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Published: Monday, Nov. 4 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

The fact that Obama promised the most transparent administration ever was the first big lie. It has been downhill from there.

What disappoints me the most is the fact that people could not see though the hubris from the beginning. I am constantly amazed that many people still willfully blind themselves to this admiration's innate dishonesty.

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

After Bush and Cheney lead this country into war with Iraq on claims of "weapons of mass destruction" most opponents of the war disagreed with the president but rarely called him a liar. President Obama failed to realize that a small fraction of Americans would lose their low grade, junk health insurance policies, and he is attacked by the right as a liar and a fraud.

Rather than paint Obama as a liar I think this demonstrates the lack of civility that the right has for our president. For conservatives tearing down Obama's presidency is more important that implementing good public policy!

Hayden, ID

Democrats do not care about Obama's lies! To them any means justifies the end; making the government your doctor! But if a Republican lies; well, that's different!

salt lake city, utah

"Democrats do not care about Obama's lies!" Once again Mm is wrong, wrong, wrong. Democrats/liberals etc. do care about all lies, but putting the statement about you can keep your health care plan in perspective is not an exercise in exoneration.

It is small percentage of Americans with health insurance who purchased policies (in many/most cases knowingly) that weren't compliant who now have to buy policies that do comply, and, give them benefits that are worthwhile. In some cases this small percentage will pay nothing more, in some cases they will pay a little more and in some cases they will pay a lot more depending on the plan they had before. It's still a small percentage of people compared to the over 280 million Americans with health insurance.

So Democrats aren't going around saying hey have you seen this wart under my eye doesn't make the wart cancer. It's just a wart.

Ogden, UT

@ Larry President Obama failed to realize Are you kidding. He knew for a fact and therein lies the problem. HE LIED! Junk policies, you repeat the Obama mantra. For those who had those policies they were not junk They were affordable. You libs always know best for other people.This is so like Obama just as in Bengazi. Americans were dying and Obama is still lying. He is still lying about this and just about everything he talks about.

Hayden, ID

A "wart"?
1: [lahy] noun, verb, lied, ly·ing. noun
1. A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. Synonyms: prevarication, falsification. Antonyms: truth.

Definition of wart: wawrt ]
1.small lump on skin: a small benign rough lump that grows, usually, on the hands, feet, or genitals, caused by a virus.

A wart is not a lie Prag. sorry!

Pleasant Grove, UT

@liberal larry

Fill in the blank: "Bush ____, people died." Some civility.


You're only counting people who self-insure. The next group to be caught in the trap is the employer-insured. Estimates go as high as 93 million people affected.

This is a horrible mess Obama has made. Stop trying to downplay it.

salt lake city, utah

Nate, the self insured are exactly who the Republicans are talking about. This is a group everyone knew was there and would have to change policies..yes including the President. The point is it's a small group. In addition any employer sponsored plans that didn't meet standards are also included in those numbers now. That's how it could be beyond the 2 to 3 million number. Still a small percentage.

If employers who's plans do meet standards choose to drop those plans just because (name the reason) that's entirely different. Your numbers are speculative in the first place and don't consider outcomes at all. As long as we're speculating it's entirely possible (as reported) that some companies will drop their plans because their employees can get better coverage for less on the exchanges.

Mm..wart benign, small percentage irrelevant to content and overall viability.

Saint George, UT

Liberal Larry & others: If it is only now that some, including you it appears, are admitting that both Republicans and Democrats have lied to the American people (Bush/Obama, etc.), doesn't that say something about the ignorance of those who are just figuring it out? You are either trying to justify Obama's lies or you haven't come to terms with the fact that Republicans and Democrats, and most politicians by implication, are liars. Just as former Senator Bennett refused to call a spade a spade when Obama lied about it, it is quite ironic that he now wants to tell us that he lied! Where was he when we needed his voice? It was the same place that all the other voices were-no where! Our Congressmen, Republican and Democrat, were more interested in their position than defending integrity and honesty in office! Come on people! Figure it out! At the very minimum, you should be supporting candidates that will tell the American people the truth. It is obvious that Obama lied about Obamacare! Quit trying to justify those lies by saying others have lied too. A lie is a lie, whether by Democrat or Republican.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I'll believe that Democrats care about lies when they condemn Obama for lying to us. Until then, they support his lies. They also seem to have forgotten that Obama shoved ObamaCare on us. We told him no (59% of us), but he wouldn't listen. They want us to believe that Romney or Bush or Mickey Mouse was somehow responsible for ObamaCare. It was Obama's "signature" legislation. He owns it. Those who support him own it.

There is no mythical "rich guy" who will pay for all the premiums of those who will get "subsidized" insurance. You and I will pay for that, just like we pay for every program that government foists on us. Government can't pay out money until it has collected that money from the private sector or borrowed it. Liberals refuse to acknowledge that fact. They think that there is some kind of fairy-godmother living in Washington who can wave a wand and "presto", the gifts fall from heaven.

Either open your wallets and pay the whole price or demand that ObamaCare be removed. It is dishonest to expect someone else to be forced to pay for your personal welfare.


The vast majority of people will keep their current policies and Drs.

