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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 18 2013 10:00 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

I've never watched the show. I'm now a devoted fan...on whichever network will carry them. This clearly shows the bias the media has towards certain behaviors and against Christianity.

Mchenry, IL

I don't think he will care. I am surprised the family will continue. I think they shouldn't tape anymore.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT


I agree with most of what you wrote except Phil was not on the job, or at his job when he made those comments. I do understand though, that his fame and public comments are what's different about his job and "employer" than yours or mine. We could say much worse things and our employers would likely never hear about it. In his case he is being singled out and punished for his beliefs which will come back to haunt A&E. They will end up the losers in this controversy. A&E is reminding me of the Dixie Chicks. Heard a hit from them in the past few years?

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

So if I disagree with watching Glee because of the things they are doing does that mean the network will remove the people I don't mean doing what their doing? OR do I turn to a different channel and watch something else. People who watch Duck Dynesty know these people have talked about no premarital sex ect. So they know they are religious etc. Reality TV is just that. You are filming people as they are. . . so why remove someone, just don't watch.

Cedar Hills, UT

The left can spew Christian, Conservative hate speech all day long - on TV, RADIO, MOVIES AND MAGAZINES. No problem and no repercussions. When someone on the right offers their opinion they get censored - silenced - FIRED. As a student of history you have to back to the 1930 and 1940's in Nazi Germany or anytime during the ugly reign of cold war Soviet Union when the general public FEARED to express any point of view except that which was approved by the Socialist state. The United States is fast becoming what it once fought against. Let freedom ring?? As long as no one on the left hears it.

Reuben D.
Kaysville, UT

The way the gay community shouts their views you would think, and I did at one time, that they represent 20% of the population. In fact they only represent a little less than 2% of the population. So why is everyone so afraid to say someting that might offend them. And why is A&E letting the minority controll the majority.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@DN Sub 2 It really is disgusting, ironical and hypocritical is that the religious right continues to use GOD as an excuse to display their bigotry and hatred of their fellow man. The "religious right" continues to pitch and moan when anybody that doesn't fit their self defined vision of perfection wants to enjoy the same rights they have. They love to blame the "liberals" for all the ills of society yet cannot come up with any workable alternatives.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I'm gay and I don't find Phil Robertson's remarks to be offensive. I disagree with A&E's decision to suspend Phil from the show. He has every right to say what he believes. I disagree with him and his statements show ignorance about what it means to be homosexual, but we are each entitled to our own beliefs. He is not advocating for laws to be passed that would violate the rights of gay people or promoting violence.

2 bit
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hamfischer and Fred Vader,
Who said this is a first amendment issue?

I haven't read all the comments, but I've read a lot. And I haven't seen anybody saying his first amendment rights are being violated.

Everybody knows it's not a first amendment issue when your employer or the public reacts to something you say.

He could make his comments again today... there's nobody stopping him. If there was... there would be a first amendment issue. But nobody's saying that. So drop the strawman. I think they're just saying be more tolerant of someone that has/expresses an opinion you don't share.

Nobody's saying his first amendment rights were violated. That's just absurd.

Tremonton, UT

I am very grateful that there are a few people left in America who will go against the tide and stand up for what they believe, even when it goes against the current tide of popular opinion. In our current climate, it takes a great deal more courage to stand up for biblical.values than it does to say it's ok to be gay. Phil had to know there would be consequences for what he said, and yet he did it anyway. I applaud you,Phil, for your courage. I believe God will bless you for your stand and I hope Duck Dynasty thrives as a result of this!

Dave D
Spring Creek, NV

Just so all the supporters are aware, he was not simply stating his religious beliefs. He said something the Deseret News will not even allow me to post which is both degrading of women and gay people. Take a look at the whole quote. it is terribly offensive in many ways.

On an unrelated note, it appears that South Sudan is headed toward yet another civil conflict, meanwhile hundreds of millions more throughout the world do not have the basic necessities of life. So why do we make a big deal about a reality TV star's already-known homophobic views?

Kaysville, UT

And freedom of speech takes another hit from the intolerant left.

Spanish Fork, UT

Probably 80% of the Bible and Koran believers who actually read the books don't have a problem with what he said, although they may squirm at hearing it said aloud. Apostle Paul certainly would have no problem and neither would Moses.

