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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"Forty three percent of the guns seized by law enforcement in Chicago were originally purchased in other parts of Illinois...fifty seven percent of Chicago guns all came from out of state"

Precisely why many local and state gun control laws simply don't work--they certainly don't reduce gun violence and claiming they do is not supported by the facts and is nothing more than political grandstanding at its best.

The only constitutionally legitimate method to expropriate an armed citizenry in America is to amend the Constitution and remove the right to keep and bear arms. Anti-gun advocates know that amending the Constitution is a difficult task--that's why they choose a back-door approach through local anti-gun ordinances which the Supreme Court has said violates the constitutional rule of law.

clearfield, UT

Happy Valley Heretic

So by your reasoning, the only way for any state or city to get control of gun violence is for the entire United States of America to ban guns althgether.

Well good luck with that!

Also, it could be argued that if gun sales were banned in the U.S. altogether, you would only be opening a very lucrative illegal arms market to fill the gap. Therefore, the border security, which would also stop illegals from coming into the country, would really have to work. Would that be good with you?

Vernal, UT

@ Brave Sir Robin

"So where do you get the idea that private citizens should be able to own guns?"
The government could easily take away the rest of our rights if the Second Amendment wasn't in place and the citizens didn't own guns.

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