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Published: Thursday, Jan. 2 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

If judges can overrule the voice of the people (as in the case of Gay marriage voted on by the citizens of the state of Utah), why hold elections? Those of you who believe that the Constitution gives power to the Judicial so it can overrule the will of the people haven't read the Constitution lately. It is really simple. The United States was formed on the basis of putting all the power in the people. When the will of the people is being subverted, as it is on a daily basis, it is no longer a government by the people; it is tyranny! The irony is watching those who vote for Socialism and Communism while claiming that our Constitution is inspired and should be upheld! The only thing that is being upheld today is tyranny, Judicial usurpation, Executive lies, secularism, and ignorant and immoral people! Would the big government people just wait until it implodes before admitting that things were just a tad out of control? Is the fact that we have lost the moral leadership standing in the world,with our economy not far behind, make any sense to the big government people? I doubt it!

Mcallen, TX

Hard to believe.

Ever seen the cheering at Obamas pep rallies?

New to Utah

Tyranny is a government that forces its will against the people for partisan, political purposes, this has happened twice. Judge Robert J. Shelby overstepped his power in granting gay marriage without a trial or hearing and against the wishes of 66% of the people who passed amendment 3. A completely partisan Senate in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve passed Obamacare without a single Republican Vote and with all kinds of payoffs to those voting for it.
A president who continues to grant waivers and special status to his favorite political allies is far outside the constitution. Political correctness run amok in every aspect of life. Is there really any good reason why we should trust government?

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