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Published: Saturday, Dec. 7 2013 1:45 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

Good luck today Cougars; after a couple of close losses to Top 25 teams, it's time to close one out with a win!

Orem, UT

Go Cougars!

Overton, NV

Cougars have 8 assists, compared with UMass' 15.
Carlino and Collinsworth, the guys who usually bring the ball down, are 3-11. The rest of the team is 10-16.
Looks like a couple of guys need to stop forcing shots and start finding the open man.

Clinton, UT

BYU is not looking good in this one. On defense they are moving very slow and too many forced shots on O, Carlino seems to always rush. Go fast, but don't rush. Does not look good. Putney should have had a flagrant 1 for the elbow to the throat of Haws, other than that, the officiating has been fair.

Idaho Falls, ID

Haws gets thrown to the ground and he gets a technical foul? Then add all the phantom fouls agains BYU ... I don't know how these guys (officials) sleep at night.
Regarding game management. UMASS is eating up our zone. Rose HAS to change up the defense a bit.
Collinsworth is killing us--forcing shots and frequently turning the ball over...
With the way the officiating has gone UMASS pretty much has their way in the paint, getting uncontested layup after layup.


"Refs overturn a UMass call. Wonder why that didn't happen on the Collinsworth turnover?"
"That was a questionable call."
"The shot is good, but the foul still stands?"
"Refs are not being kind to BYU."
"Foul against Worthington. Really?"
"PF on Putney, technical on Haws and Mika, one on Williams. Terrible call."

Seriously, I pulled this thing up to follow the scoring, and all I'm seeing is incessant whining. If you don't understand a call, Lafe, perhaps acquaint yourself with the rules instead of whining about it.

Alpine, UT

I think the problem with the cougars is the haircuts. The guy with the mullet needs to lose it and the guy losing his hair should just shave it. I suppose if I put in their names the Des News will not approve my comment.

Marysville, WA

Selfish play sunk the Cougars this game. Bad Matt showed up today. Oh-for-three against ranked teams. Gotta trust each other and pass up the good shot (or the Carlino shot) for the better shot.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah got zero credit by byu fans for playing the hardest schedule in the nation. And we even beat a top 10 team in the country. You won't get any respect for us for losing to good teams! And byu hasn't even had a single top 25 win, let alone a top 10 win.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

EVERY loss this year for BYU has been at the free throw line. As a team, BYU is horrible from the line. It's because the players don't put in the time and they don't appreciate the value of those free points. My two cents.


Tom, BYU shot 80% in this game. They missed 5 free throws and lost by 9. This was not a game lost at the free throw line. UMass is just quite bit better. No shame in that.

Hyrum, UT

It's very unusual to shoot 50% from the field, score 96 points in a college game and still lose. U Mass shot better than their averages in almost every category. Give them credit. They are an exceptional team this year and will probably soon be ranked in the top-10 nationally.
BYU has shown they are competitive with the nations best, which makes them a very good team... but not yet great.

They will definitely contend in their conference... the WCC.

Omaha, NE

What I saw was a lot of one on one play by the Y. That will probably work in the WCC where the Y has better quickness and is more athletic but against top 25 teams that doesn't work. We may never see team ball this year.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Like to see aggressive moves to the basket, but not the selfish play that Carlino was doing. You can't keep turning the ball over in traffic. Most of the time when we attacked the rim, we were going at it alone. The speed of the guards on UMass was very apparent today.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

All 3 losses this year have been due to bad officiating. If the games were called fairly, we'd be undefeated and ranked.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

I wonder how players U Mass recruited from the Wasatch Front? As long as the Y continues to get a large percentage of their players from the Wasatch Front, they will struggle against ranked teams. Do all the BYU fans really believe that every player on the team is qualified to play Division I basketball? You can ask the same question on the football team.

Idaho Falls, ID

Actually this was one of the best free throw shooting games they had all year--78.8%

I think this game was a case of UMASS playing out of their minds and porous zone defense. UMASS struggled against pressure with the trap. Making that adjustment in the 1st half might have made a difference.

Those of you putting this loss on Carlino are wrong. Several players put up bad shots and had costly turnovers, especially Collinsworth (probably his worst game this year) and Bartly. Carlino had 23 points 6 assists, 1 turnover, 50% from the field and perfect from the line: hard to argue he cost BYU the game. He actually had a very good game. Haws and he kept BYU in the game.

I will agree shot selection is a problem with this team. There are 4 guys on this team who will occasionally spaz out and take incredibly poor shots. Rose needs to pull back on the reins a little instead of giving free license to all the guards. I think BYU could take home a lesson from UMASS on team play. 15 assists to 29. I wouldn't exactly characterize this BYU team as unselfish.


While I'm disappointed that BYU lost, I have to admit I didn't think that the Cougars would be as good as they are this season.

Go Cougars!

Michael Lloyd Jr.
Spanish Fork, UT

For Kyle Collinsworth,

You'll probably see on the film where Frank Bartley was standing there for five minutes under the basket waiting for the ball on the inbound pass. When you did throw it you were standing on your heels in a posture contest which is great for giving a talk at church but doesn't help you make a sharp pass. Every possession is critical when playing a top team. Dumb turnovers are killing us.


My gosh we have five players and only three seem to take every shot, and they are the referees. Once again, we get messed over by the referees. When will this referee madness end? We need to get to the WCC to get decent and deserving calls.

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