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Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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spring street

A good day for civil rights.


A foregone conclusion.... The NM Legislature would probably have passed a bill doing the same thing, but why leave legislation to legislators?

American Fork, UT

Good for them.

Ogden, UT

Congratulations to New Mexico for affirming civil rights, and congratulations to the court for wording its decision in a way that doesn't impact religious conscience. A well done to all concerned.


Yay!! Congrats New Mexico on becoming the 17th state to allow marriage equality! More to follow!

Dietrich, ID

What a tragedy to find something that is not in the constitution. Hopefully good people in New Mexico will vote for an amendment to overturn same gender marriage. What right does a judge have to redefine an institution ordained of God. People who don't uphold the Lords standard will have to face there maker. Tragic day for them.

Mcallen, TX



Salt Lake City, Utah


"What right does a judge have to redefine an institution ordained of God."

simple we do not live in a theocracy and certainly not one dictated by your personal belief system.

Dietrich, ID

@Kalindra we don't live in an anti theology either where only people's lack of morality can be enforced as law. Can't please God without offending the Devil. Since all he cares about is our misery and is Father of all lies will do all he can to destroy the sacred institution of marriage and do what he can to make as many people miserable like he is.

He will holler every time sacred institution of marriage is defended. Also likes to believe there is no God and he does not exist. If that is true than could care less about morality. Because why be moral when there is no immortality if you think that. I do know God lives and gives us commandments for our benefit though.


It's getting closer.....

Salt Lake City, Utah

Again just because we do not all subscribe to your interpretations of your religion does not make the rest of us immoral, I know it is hard to imagine but maybe we do not want to sin by buying into your use of religion to justify your immoral treatment of others. You do not have the corner on morality.

Eugene, OR


That kind of talk makes as much sense to some of us as threatening people with Harry Potter characters. You really need to come up with a better argument than "because some characters in a book said so."

Layton, UT

Our country just became one step closer to complete destruction. How sad!

Farmington, UT

Well, that's no surprise. But why did they leave out polygamy if they are so sure-fired correct in allowing any type of love by consenting adults. So it isn't necessarily a condition to procreate to form a marriage, but what if you want dozens of children from several wives? Why isn't that allowed, too? To use the logic of the LGBT community, how would such a marriage situation (multiple wives) impact anyone else's marriage? What harm would it do? I know----it would reduce adultery and that has to remain fashionable because it's PC....everyone's doing it.

Dietrich, ID

I know that a living prophet who talked to a living God and many others repeatedly said marriage is ordained of God and all sexual relations out of marriage are wrong and marriage is ordained of God. Not in a book but by a living God who talks to living prophets who tell us the word of a living God for our benefit and happiness.


don't worry higv and worf's comments are not reflective of all of society, their narrow view of the world need not win out, that is what you were getting at with your comment right?

DN Subscriber 2

It is indeed a slippery slope when natural institutions that have formed the basic building block of civilizations for thousands of years are overturned by the vociferous demands of a small group who demand tolerance and acceptance (even though they deny it to anyone else as shown in other news today).

If the sole criteria is that the parties to be married love each other, then there are truly no limits at all.

Based on their reasoning, it is also illegal to discriminate against a marriage between a man and two women. Or Three women, or three men. Or two men and s boy. Or two men, three women and a dog. The possibilities for loving couple/group to share the joys of "marriage" (whatever that means now) are endless.

Is it not bigoted to oppose these if we must accept two people of the same sex as a "marriage?" After all, we cannot tolerate bigotry of any sort any more!

Despite the court ruling, I am still opposed to anything but marriage between one man and one woman. Anything else may become legal, but that does not make it right.

Leesburg, VA

JNA, Higv;

What god do you believe in?
higv, you wrote: " I do know God lives and gives us commandments for our benefit though."

I believe exactly what you believe. However, if you are talking about the god that LDS believe in, you will have a hard time proving that SSM is contrary to the Lord. You will find nothing in the Book of Mormon, nothing in Doctrine and Covenants, nothing in The Pearl of Great Price, that would live us only the Bible. I wish we could meet in person with a Bible in our hands and discuss the topic having an impartial third party to emit an opinion.

I would like for you to remember that we were born of heterosexual parents, many of us were raised learning the gospel and developing a relationship with God.

Our Heavenly Father loves all of us and want for all of us to have someone to love because "It is not good for the man to be alone". Suitable company for heterosexuals is someone from the opposite sex, for homosexuals is somebody from the same sex.

1 Samuel 24:15 "May the Lord judge between you and me"

Leesburg, VA

Congratulations New Mexico!!!!

Dietrich, ID

Can use Bible to justify any belief. Even though the LDS church owns the Deseret News of course many readers not of LDS faith or agree with there church particularly commentators on here. The LDS believes in a living prophet and if you go to website and handbook and read GC addresses repeatedly tell people that Same Gender marriage and action is wrong.

The church repeatedly counsels members to support legislation that supports marriage between Man and Women. Show one scripture that supports same gender marriage. Satan does not go away quietly. When he tried to get Moses to worship him and Moses refused and cast him out Satan threw a fit. Is doing same thing with Same Gender marriage. When people vote to keep it between Man and Women he tries to go through courts. Australia court voted not to have same gender marriage hopefully New Mexico the people will follow suit.

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