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Published: Thursday, Dec. 26 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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ute alumni

i read te article and just felt the overwhelming feeling of sacrifice that barry would take time from his busy vacation schedule and honor the troops. an example of supreme sacrifice from our community organizer.

Ogden, UT

Honor the Military? Would that be like the seals in Bengazi? Would that be like signing a bill reducing retirement pay for the Military? But increasing the pay for civilian employees who are represented by a union who contributes mightly to Obama.

Mcallen, TX

"Would that be like signing a bill reducing retirement pay for the Military? "

Would that include reducing pay for the commander in chief?

Ogden, UT

@ worf

Oh yea that would be the day! Which would include congress.

Hayden, ID

Government of Obama, by Obama and for Obama!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

And the same partisan posters continue to make unfunny, stale, and lame attacks on our President.

Obama won Mitty lost, get over it!

Ivins, UT

Where are all the people who voted for this Little Ceasar. He honors the military in very little way. Or, as politically convenient on his expensive vacation to Hawaii. Dosent''t he know that Rome is burning! Give us a break. W.e need another Ronald Regan

Salt Lake City, UT

4,000 plus troops died in Iraq.

Obama sent no troops into war.

Make up what you want about this President…

he did not start two wars based on lies.

Hayden, ID

Pagan, Obama has killed thousands of innocent civilians with his drone attacks. More were killed by another drone attack in Pakistan yesterday. Al Qaida killed 3,000 innocent people on 9-11 and GWB is the only President who did any thing about it! Obama threatened to kill more innocent people in Syria. The WMDs you and other ostriches claim never existed were used in Iraq against Kurds and again in Syria! Obama is a very poor marksman, keeps missing the bad guys!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

The same Anti-obama crowd,
the same Anti-Obama rhetoric.

However, this could be one of only times I MIGHT agree with Bush's Patriot Act NSA spying policies on U.S. Citizens,
But even at that, I still can't.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Pres. Obama is trying to honor our troops by saving their lives, instead of sending them in to various small oil-rich countries to be slaughtered on behalf of the oil industry -- a la Cheney. To the Obama haters: You know very well that if it were Bush sending drones, you'd be defending him. You KNOW this, which makes you hypocrites.

Mcallen, TX

I've have found, many people claiming to be open minded are actually very closed, and their opinions are rationalized towards twisting historical events.

@ Pagan:--:Obama sent no troops into war?"--How about all the weapons of war sent to other countries? You know! The ones which will eventually kill thousands.

How about the millions who have loss their health insurance? The hundreds of millions vacation dollars would sure help.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Obama Honors our Military and people who have never served their country attack him for doing so.
These true patriots (just ask them) really make me sad.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Mcallen, TX
I've have found, many people claiming to be open minded are actually very closed, and their opinions are rationalized towards twisting historical events.


I've have found, many people claiming to be "patriots" are actually very not very patriotic, and their opinions are rationalized by twisted historical events by listening to AM radio.

BTW - worf,
Pagan and I are bot U.S. Military Veterans.

Are you?

Ogden, UT

@Open Minded Mormon

I'm a Veteran and I still don't have any respect for this President. So What? I don't think most Veterans do.

Kaysville, UT

This is similar to President Clinton's disdain for the military with tongue in cheek timing about the military. These two men avoided military service except riding on the fanciest military aircraft in the world. Even President Bush was not expert with the military service he gave and his secretary's of defense taking away from military and DoD civilians that were due pay and benefits for their own wishes and perks for their SESs.

Mcallen, TX

@Open Minded Mormon--list some twisted historical events coming from AM radio, and some benefits stemming from our political leadership.

As an open minded person, and self thinker, I'm open to your information. If any of my statements are incorrect, I will gladly admit it.

newhall, CA

Honor the military by taking the name of God out of the military. Honor the military by removing leaders that don't like obama. Honor the military by watching families on welfare. Honor the military with Benghazi. Honor the military? Obama is a joke and should be impeached. I would welcome a military coup.

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