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Published: Saturday, Dec. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Charleston, WV

All the bakeries and florists and caterers and photographers that people are wailing and gnashing their teeth about? They aren't in the business of enforcing moral codes or providing spiritual guidance, they exist to MAKE MONEY. And as such they are obligated to comply with civil rights laws, whether those civil rights law protect people based on race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Perhaps Christians who believe that existing civil rights laws are too burdensome should file suit to have those laws overturned. Who knows, maybe they’ll be successful! Maybe the Supreme Court will determine that civil rights laws interfere with religious freedom and freedom of association. Then we can go back to the days when landlords could refuse to rent to Muslims, and restaurants could turn away Blacks. Christian business owners would be allowed to ask prospective customers which religion or sexual orientation they are, and then pick and choose which customers to serve, and which to turn away.

You could even call it "American Exceptionalism!"

DN Subscriber 2

So the government can now dictate all types of economic activity.

You MUST buy this product- Obamacare- even if you do not want or need it.
You MUST sell cakes to specific people.

Is this a FREE country or what?

Bountiful, UT

The Bible says men should not lie with men. It says nothing about providing goods or services to people who do this.

The Bible also says that women who divorce shall not get remarried. Does this cake maker also refuse marriage cakes to women getting married who have been divorced? If not then he is cherry picking and not really following what his religion requires any way.

Bountiful, UT

Re DN Subscriber

It gets even worse. People in jail and in prison in this country have even less freedoms.

future president
Logan, Utah

I used to feel for the LGBT Community. But not anymore, we are talking about a group of people who pride themselves going around suing people. That's what they do and what they are about, if they don't get their they will sue. No wonder the majority of Americans are against them. Stop trying to tear down American small businesses.

They love attention, "Look at me Look at me!!" They will sue anybody and everybody who gets in their way. How can anybody have compassion for people like this?

Ogden, UT

Solution: Charge a ton, make a terrible cake, and soon the word would spread through the gay community don't do business there. They would quit coming.

Edmond, Ok

These businesses should consider this. Instead of turning these people away refusing to do businesses with them based on their sexual orientation, and thus risking lawsuits, and a smear campaign from the Gay community, maybe they should welcome their business with open arms, disclosing to them that the complete cost of servicing their occasion will be donated (in their honor) to a national Advocacy group for the defense of traditional marriage group or campaign. This will leave the decision up to the engaged couple whether or not they want their $$$ going to support a group that advocates and defends the traditional definition of marriage, and opposes gay marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the baker isn't allowed to demonstrate his belief in the sanctity of traditional marriage by not making cakes used in other kinds of marriages, I wonder if any other demonstration of his disagreement with the corruption of traditional marriage by the state's acceptance of homosexual marriage would be considered discriminatory?

For example, I wonder if they can force the baker to smile when he bakes or sells the cake?

If he smiles when he sells a cake to a heterosexual couple for their marriage, would it not be a form of illegal discrimination if he doesn't smile, or smile as broadly, when selling a cake to a homosexual couple?

Perhaps harboring any beliefs or opinions that are opposed to or even divergent from the state's orthodoxy will one day be disallowed. Any such beliefs or opinions must, at a minimum, be unexpressed, in any form. What the great leader dictates we must obey....and we must look like we agree.

Think N. Korea and the "Dear Leader".

A very slippery slope.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mohokat stole my thunder.

They want cake? Give 'em a cake. A real GOOD cake. A UNIQUE wedding cake.

Leesburg, VA

@ Future President
You wrote: "I used to feel for the LGBT Community. But not anymore"
Good. We don't need your pity. We demand equality.

@ Okieland
I have no issue with your idea. However, how practical that would be?

The purpose of any business person is to do business. He/she produces a service and/or product put in the market for all those who want it and can afford it. That is the extend of their participation. Going beyond that is not their role, is not required and not welcomed.

Good for the judge, hopefully this will rid the market of "busybody" bakers, florists, photographers, or whatever.

Salt Lake City, UT

My LDS mission president's son was drafted into the army of his country. He was then assigned to be a bar keeper in the army. Most would say, "He had religious freedom and should not be expected to do something against his own personal moral code or the code of his religion." But, this young man's stance was, "Of course, I do not drink. And, the church has a stance against drinking. But, I will be the best bar keeper they have ever had. I will be the most honest one they have ever had." I APPLAUD this kind of attitude.

