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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 8:26 a.m. MST

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Hayden, ID

Christie corrects and disciplines his staff for their bad behavior. Obama covers-up, stonewalls denies, lies and issues executive orders to protect his scandals.

Far East USA, SC

We will see MtnMan.

As of now, Christie is in the clear. And I hope it stays that way. Nothing is known at this point to say that he had knowledge or involvement.

The truth will come out.

I like Christie. I would seriously consider voting for him. (not that it is likely that the GOP will give him the nod. He is far too bi-partisan and possesses far too much common sense for the base)

Salt Lake City, UT

Can't run New Jersey.

Can't run a country.

J Thompson

Obama could learn a lot from Christie. Christie identified the problem, fired those who were responsible and invited all to see whether he had properly handled the mess.

Obama shut down the government, leaving thousands of vacationers locked out of PUBLIC parks and monuments. No one but the President had that authority. He blamed the Republicans. Reid joined him in blaming the Republicans. That tells us all that we need to know about Obama, Reid and honesty.

Is Obama going to refund everyones' money for spoiling their once-in-a-lifetime vacations? Is he going to stand before the nation in a two-hour news conference and tell us who he fired, why he fired them and why he knew nothing about the orders that he personally gave?

The Democrats seem to think that Christie's only way to be forgiven for a bridge shutdown is to have him immediately visit St. Peter, even while they mock us all by supporting Obama's shutdown of an entire nation.

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