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Published: Sunday, Nov. 3 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

The mess this rollout has been (in just one month) is only the leading edge of the storm. Americans, particularly the ones who voted for this, are about to get a reminder about why we don't let the government get too involved in our lives. Nobody is talking about the doctor shortage that is coming. Buckle up.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

The Whole country is a Loser if we are forced into the Communist Obama care plan. We have to get rid of it in order to maintain our Freedom.

Sandy, UT

Some winners (politicians, profiteers, IT companies, etc.) some losers (taxpayers, citizens, freedom lovers, etc.)

Burley, ID

Lies we were told about ObamaCare

People won't lose access to their doctor.
People won't lose their current insurance plan.
Insurance under ObamaCare is going to be cheaper.
On October 1st, the online website will be up and running.
An estimated 500,000 people will sign up within the first month.

Things we weren't told about ObamaCare

Millions of people will still not be covered.
Employers reducing their employee's working hours to avoid the insurance mandate.
Insurers canceling a company's insurance plan because it doesn't meet the mandate.
Employers dropping their employee's insurance plans, due to how the mandate works.
The elderly being denied certain procedures because they are not "cost effective."

Things that are going to happen under ObamaCare

Millions opting to take the "fine" instead of buying insurance.
Doctor's dropping out of ObamaCare and going to a direct pay plan instead.
It will fail to reach the required 7 million healthy people signup to make it viable.
People having to take two part time jobs (29 hours) because of how it affects employers.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Everyone in America has to change their insurance...

Everyone in America has to pay more for their insurance...

I saw it on the fox news entertainment network as well as drudge.

Murray, UT

@SoCalUte - If you think Obama is a communist, why are the private companies the biggest winners in this new law? Check out the Wall St. Analysis on health insurance companies, their profits are forecast to increase each and every year. Also, the ACA is really just Romney Care/Gingrich Care. The Republican's in the early 90s promoted this plan, I guess they were communists too?

American Fork, UT

The real crime is to hear people speak of losing substandard coverage that was still costing them over a thousand bucks a month. This half baked approach isn't working. We can provide proper health care in a single payer system to every person in the US more effectively than this.

salt lake city, utah

Sorry all you haters and DN it's not some winners and some losers it's some losers who were losers in the health insurance market long before the ACA, and many, many, many winners.

Major change does not come easy and it's the perfect storm for the Obama haters to latch onto the outliers and try and convince everyone their the rule. This works especially well when all the screaming is taking place inside the bubble of Utah.

BTW all you naysayers who say this won't work I suggest you get on your computers quickly and send Paul Ryan an email telling him that privately run health care exchanges are socialistic and will destroy America, because this is his proposal for Medicare.

Boise, ID

The premiums for my small business will increase 30-40%. The coverage will be better with lower deductibles but my costs will go up no matter the scenario. I'm happy some people will be helped but in the end we are all giving up some of our freedom, the government chooses the winners and losers, and wealth is redistributed. Freedom is our most valuable gift, hate seeing us loose more of it.

Sugar City, ID

One of the beauties of the English language to have different words that mean the same thing as our language evolves. An example of this is when Obama says repeatedly: "If you like your current policy, you can keep it. Period!" Actually means that "If you like your current policy, that's tough. You'll have to change to a different policy that I choose for you. Everyone has to do it my way. Period?" And I thought Bill Clinton couldn't be trusted.

South Jordan, UT

mcdugall: Please do your homework before spouting off about how this is "just like Romneycare." In Massachusetts it was actually a bipartisan plan that was passed (that means that Republicans AND Democrats agreed on it not just Democrats only). The people of Massachusetts could actually KEEP the health insurance they had if they wanted to with no penalty. It was instituted to help insure the poor so they could have health insurance. It was NOT EVERYBODY on the same plan!

Rexburg, ID

I hope each of the persons who had supportive comments will read Ms. Edie Littlefield Sundby's piece ('You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor') in the Wall Street Journal. This is the by line: "I had great cancer doctors and health insurance.My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I'll live."

Hayden, ID

The government is now your doctor! Welcome to Obamafraud.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

My pro-profit "Insurance" company just raised my rates, again.

I'm now paying more than the 9.5% allowed by law.

Get rid of the crumming leeching for-profit Insurance Companies!

I want my Single-Payer system -- NOW!

Hayden, ID

@ LDS liberal. Obamacare IS a single payer system. Those who have (or had) insurance are being forced to pay for those who don't or won't pay. That's why rates, co-pays and deductibles are exploding for all of us who had insurance. That's why 60 year old people are being forced to pay for maternity insurance, etc. You got what you wanted a single payer system. Enjoy!

Saint Louis, MO

Universal health care is a religious and moral necessity. However without a doubt, this version is an economic "train wreck". Organized labor needs to step up and run a candidate who will straighten out the mess. I am not so sure if that will be Hillary. Bill appeared to be fiscally responsible. The current occupant of the White House appears to be like Samson in the Old Testament and pulling down the pillars of the Temple around him.

Sioux City, IA

"Screening tests such as colonoscopies are also free."

And how many of these screening tests will not be free after you have had them? Colonoscopy is a good example as currently done by private or employer plans. Your colonoscopy as preventive medicine is free as long as that is all that is done. If your Dr. finds polyps and you have them removed and sent for testing you have just turned that Colonoscopy into an Elective Surgery. If these polyps are not cancerous after the test results are in you are on the hook for all of the costs to be applied to your deductible. If they are cancerous after the test results are in the Ins. will pay for part of the costs and apply the remainder to your deductible for you to pay.

So after paying $4000 for Ins. the low income worker now has a $4000 bill for a Colonoscopy and could still lose his house.

Sioux City, IA

"Officials say these consumers aren't getting "canceled" but "transitioned" or "migrated" to better plans because their current coverage doesn't meet minimum standards. They won't have to go uninsured, and some could save a lot if they qualify for the law's tax credits."

Creative spin to tell someone that they did not have the types of coverage that the Gov't decided they need. And the savings they see if they qualify for credits could disappear when corporations raise the cost of their products to pay for the increase in their costs.
The money to cover all of this additional health insurance and mandatory coverage will come primarily from those who pay taxes. That is "we the people" of the US. A little research will show that foreign countries who have everyone covered with Health Insurance pay much higher taxes than we do. Those countries are also starting to see limits being set on what services may be available for the elderly based on their age and general health.

Salt Lake City, UT

The one thing Liberals never seem to understand is that people need jobs not handouts. And ACA gives small business incentive to downsize and cut salaries. But that is stuff Obama never knew because he's never run a city, state, or company.

Amateur hour....

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

To all Media Outlets... Do us a favor. Look at your own insurance plans. Compare them to what you used to have. I'm sure you're all using obama care now. Show us the difference in your own plans. Coverage vs. Premiums. Put up or SHUT UP!! Enough trying to sell us a bill of goods. Until then, all you've done is prove you have no credibility.

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