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Published: Thursday, Nov. 7 2013 9:05 a.m. MST

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Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

I decided to take a minute and look at common opponents between Herriman and Brighton.

Herriman and Brighton have played 11 games each. Of those, they have 4 common opponents, against which Brighton went 3-1 and Herriman went 1-3. Herriman had 3 of those games against common opponents at home while Brighton had 2. Brighton’s average score against those 4 is 39.25 to 23.5 (+15.75), Herriman’s is 32.25 to 34.75 (-2.5).

Individually (@ indicates home game),
Bingham: Brighton lost by 11, @Herriman lost by 13
Jordan: @Brighton won by 13, @Herriman lost by 22
American Fork: @Brighton won by 13, Herriman lost by 2
West Jordan: Brighton won by 48, @Herriman won by 27

I subscribe to the idea that once the game starts, all these stats are meaningless. Hope Herriman wins, but just do not see it.

South Jordan, UT

Parry is a Farce ?

That is the point, Brighton has not played anyone other that Alta and Bingham, They are 1-1. What evidence do you have to say an easy win for Brighton, None ! Other than record ?

Riverton, UT

Well I'm off to Bingham, Get the referee pre game talked about, go over Keys, Situational plays, Overtime, Ejections, Sideline control, Mechanics, Untimed downs and all the good stuff that us Refs watch for in a game. Enjoy your teams game and I hope everyone's team wins tonight. Good Luck, and oh ya Go Diggers GDP!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Didn't say easy win. Just think Brighton wins it based on what they have done over the course of the season. Brighton won nearly all their games. Herriman won half theirs. Common opponents, Brighton showed better against everyone of them. I hope Herriman wins, don't think they will based on what has happened the last 11 weeks.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

My bad, I did say easily. And it wasn't. But after 12 games, Herriman is 6-6.

And what happened to Alta? Congrats to Lone Peak on an impressive win

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