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Published: Sunday, Dec. 8 2013 8:35 p.m. MST

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Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It was what it was. I would suspect most fans are glad to see it end and hope the new system will lead to a "fairer" way to select the national champion. Utah defeating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and being the only undefeated team that year probably would have been the national champs under the system before the BCS. That said the BCS era was very good for the better teams in the "mid-major" conferences. Utah was the first BCS busters, beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and was undefeated in '04 and '08. This resulted in them being admitted to the PAC-12 conference. Boise State was in two BCS bowls and won both and was invited to join the Big East (eventually declined the invitation as a result of demise of the Big East. TCU was in two BCS bowls winning one - losing one when pitted against Boise State. As a result TCU was admitted to the Big 12 conference. (Combined record of these three schools 5-1 (scheduling did not allow 6-0! Louisville, Cincinnati, Northern Illinois, UCF and Hawaii also played in BCS games.
Thanks for the launching pad and now let's look forward to the new challenges!

Cardston, Alberta

What a joke the BCS championship game was only one year ago. Fans by the millions went to the bathroom and then to the fridge for another brew before the end of the first half and turned off the T.V.... Millions of dollars lost by major sponsors with millions NOT tuned in to the blow-out. Biggest BCS joke ever. This move to a four team play-off is certainly an improvement.

North Logan, UT

I guess Utah's consolation is that they probably knocked Stanford out of the title game. I guess that SOS finally meant something.

Layton, UT


I guess byu's consolation is that byu was never or will ever be involved.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I loved enjoying BCS glory, twice.

Utah is the only big time program in the state, and is the only team with a true national future.

Go Utes!

And in all reality, the BCS is here to stay. Yes, there will be a playoff. But it will be very very very rare that a non-BCS(now we'll just say non power conference) team ever makes it to the playoffs.

The only big time program in the nation that isn't in a power conference is Notre DAme. All others are hardly worthy mentioning.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"Utah defeating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and being the only undefeated team that year probably would have been the national champs under the system before the BCS."

There is no "previous system" for the AP. The AP National Champion has been selected in EXACTLY the same way since 1936, with the team with the majority of #1 votes finishing #1 in the poll.

BYU finished #1 in BOTH polls in 1984.
Utah finished #2 AP in 2004.

Using the "bcs system", the Utes finished #6 in 2004 and 2008.

In the official poll crowning the bcs champion (the Coaches poll), the Utes finished #5 2004 and #4 2008, almost identical to BYU's 14-1 Cotton Bowl winning team that finished #5 in both polls.

The irony is a program that threw themselves a parade for finishing #2/#4 bad mouthing a program that actually has a Crystal Football National Championship trophy, the trophy awarded to the BCS champion, sitting proudly in their Legacy Hall of Fame.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

this is not an insult but a compliment -but that is impressive that even though Utah isn't in a bowl this season, they still had an impact on the national race. That would have been a serious debate as to whether a 1-loss Stanford team (only loss to USC) would be chosen over a 1-loss Auburn team with Stanford having played a better overall schedule. Maybe SEC bias would have kicked in. But even still, Utah's win over Stanford showed that Utah was a team to be reckoned with. that is a benefit of joining an elite conference - even if the difficult schedule leads to more losses, its fun to have more chances against the best teams.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

CBS ranks the bowls:

#17 Holiday

#16 Poinsettia - Utah State 8-5 vs. No. 23 Northern Illinois 12-1

This game is close to nirvana for the college football hipsters that have been following both of these teams the last few years.

#15 Fight Hunger - BYU 8-4 vs. Washington 8-4

Washington may be under an interim coach while waiting for Chris Petersen to take over, but it still has a lot of talent and will be facing a BYU defense with its share of talent as well.

#11 Las Vegas - #20 Fresno State vs. #25 USC

Things worked out pretty well for the Las Vegas Bowl. It's the second bowl game that will be played this year, but it also features two ranked teams.

#8 Alamo - #10 Oregon vs. Texas 8-4

#7 Fiesta - #15 UCF vs. #6 Baylor

#6 Capital One - #19 Wisconsin vs. #9 South Carolina

#5 Sugar - #3 Alabama vs. #11 Oklahoma

#4 Cotton - #8 Missouri vs. #12 Oklahoma State

#3 Orange - #12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State

#2 Rose - #5 Stanford vs. #4 Michigan State

#1 BCS Championship - #1 Florida State vs. #2 Auburn

Salt Lake City, UT

51 different teams made it to BCS Bowls. Not making the list puts you in the bottom half of Division One football, and means you haven't had a significant national accomplishment in (at least) 16 years. Interesting.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

re: anti-BCS

Let's not go too overboard with the 1984 "National Championship" thing for BYU... they played a schedule so ridiculous that they are probably the single biggest reason we have a BCS system now - to weed out pretenders. I've heard numerous BYU fans even acknowledge that their 1983 and 1996 teams were better. The stumblings by Utah and TCU in their new, big boy conferences only shows what frauds these 1984 Cougars, or 2004 Utah teams were - good teams yes, but hardly championship caliber (I'll give '08 Utah more respect for a tougher schedule and the win over Alabama, though they had some absurdly lucky, unconvincing wins, not unlike '84 BYU).

