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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 2:40 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT


Let's look at what happened to the 'spirit' of the Olympic games under Mitt Romney…

* 'Cost to Host Olympic Games SKYROCKETS' - ABC News
- By Julia Campbell

'The $1.3 billion in federal spending is more than DOUBLE the amount of federal funds '$609 million' that supported the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. (sic) 
I think it is a disgrace,â said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who, along with U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., asked the government agency to investigate the escalating expenditures for hosting the Olympic games in American cities. But this is a logical extension of what you get when you start pork-barrel spending.- Article

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Tacky to cast doubt on a country before it hosts the games, especially since very few Americans will be able to attend, in person. This article, and the interview, are just plain gossip.

Ogden, UT

@Midwest Mom 11:30 a.m. Jan. 5, 2014

Tacky to cast doubt on a country before it hosts the games, especially since very few Americans will be able to attend, in person. This article, and the interview, are just plain gossip.


"Tacky" is business-as-usual for Romney.

St.George, Utah

Mitt Romney still living the dream that he saved the Salt Lake Olympics. Wants the world to think he can handle any issue and save every country. He has a great understanding of all countries and each or their leaders, you know.
Never seems to mention anyone else who assists in any of his "projects", does he?
Hey Mitt, get out the old paperwork and read up on who else was there, AND the much needed government funds.

ute alumni

all the previous posters are all so successful and certainly have the track record of Mitt. maybe these geniuses ought to get involved in the Olympics next time. jealousy abounds when one has no accomplishments.

Taylorsville, 00

I'm not a Romney fan as a result of the job-exporting / Asian factory slavery trend he strongly helped, but I can agree with the statements on Putin's Russia and the sad events we've seen unfold there for 20 years. I can also admire the courage it takes to publicly oppose Putin even from U.S soil. I hope our missionaries don't get any backlash from this, however. Romney, for his many strengths and noted faults, is a famous face for the LDS church for awhile.

Salt Lake City, UT

'all the previous posters are all so successful and certainly have the track record of Mitt.'

One time Governor of Massachusetts?

There is a disconnect between the campaign trail of Mitt Romney, and what he factually, did.

Mitt Romney attempted a great many things. And I hope more reasonable people, like John Huntsman succeed where Mitt Romney failed in 2008 and again in 2012.

Now, as for what Mitt Romney did?

Well, for starters, I have given examples that the Olympics under Mitt Romney factually doubled the cost from the Atlanta games.


*'Bain captial under investigation for Tax Avoidance – Romney denies benifit – Forbes magazine – 09/01/12

'The New York Times is reporting that Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is among a number of firms being investigated by New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, for failing to pay taxes.'


Use em.


Mitt Romney did an amazing job with the SLC Olympics as far as I am concerned! They were successful (with many of the facilities still being used), fun atmosphere, and excellently organized! I'd say he is a pretty good source to give an opinion on the Russian Olympics. The comment about the cost: during a time of suspected fraud, he helped with turning the Olympics into a profitable effort, and helped immensely with Utah's economy. Also, I am pretty sure that a huge amount of extra cost went to the beefed up security. Of course he didn't do it all by himself, but he lead the efforts.

I'm sure that for some of you, Mr. Romney can't do right -- I detect a bit of jealousy!

ute alumni

successful family man
happily married husband
happy father and grandfather
respected church leader
successful businessman
successful olympic head
GOP presidential nominee
Harvard MB
Harvard JD
and just exactly what are your and the other posters' successes?.....chirp, chirp, chirp
cheap shots from the peanut gallery.

ute alumni

allegations are not facts.
how about
handsome smart and rich?
how many of those attributes do you have? any? probably none.

Eugene, OR

If anybody who criticizes Romney is jealous of him, then half of the people who post here at DN must be really envious of President Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

How pathetic are some of the anti-Romney comments. . . No one in his right mind could imagine him leading the country as ineptly as has Obama. For an even greater dose of anti-American leadership, head to New York City and bask in the insane, anti-capitalistic goas of De Blasio.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


I agree with Ute Alumni, see lots of criticism and zero solutions. The Mitt saga proves one thing, a guy with impeccable credentials, education (since apparently we live in a theocracy) business experience, human compassion from years of volunteer church service, and a successful family and marriage will still be ridiculed by people who themselves have accomplished nothing. The perfect candidate will still draw criticism.

silver city grant, NM

enough already willard !

Somewhere in Time, UT

I am astounded by the smallness of some of these posters. How petty can you get? I would like to chime in with Ute Alumni and others. I feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do than attack those of high character and outstanding accomplishments.

Mitt Romney is a great man and a patriot. Apparently that is something that some people just can't stand.

Far East USA, SC

"lots of criticism and zero solutions" = GOP platform in a nutshell

Far East USA, SC


I agree with you that Mr Romney is a person of character and achievement. I see no reason to attack him personally. And I never have.

And I ascribe the same exact thing to Mr Obama. I am guessing that we disagree on the latter.

Phoenix, AZ

It is strange.how having so much money makes worthless chatter news. It is time Romney did some real good and service for a nation that has given him so much and made him so rich Talk is cheap it is time for Romney to produce work results and give something back to America. He might start by paying a fair tax.

Far East USA, SC


I have little doubt that Romney paid what he legally owed. So, I believe it is unfair to bash him on this.

Now, I did disagree with Romney's plan to lower tax rates for people such as himself while cutting benefits to those with far less. While he did pay a large amount of tax, he paid a far smaller percentage than many.

Hyrum, UT

@ JoeBlow:

Lowering taxes for businessmen (entities) such as Romney is a proven way of stimulating economic growth. It's happened time and time again in the economic history of our country. Harvard economist Thomas Sowell has done excellent research detailing how, when and why that economic policy has proven to be so viable and predictable in American history.

It's for this reason that Romney proposed lowering business taxes for businesses (and consequently businessmen such as himself). One thing is for certain... it undoubtedly would be working better than the tax-the-businesses (businessmen)-to-death policy that Obama has put into place. America passed up Japan last year as the country having the highest business taxes in the free world.

@ DVD:

It's for the reason explained above that so many businesses have taken their production operations overseas. Lower the huge taxes we've burdened them with and you will be surprised how many of them will return back to the USA with so many badly needed jobs. It's not complicated, but apparently beyond the economic understanding of most liberal democrats with their socialistic agenda.

Consequently, our economy will continue to remain stagnant until we change economic policies.

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