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Published: Thursday, Dec. 5 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Fast food should not be a career. Working fast food should be an incentive to get skilled to do something better. A lot of smart mouthed teens need this incentive. Don't take it away from them.

There is a democrat bonus in this strike, less people eating fast food. The pro-choice, (as in they choose and everyone must do as they choose) democrat party loves to control people from eating things that are fattening.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmmm. There's something about this that reminds me a lot of the strikes that eventually cause the demise of Hostess Bakery. Or, GM. Or, a bunch of places where fools who have no idea about what makes a business (or a city, such as Detroit) workable do all they can to make it UNworkable. Sadly, they often succeed.

Cedar Hills, UT

This is pretty funny stuff. So fast food employees - burger flippers - are going to strike unless they get $15 an hour. So lets' see here - just replace all of them with High School sophomores at $8.25 an hour. Problem solved. Let these career burger flippers go and sweep out gutters or something and see how they like the out of doors in Winter. Plenty of young folks wanting to get some work experience out there. I guess you could pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour but the consequences will be the local McDonalds will just fire half their work force AND raise the price of burgers from $4 to $12. That really helped didn't it. If this lazy bunch of rif raf wants a decent wage then go to college and get a degree. Yes I know that means work and sacrifice which is contrary to the Obama message but there are millions of dirt poor folks who worked their way through college and are now making good money. Get off your lazy buns and work!!!

Mcallen, TX

Political leaders bargained for free trade agreements with other countries.

Other countries pay much less than our fast food industry does,--while resembling slavery.

Do our leaders really care how much people are paid, or are we pawns in a political game?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Okay then all fast food workers get a raise, but do they all go to the same dollar amount? At a fast food restaurant you have cooks, cashiers, clean up people, food prep people and others and they all get the same right? What about the shift supervisor, more money or the same?
Surely if fast food people need more money, then hotel workers, garbage men, park workers and others also deserve raises. And then what about construction workers, policemen, nurses, school teachers, bank workers, etc more money also?
So when all is said and done, everybody gets raises, all prices go up and soon everybody has no more money except the government because all of our taxes also went up. So who really gains here, the government in higher taxes and the unions in higher and more dues, the employee? No they lose all the way around.

Saint George, UT

LDS Liberal: Minimum wage laws hurt the poor! The well off liberals sit back in their cushy jobs or lifetime of ease, having forgotten about the poor most of their lives, and then decide its time to give back, except it is not them giving back, its somebody else. Either way, it is painfully patronizing to the poor, and outright hypocrisy to the well off man/women who wants to give the poor a few crumbs to assauge his/her conscience, as if increasing the poor's income by $2.00 dollars an hour is really going to change his/her situation. If you want to help the poor, open up the floodgates of liberty and give people the power of choice. Then you won't find yourself being at odds with your own spirit and conscience. Socialism is absolute hypocrisy at best and destructive of life at worst. Give the poor the best weapon the world has ever given for prosperity, a free market!!!!!!!! Don't carpet your conscience by giving the poor $2.00 an hour and putting it into law, thus keeping them forever in chains. But, that's how the Republicans and Democrats like it; It keeps them in power.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't understand why Obama thinks he can have amnesty and a higher minimum wage at the same time.

IF Obama would just enforce immigration law, that alone would go a long way to help raise the minimum wage.

Adding 20-30 million low-wage workers to the labor pool certainly WON'T help raise wages. Especially those in the lower wage brackets.


You're absolutely right, I apologize. The 5 cents is wrong. It's 68 cents, and labor costs constitute 17% of McDonald's costs (Business Insider 7/30/13). BTW food and other subsidies to fast food workers resulting from the low pay cost the taxpayers 7 billion per year( Time Magazine 10/15/13), that's 50 cents per burger that you are subsidizing without even getting the burger.
Am I to understand therefore that because she made a bad decision when she was a teenager she deserves to live in poverty the rest of her life and that her two children deserve to go hungry, Or that the rest of us should make up for the wage shortfall in subsidies for the rest of her life, or in the alternative, just let them starve. In the late nineteenth century Carnegie Steel had a plant in Homestead, PA. Since there was high unemployment Carnegie mad the employees work 16 hours per day under unsafe conditions and for poverty wages. When the workers struck Carnegie hired Pinkerton gunmen to break the strike. Workers were killed. I presume you are on Carnegie's side.

Iowa City, IA

It's true you can't survive on $7.25. You will need a diploma, a degree or vocational skill to make it.

Put down the ninetendo, stop the partying and get some goals written down for your life. And stop pretending their is income inequality. The Constitution only provides the equality to PURSUE not to have.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

What is happening to our country? Fast food jobs are not meant to support families. They are for teenagers to earn spending money while finishing high school. If you are an adult and you work there then you should be ashamed for not taking more responsibility for yourself and gaining skills that would have made you more valuable to an employer. Yes, these places do need adult managers. And those managers work those jobs because that is all they are qualified to do. And that's their fault.

With that being said, it should be noted that much of the fast food protesting is being organized by unions. Why? Because union wage contracts are tied to minimum wage laws. When minimum wages go up union wages go up at the same time and even more because of the multipliers involved. So this is primarily driven by unions who see it as a back door way to get more for themselves. If they can create an atmosphere where the government raises the minimum wage then all union workers make a lot more money.

Union workers, another group that demands to be paid more than they are worth!

Cedar Hills, UT

when I grew up only young kids worked in fast food. Today you see loads of minority adults working it. What's changed in 30 years? First the welfare state of America has killed ambition and with so many millions on Obama-Food-Stamps now people actually think working fast food + food stamps is a reasonable living. Fast food was NEVER intended to be a career ..only a stepping stone for young kids to get some work experience as they worked their way through college. America is fast becoming the laughing stock of the world with an illiterate work force living off the government. That is an embarrassment to say the least. American used to be a majority of exceptional , ambitious people but the Democrat party is fast destroying that notion. Give the Democrats a few more years and America will be viewed on the bottom of the heap of civilized countries. The other fall out from all this is now young kids can't find jobs because these illiterate food stamp adults are soaking em all up. America is fast becoming Pottersville. America needs to return to Baily Park.

Beaverton, OR

Fast food places were the training grounds for teenagers to learn the skill sets needed for a future work environment. It wasn't meant to support a family. What the problem is that people like this are frustrated that they aren't able to make as much as their neighbor and have all the comforts and commodities that they have - smart phones, satellite TV, flat panel TV, a newer car, multiple cars, boats, planes, trips to the exotic locations, and fancy attire.

Isn't that called coveting?

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