When Obama first made those statements he wasn't lying--the exchanges hadn't been "built" etc., the insurance requirements hadn't been determined etc. But I would agree it is long past due for Obama and others to keep repeating the same line. I knew some self-insured people would pay more and not be able to keep their current policies because someone (can't remember who) explained it in more detail. What was explained was that some people might pay more, but they would have better--not junk--policies. These stories aren't being reported. Many of those who are held up as examples by media of having their insurance cancelled and having to pay more upon closer examination, will be paying less (including subsidies) for better policies. Others will pay more, again, for better policies. One woman in the media had her low-cost policy cancelled, a policy that had NO hospital coverage.

So those who are calling out Obama for lying--I hope you are holding your media personalities and politicians to the same standard and calling them out on their lies.

Salt Lake City, UT

How lovely to see conservatives froth about lies vs. truth.

I'm making a note of this. It'll come in handy as the 2014 and 2016 elections draw nearer.

Meanwhile, I am definitely _not_ happy when an elected official says something that later turns out to be not 100% true. But a little context here would be helpful. The "lies" you guys are getting worked up about concern a tiny fraction of privately insured Americans whose policies don't meet ACA minimums.


Mr. Bennett

I remember well that you worked on an alternative plan with Senator Wyden, and for that I applaud your efforts. Though I didn't favor your plan, you were one of the few Republicans who actually was invested in addressing the issue. We are worse off as a country for not having you in D.C.

However, i do not believe for one moment that the majority of Republicans in Congress were invested in developing a real plan or working with Pres. Obama. Many Republicans were too busy pedalling the lies of " death panels." Actually, i recall now that the ideas for a plan Republicans were floating was evaluated and it was determined it would cost nearly the same as ACA but extend coverage for only a small fraction of the current uninsured.

Pres. Obama hasn't had the same Congress to work with that Gov. Romney had. Republicans in Congress main goal has been to deny, or obstruct--regardless of the outcome--a fact believed by a majority of Americans which is why Republicans popularity is at historic lows, lower than Obama or Democrats.

Saint George, UT

truthseeker: You must be kidding! For you to justify blatant untruths told by Obama is amazing! This is typical of politicians, and supporters of the kingmen liars. "They didn't really mean what they said," or "This will really work well if we just give them (the liars) time to make it work," as if somehow it is O.K. to lie because there is a 'higher purpose' in mind. Sorry, a lie is a lie. A half truth is still a lie! Obama did not misspeak when he said "You can keep your own health care and your own doctor." That was a bald faced lie and he knew it! Republicans and Democrats have all participated in it and by extension every citizen that supported them in their lies. Government's sole purpose is to maintain power and control at any cost, including lying to a naive and deluded public. Wake up!

Pleasant Grove, UT

@pragmatistferlife "Still a small percentage."

Administration analysts said otherwise, over three years ago. Their mid-range estimate was that 51% of employer plans would be terminated as a result of Obamacare. Their high-end estimate was 69%. (See the Federal Register, vol. 75, no. 116, Thursday, June 16, 2010.)

This isn't Republicans -- it is Obama's own administration. Meanwhile, he was telling the citizenry, "If you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan. Period." It was an outright lie.

@pragmatistferlife "[I]t's entirely possible...that some companies will drop their plans because their employees can get better coverage for less on the exchanges."

Maybe in theory, but not in practice.

@Truthseeker "When Obama first made those statements he wasn't lying."

Yes, he was. As shown in the reference above, the fundamental design of Obamacare was to replace current plans with something else. This was known from the outset.

@Blue "tiny fraction"

Mid-range estimate 51%, from Obama's own administration.

Hayden, ID

@ Prag. You have proven my point. To a liberal lies are only benign and irrelevant. Dishonesty therefore is a virtue to a liberal aka Bill Clinton, "I didn't have sex with that woman, aka Harry Reid, "Romney hasn't paid taxes for 10 years", aka Hillary, "What difference does it make", aka Obama, "Obamacare will reduce healthcare premiums by $2500 for a family of 4". I could go on and on but the truth does not matter to you, as you have stated.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Moral: When you're working on a major change in America and want to get public support, don't hide what you're up to and don't try to do it on your own." Do you mean like with the rollout of Medicare Part D?

Orem, UT

So the latest tactic by the left to cover up all the lies by the president is to try and characterize all the canceled policies as "Junk Policies".

Obviously something that does conform to every Obamacare regulation (like maternity benefits to old people) must be junk! It doesn't matter if the person who bought the policy knew full well what it covered and didn't cover and if it insured exactly what the person expected; it must still be junk because it didn't have the blessing of some bureaucrat in Washington D.C.

That's like saying my new, good-gas-milage, 5-passenger car is "Junk" and must be scrapped because it doesn't have 4 wheel drive and carry 8 passengers. I should be forced to buy a $60K SUV that I don't need, just because someone else "knows what is good for me", right??

Obamacare is all about taking choices away from the individual and making everyone pay for a one-size-fits-all vision of this progressive leftist named Obama.

salt lake city, utah

Folks just for context, the CBO report also talks about how Employer Sponsored Insurance had decreased by nearly 20% between 2000 and 2010, and it also projects the ESI's will begin to increase again, because of the ACA in about 5 years.

Far East USA, SC

"Democrats do not care about Obama's lies! To them any means justifies the end; making the government your doctor! But if a Republican lies; well, that's different!"

And how are you any different?

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