@Okieland: what a perfect way of handing this issue. You are genius for thinking of it!!

mid-state, TN

That's already three courts in three different states. When are people going to catch on that religion is NOT an excuse for discrimination??

Nobody forced this guy to get a gay marriage. THAT would have been violating his right to freedom of religion. But there is absolutely NOTHING in the Bible which states "thou shalt not bake cakes for gay people".

When you take out that business license, you agree to abide by ALL the laws of your jurisdiction. If you don't like those laws, then either work to change them or move to a different jurisdiction.

No matter what your religion tells you, yes, if you own a business you have to serve blacks. You have to hire women if they are qualified. You have to make reasonable accommodations for the disabled. And if you advertise your services to the general public, you have to serve gay people too.

And Okieland, I'm with you all the way. There were SOOO many ways that baker could have handled this -- but nooooooo, he had to play "poor religious victim" while completely ignoring all the other "sinners" he bakes for every day. He has only himself to blame.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

baking a cake or selling flowers "at your store" shouldnt violate a persons religious principles. However, I do feel for the photographer who is forced to attend a gay wedding ceremony. That makes his "participation" much more personal that he should be forced to do. He shouldnt have to do that.

I dont knwo what the law would allow with regard to charging different amounts for cakes or flowers. I believe these businesses could however, tell their gay customers that they dont deliever to gay ceremonies. Hte quality of the product is not what the gays are after but I would not fault these businesses for not doing a very good job if they feel that strongly about it. I would lose the order, forget to deliever or whatevery else I needed to do, so as to not be forced to attend and participate in one of these gay weddings. They should be free enough to do that.

Murray, UT

There were other cake makers that they could have went to. They are just trying to force people to accept them, and deny them their right to their religion.

I don't support the LGBT community if they deny the others their rights.

Grow up, and go to another cake maker.

Logan, UT


God said to serve your fellow man. NOT to serve your fellow man, unless he or she is gay.

YOU MUST serve the public if you have a contract to do so! If not, what would stop a religious person from not serving an atheist, someone who has had a divorce or had an abortion?

If religious people are wanting to discriminate so badly against those who are different from them, think different from them, then everyone else should have the right to discriminate against religious people as well! It goes both ways. You can't hog the law and share the basic rights with everyone else.

wj, UT

@ Baccus0902

"The purpose of any business person is to do business. He/she produces a service and/or product put in the market for all those who want it and can afford it. That is the extend of their participation. Going beyond that is not their role, is not required and not welcomed."

The same can be said about gays that seem to bride themselves in causing havoc to business and people that disagree with their lifestyle - no business needs to know you're gay. You can easily place the order leaving the details to you and your partner.

Saint George, UT

Trading religious rights for gay rights.

I want to know why a gay couple would want a cake from a business that is morally opposed to their union and has been forced to bake for them. I wouldn't go near the cake thinking the baker spit in it (or worse). If a person or business doesn't like me, for whatever reason, I wouldn't want them forced to like me or provide services to me; especially services that I would be eating later. If you're too childish to do business with me then I don't want to support your business.

Salt Lake City, UT

@DN Subscriber 2
"You MUST sell cakes to specific people.

Is this a FREE country or what?"

You act like this is something new, when really it's just like the Civil Rights Act provisions regarding businesses discriminating based on race.

Salem, UT

I have a question for the two gay men in this instance. Surely there are more cake shops than just the one that they targeted. Why not go somewhere else? Take your business elsewhere. This is just another example of the gay/lesbian agenda. I have no sympathy for them or their cause. They want to push this to the extent where people are forced to agree with them and almost to the point of embracing their lifestyle, or they will litigate and sue. Wrong, totally wrong.

Boise, ID

It seems foolish that a businessman would consider his customer's private life before selling his product. Even though the homosexual agenda is evil as I see it, no one is asking the baker to approve of or support it. It isn't as though he was being forced to pay homage or make a donation. It is simply a business transaction. Like the old saying goes, you don't have to take them home to raise.

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