Gay supporters do tend to be equally definitive in their declarations and demand you accept their orthodoxy or they'll scream at you.

The question really isn't whether or not you believe one way or the other, but whether you can hold the beliefs and still be kind and compassionate to others.

I don't find many people on either side of the argument who can mentally walk and chew gum on this issue.

St.George, Utah

Anybody remember Paula Deen?
And....what network is running her program these days?

mid-state, TN

@patriot --

"The left can spew Christian, Conservative hate speech all day long - on TV, RADIO, MOVIES AND MAGAZINES. No problem and no repercussions."

Baloney. For one obvious example, just look at the Dixie Chicks controversy that Whoa Nellie mentioned. They dared to criticize Bush publicly--and the group got completely trashed for it.

Again -- in the Duck Dynasty case, IMHO it depends on the restrictions he may or may not have signed in his contract. A&E has every right to protect its image, and if there was language in the contract stating that this guy would refrain making from controversial comments or do anything to damage A&E's image, then they have every right to silence him.

@Rueben D --

" In fact they only represent a little less than 2% of the population."

Actually, LGBT people make up roughly 5% of the population.

More than 50% of the US population supports same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, LDS church members make up less than 2% of the US population.

Do you really want to start basing your arguments on population size??

Dammam, Saudi Arabia


"As a student of history you have to back to the 1930 and 1940's in Nazi Germany or anytime during the ugly reign of cold war Soviet Union when the general public FEARED to express any point of view except that which was approved by the Socialist state."

I agree. A couple of years back I called this neo-McCarthyism. It is becoming worse.

History does not repeat itself, it rhymes. Which means we should be as equally scared of the Gay Right as we would be of anyone with a Swzstiak armband and a 1930's uniform.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can anybody comment on why only people on the Right need to be tolerant, and only people on the right need to embrace diversity of opinions (even opinions they don't agree with)?

It seems the media only insists people with religious right-leaning opinions need to be to be reprimanded, and told to be tolerant, and insist they be glad for diversity of opinions (even opinions they don't agree with).

Could the nonreligious left not use a little of this same advice?

Don't people on the Left need to be tolerant of opinions they don't agree with? And embrace diversity of opinion?

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

This is just another instance where supporters of gay and lesbian lifestyles exhibit a lack of tolerance for the constitution of the United States. This is not America any longer. It is being coerced into accepting the standards of Sodom and Gomorrah. Shame on the A & E Network for this type of model.

West Point , UT

Contrarius is right. Whatever is written in the contract for the Robertsons in terms of how they represent A&E is what is in question. There are usually clauses in those contracts that support canceling the show or releasing someone under the contract for what the broadcasting company may deem as inflammatory or defamation-type comments that reflect poorly on the network. I can almost assure you there are clauses written for the Robertsons by their agent as well stating they can leave the network for issues they deem as inequitable or the presence of a "hostile" work environment, etc. Both sides are going to have these escape clauses, and if I were the Robertsons I would exercise that escape clause as of now. A&E probably owns the rights to the Duck Dynasty brand, but the Robertsons could simply change the brand name and move to another network...it's not like everyone doesn't know who they are. In the name of being able to state your religious beliefs without them being construed as "vile" and hostile, I would leave A&E and send a message that religious minded people aren't going to be bullied either.

Sandy, UT

The problem here is not what A & E did. I agree A & E has every right to suspend or fire him for making his statement. But those who do not want to employ transgender people should have the same right. What is so annoying is the hypocracy. Today the Des News is also running an article about the effort to enact statewide anti-discrimination laws to give additional protections to gays and transgender people. So if I (an overweight male) show up to work in a halter top and a miniskirt, my employer cannot fire me. However, if I express my religious or moral beliefs he can?

The extent to which the gay advocacy groups have control of the media is amazing. It was immediately branded hate speech even thous he was merely stating his beliefs and he specifically said he would not treat anyone in a negative way. Any opinion other than that sanctioned by GLAAD or similar organizations must be stopped. Free speech is a 1st Amendment right - as long as you are supporting the left's agenda.

I hope the legislature wakes up.

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