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Published: Monday, Nov. 25 2013 2:50 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Too bad Obama won't do any fundraising for the economy, or his healthcare plan.

Salt Lake City, UT

16,000 dow. New Record.

Website can handle 25,000 at a time.

Under Republican leadership:

Financial meltdown. Doubled the unemployment rate and national debt.

It only makes sense that Obama brings up Immigration.

It is the next thing the GOP will fail to take any action on.

Mcallen, TX

@Pagan--there's no difference between Republican or Democrat. Both are corrupt.

Your statistics are exaggerated, and flawed.

Without corrupt leadership, our economy, debt, employment, foreign wars, deficit, poverty rate, education, etc, would be alot different.

Obamacare was written before he took office,--so where did it come from?

This country is going down the tubes, and all you can think about are Republicans, and George Bush. That fixes nothing, and you're barking up the wrong tree.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Here is how you fix illegal immigration:

Treat criminals like criminals.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

If worf is going to make a serious charge like "corruption", shouldn't he give us a name or two? Otherwise it's just like McCarthy throwing out self-created rumors As for Obamacare, I had understood that the original creators worked for the Heritage Foundation, but maybe the Romney folks beat them to it. BTW, what's the proof "this country is going down the tubes"?

Hayden, ID

@ Mark B.. According to California's Public Policy Center, your state's government is now over $1 trillion in debt! And you say the country isn't going down the tubes? If your state is $1 trillion in debt now, what number would convince you?
Now before you launch into another personal attack, let me remind you that "blue states" carry nearly all the state government debt and "red states" have very few financial solvency problems.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I suppose news from CA takes awhile to get to the mountains, but the latest is that CA is actually headed towards a budget surplus. Of course, succeeding or failing is more than just a matter of finance. Maybe future Californian Mitt R. could fill in the details better. BTW, the other points from 3:04 entry still stand.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Your statistics are exaggerated, and flawed.'


Prove it.

'Dow Closes Above 16,000 for First Time' - NY times - 11-21-13

'The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 16,000 on Thursday…' - Article

Yes, I guess we can choose to forget…

4 days ago.

I can see people who have opinion…

but to discredit actual events, when you have nothing in the way of actual evidence is absurd.

Par for the course for some on this page.

Par for the course.

Mcallen, TX

Mark B--'what's the proof "this country is going down the tubes"?'

* a debt equal to $100,000 for every second in six years.
* a society unable to distinguish between right and wrong.
* over half of our people needing to be fed by government.
* high poverty, unemployment, divorce, and crime rate.

A blind man can see this.


Mark B

long-term debt by California’s state, county, and city governments, along with school districts, redevelopment agencies and special districts are $383.0 billion. Unfunded liability for California’s public employee retirement benefits; $265.1 billion. 5.5% discount rate to calculate the unfunded pension liability $200.3 billion. total $848.4 billion.

Outdated or incomplete data, using a 4.5% discount rate to calculate the unfunded pension liability; estimated total debt $1.1 trillion.

Could you quote a source?

How about a Thanksgiving spirit for America's forgotten 20 million people looking for full time work. Obama knew the Senate bill was to toxic to pass. It's just another weapon to get a super majority in Congress in the 2014 elections.

Murray, UT

What happened to the old Democrats? The ones who stood up for the poor, and the American worker?. In 1969, Cesar Chavez led a march to the Mexican border to protest illegal immigration, accompanied by Sen. Walter Mondale and Ralph Abernathy, "head of the Southern Leadership Conference".

I liked them better. If you don't want to be deported, don't come here illegally. If you don't want to be separated from family, don't come here illegally. The end of the line is in your country. Allowing people who come here illegally for jobs, are given amnesty when they are allowed to stay and work them. They are chosen above our own countrymen, and used to depress wages, by flooding our labor market.

"The failure of deceptive legislation that would grant amnesty is a national indicator that legality must not be based on convenience or individual circumstance. When it is, everyone expects to be the exception and the rule of law crumbles into meaninglessness."
--Arturo Morales-Llan founder of Legal Immigrants for Immigration Law Enforcement

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Negative spinners need new lines. Is the Koch Brother's simple catch phrase machine out of order?

Mcallen, TX

@one vote--"Negative spinners need new lines"? No spinning is needed when the negative is in plain view.

Give us a positive list! A list of how Obama has improved this country.

Salt Lake City, UT

What has the GOP done for this country in the last 5 years?



I didn't think so….

Facts disprove Opinion.

freedom in 2017
paradise, UT

i am thankful that barry only has 3 years left. a true blessing.

Salt Lake City, UT

'The hatred from the Tea Party and GOP will really come out in greater fashion then.'

bungalow, I have to agree…

*'Buttars used 'black baby' remark again, officials say' - By Rodger L. Hardy - DSNews - 07/05/08
'At an earlier legislative session Buttars said in referring to a bill, "this baby is black ... it's a dark and ugly thing."

Buttars won his election in 2000, 2004 and 2008, on a Republican ticket, in Utah.

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