Lindon, UT

@SoonerUte - out of curiosity, is one of the bowl teams accepting a forfeit, or are there three teams playing in one of the bowl games? Or, since you mention "different" teams making it to BCS (I think you mean FBS) bowl games, perhaps some teams play in more than one game?

Salt Lake City, UT

"BCS (I think you mean FBS) bowl games" -- MrPlate
No, I mean BCS Bowl Games. The article is about the BCS era, not this year's FBS games.

The BCS has been around for 16 years, originally with 4 bowl games, and then 5 bowl games. Historic total of 72 BCS bowl games, with 51 unique teams participating. Several teams have been multiple times, from 10 for Ohio State down to 2 each Utah & TCU.


@Anti BCS

"There is no "previous system" for the AP. The AP National Champion has been selected in EXACTLY the same way since 1936, with the team with the majority of #1 votes finishing #1 in the poll."

Tell me, what's it like going through the mental gymnastics to convince yourself that's true?

That's like saying "the National Championship is won the EXACT same way now as it was in 1936, by someone being handed a trophy."

Yes but how did they get that trophy? Alabama WON their crown last year by playing in a major bowl, a National Championship game, and winning.

Which National Championship game did byu play in? Which major bowl even?

"Under the current system, we would have gone to a major bowl, but there would have been 4 or 5 teams ranked ahead of us in the polls." -Robbie Boscoe

What system could the QB be talking about, Anti? You said the system hasn't changed?

Sorry, byu's trophy IS emblematic of a nice season where they beat a bunch of bad teams, but mostly of a broken system.

Park City, UT


Nice try, but playing in a bcs bowl doesn't prove anything - see Central Florida, Hawaii, No. Illinois, etc.

If you're going to measure ultimate success, then the only logical measuring stick is national championships.

In the last 30 years (1984 to 2013), only 16 different program have been consensus national champions - #1 in both the AP and Coaches final polls.

BYU is one of those teams.

Utah is not.


@Mike W - that's the same worn-out tripe by typical low-information BYU detractors who weren't there, weren't paying attention, or mis-state facts. Michigan started 1984 as a top team, then suffered injuries to several key players that led to 6 losses, then had a completely recuperated, healthy team with a huge chip on its shoulder for their bowl game against BYU. So, BYU didn't play the injury-plagued mediocre Michigan team that lost 6 games, but rather a very healthy, dangerous Michigan team, and beat them.

Since there was no obligation for coaches or media to vote for a BCS Championship Game winner in 1984, I wonder who forced them all to vote for a supposedly inferior team? Probably not one of them was as smart as you and truthsandwich.

Furthermore, after all the whining by Oklahoma and Washington about the unfairness of Washington finishing the season ranked behind national champion BYU, the very next game in the following season BYU played Washington and was widely expected to get their comeuppance. Well, BYU walloped Washington very handily. That should have put to rest all the lame "BYU didn't deserve it" yammer, yet it persists nearly 30 years later.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


In 1936, AP voters selected who they considered the #1 major college football team in the country; no criteria was given to voters use in selecting who they thought was #1; each voter was allowed to use whatever criteria he/she considered appropriate.

In 1984, AP voters selected who they considered the #1 major college football team in the country; no criteria was given to voters use in selecting who they thought was #1; each voter was allowed to use whatever criteria he/she considered appropriate.

In 2013, AP voter will select who they consider to be the #1 major college football team in the country; no criteria will be given to voters to use in selecting who they think is #1; each voter will be allowed to use whatever criteria he/she considers appropriate.

So please explain, in detail, how the selection process for the #1 team in 1936 differed from the selection process for the #1 team in 1984 or will differ from the selection process for determining the #1 team in 2013.

The AP national champion didn't even play in the BCS championship game in 2003.


Congrats to BYU for doing what only 5 other teams were able to do that season: beat Michigan.

When a team is crowned "National Champion" by beating the worst teams in college football, then beating a mediocre team in a mediocre bowl, most people consider it ridiculous. Hence all of the "Bo-Diddly Tech" comments.

I'm glad that it happened though because it inspired a revamp, albeit incomplete, of what was clearly a broken system.

And for the coug fans getting their feathers ruffled by my comments, take it up with Robbie Boscoe, SI, and all of the sports writers who agree that what byu did in 84 would NOT be considered a National Championship by today's standards.

'm only quoting.

Gilbert, AZ

Jealous Utah fans would like us to believe that the AP voters and Coaches of today are more intelligent and better informed than the AP voters and Coaches of 1984.

Of course, that's what you'd expect of the fan base of a program that didn't accomplish anything on a national scale prior to 2004.

let's roll

It will be interesting to see how many years it will take before the playoff expands beyond 4 teams. Using this years rankings only 3 of the "Big 5" conferences would be represented (Pac-12 and Big-12 left out).

The SEC is likely to take two spots each year, so the pressure from major conferences whose champions can't even get into the playoff is going to be enormous.

Also, will be interesting to see how much cache will remain for the former BCS bowls.

Finally, Stanford can't catch a break. MSU has to be the worst possible (Big 10) match up for them. A team that can stop the run and pound the football. Kind of the anti-Oregon. I'm thinking it's going to be close and low scoring. Good luck to the Cardinal.

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