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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

The problem is what's done is done.
I don't think that there is any way to honor this pledge save repealing obamacare or placing regulations on insurance companies that destroy them.
The answer to this problem will need to be addressed in the next election.
Until then, the government regulation of the largest industry in the U.S. will cause who knows how many problems.
Good luck with healthcare everyone.
What this has become is a shame to our once free market republic.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

You mean keep his word? How dare he say barack do something like that. Barack doesn't answer to us or anyone else. Barack answer to barack and barack only.

Sioux City, IA

Sounds like Bill is trying to distance himself and Hillary from the PPACA so that she can run in 2016.

spring street

@be smart
so once a law is passed there can never be changes to the law, the only option is repeal? Clinton is right the law needs to be adjusted. I remember when the ACA first passed everyone admitted it was an imperfect law and would need work, then everyone got entrenched and refused to make the needed changes. I say they meed to get back to work making the changes they have known needed to be made a long time ago.

Cedar Hills, UT

those darn racist Tea Party folks are at it again - trying to criticize Barack...oops I guess this was Barack's go to guy - President Clinton calling Barack out on this one. This ought to make for some interesting double talk from Jay Carney in the next briefing....Let's see Barack could say he was for allowing you to keep your insurance before he was against it?? Nope Kerry already used that one. Maybe Barack could just say he feels sorry for those that were actually dumb enough to believe him?? Ouch - that doesn't sound too good either. Maybe there is some u-tube video they can blame it on but that one has already been used too. The ole blame game is getting harder and harder...It is just getting harder and harder for a liar to govern these days ... I guess and that has got to Bush's fault somehow.

Saint George, UT

@techpubs...You are SO right!!!!

Hilary will now come in and save the day at the next election. Oh, may the Heavens not let that happen. We are in enough trouble already.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Spring Street
The law in and of itself is not good for a free market economy.
Or for the people
Have you ever lived somewhere with socialized medicine (it is like an assembly line)
Have you heard about the health care rates in some places quadruling?
Is that good for the middle class?
This law should never have passes it hurts 85% of americans to help the 15%.
How many people have been laid off or their jobs cut to 29 hours a week because of this?
I am grateful to have a great job with good insurance.
But my relatives have been laid off hours cut and insurance dropped.
This law almost by itself turned the USA into a part-time employment nation.
Because most private companies (I managed one for years) can not afford to pay for these insurances.
This law hampers the medical field itself. If you get time look through the law and the added taxes and regulations it puts on healthcare companies.
In college I could get a high deductible health plan for 98 dollars a month. Today for the same college student? quoted around 400 dollars a month.
That is not progress.

Las Vegas, NV

Clinton calling Obama to stop lying, priceless!

Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Clinton is perhaps the most savvy politician in the US. Everything that he says has a secondary political objective. As liberal billionaire David Geffen said when he withdrew his support of Hillary, the Clinton's can't tell the truth.

Ogden, UT

techpub is correct. Slick knows that Hil can't run with this dog around her neck,

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Bill Clinton rarely told the truth in my opinion, but even Bill knew better than to lie to people in order to con them into supporting a bill that he knew would hurt millions.

The political liabilities of Obama Care and the lies told to gain support are so toxic that many are now predicting that the Democrats will lead the charge to repeal it. If the Republicans are smart (a mighty big if) they will refuse to make any changes in the law other than to repeal it. If they were really smart they would challenge all the waivers that Obama has issued to date, including delaying the employer mandate. There would be 93 million more highly angry voters before the 2014 elections if that were to happen.

Murray, Utah

Advice from a benevolent tyrant to a dumb one? Guys...the lie is that Obama assumed that he could control everything like a tyrant and was dumb enough to say that in front of everyone multiple times...and a majority of congress and the American public were dumb enough to believe him. Trying to turn that lie into a reality is NOT the answer in a society that still at least professes to be a free society!

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Is their a World court for B.o.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

As Stephanopoulos once told the press about Bill Clinton, "The President has kept all the promises he intended to keep."
Kettle, meet pot.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Single-Payer, public option.

Problem, solved.

The End

Salt Lake City, UT

The reason for the cancellations is because the health insurance companies can't keep the ACA's standards of care (no pre-existing conditions, no caps, no cancellations of dependents under the age of 26 and so forth). If it were me, I would want a new plan anyway....perhaps not all of them know this. Most of the plans that would cancel the people are no great loss. Health insurance is like many other things in life...it changes with time and the requirements of the person does too. As for me, I've done without health insurance for seven years in order to have my self employment. I tried to get a personal plan, but they denied me for "pre-existing conditions". And now I'm excited to be choosing a plan without such a thing for 2014. Good luck to all!

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

The administration continues to lie and use the "5%" figure to try to explain away the cancellations. They've repeated that as much as the original "if you like your plan, you can keep it. Period." lie.

Salt Lake City, UT

Clinton is about as smart as Obama......how do you give someone back the insurance that has been cancelled after having been promised by the LYING POTUS that you can keep your plan?

Its over, Clinton, who defined "is"! The bell has rung and you cant un-ring a bell! But we can abolish Obamacare and Obama!

Cedar Hills, UT

Barack is in a pickle with this Clinton comment. What to do...??

1. If Barack DOES change the law and allow for his promise to be kept (if you like your insurance you can keep it) he loses all those young enroll-ees....the young healthy ones that were supposed to sign up and pay for everyone else. If he loses all the young folks money his wealth redistribution scam is dead in the water. No young people - no Obamacare.

2. If Barack holds to his guns and does nothing, the outcry of people getting cancelled is going to grow and cause a mutiny within his own party for those dems trying to save their necks for the mid term elections in a year. He risks losing the senate and puts a bad taste in peoples mouth for ANY sort of government run healthcare going forward.

the Clinton's on the other hand have kept one step ahead of Barack. Hiliary knows she has to distance herself from this train wreck Obamacare somehow or her election is dead before it gets started. By having her popular husband do her bidding for her she wins by proxy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whatever, if people like their junk plans so much, let them keep them.

"The problem is what's done is done.
I don't think that there is any way to honor this pledge save repealing obamacare"

Actually this would be very easy to deal with since all the non-Obamacare-compliant pre-Obamacare plans are still allowed through the grandfathering provision, so the post-Obamacare non-Obamacare-compliant plans would just be handled the same way. There would still be some people losing insurance but that would just be because the insurance company itself chose to drop the plan (something they do all the time).

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