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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 24 2013 7:00 a.m. MST

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Tucson, AZ

Friends, people I know and even some family members laughed at me when I started storing water. One broken water line though and that quit. My food storage has provided form my husband and me over the last two years due to slow or no work. I was taught self reliance by my parents and when I became a member of the church it was not some major change. In our family over the years, I not only stock up on food but personal items also. Times have been tough this year but not as near as tough as it could have been. No matter how poor you think you are you can always buy one or two extra items and put them back every month and before long you have home storage.

Tooele, UT

"If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine." I have a year supply of food, and I know why I am going to need it, and I know why you are. I can also give you a very good estimate of when you'll need it. It's coming quickly. And it's scary. And you wouldn't believe me if I told you. So I won't. I will tell you this, get it, or die. It's that simple. I'm not advocating that you rush out or panic, but I would be working on it the way the church has said to very diligently (unless you do have the financial means to go get it-then rush and get it). Don't be a fool. Work on it. It's not a 3 month supply, it's still a year. Read the advice again. Think you're going to go shoot your food or catch it? Think again. Think the church is going to take care of you, or your neighbors that stored food? Think again.

Redshirt GlenbeckU

"Think the church is going to take care of you, or your neighbors that stored food? Think again."

Wait... the Church owns one of (if not the largest) agribusinesses in the world grossing billions of dollars and owning hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. The stated purpose of accumulating all this wealth (rather than alleviating hunger and poverty today) is to be used for that "rainy day". Are you now saying that isn't true, that they are not going to share with me and my neighbors?

It is good to save for a rainy day. But if you think about it, saving (and investing) that same amount of cash would have been more efficient and given you more flexibility than buying two of everything and storing it in case you needed it. What if you had needed to downsize to save money? What would you have done with the "stuff" you bought? I'm all for storing some water because it is the most essential thing and it is FREE. And it's good to keep a full tank of gas in your car. But cash is king when times are tough.

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