvard Law School," and if it's true, then it's true.

What's it matter if she didn't mention that her husband helped her. What's it matter if she didn't mention that her aunt used to babysit? . . . or that her her grandma gave her $50 that one Chistmans to help out . . . or that some good samaritan stopped and changed her flat tire as she drove to class one day?

It's pretty impressive that she was able to take proper advantage of good situations and help make her own luck as she strove and succeeded at academic success.

That's the kind of person who should govern a state, the kind of person who has the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities and thereby maximize the good she can do for her state land its citizens.

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