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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


First, the spire is not what tops it. Second, from this photo a cross would not likely be visible even if present. Third, there are other Christian denominations that do not top their spires with crosses.

layton, UT

To:c Twin Lights, there are other Christian denominations that do not top their spires with crosses.

Early Christ centered Church architecture. The Cross is centered, not man centered. The Pulpit (man) is to the left or right.
The altar, is elevated to the rest of the Church, The theological implications of this are on purpose.

Christian centered churches are constructed in the shape of a cross,(cruciform) so that if you were to look down at them they would actually look like a cross. Other symbols, e.g. dove, anchor, fish.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

That's it! Why not paint it like a barber pole with the Boise State orange and blue? Also, the landscaping could include blue "grass". Awesome!

And, is it time to re-design/modify the Empire State Building?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


From the Wiki folks:

During the first two centuries of Christianity, the cross may have been rare in Christian iconography, as it depicts a purposely painful and gruesome method of public execution and Christians were reluctant to use it. A symbol similar to the cross, the staurogram, was used to abbreviate the Greek word for cross in very early New Testament manuscripts such as P66, P45 and P75, almost like a nomina sacra. The extensive adoption of the cross as Christian iconographic symbol arose from the 4th century.

layton, UT

To,Twin Lights, From the Wiki folks: The extensive adoption of the cross as Christian iconographic symbol arose from the 4th century...continues,

However, the cross symbol was already associated with Christians in the 2nd century,written at the end of that century or the beginning of the next, and by the fact that by the early 3rd century the cross had become so closely associated with Christ that Clement of Alexandria, who died between 211 and 216.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says The cross as a Christian symbol or "seal" came into use at least as early as the second century .

see Colossians 2:15,

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Hey, I only get 200 words. Glad you read it. So you do understand that the iconography of the cross is not from the very earliest days of Christianity but was a later overlay. Right?

Glendora, CA

Looks like a temple? Heck no. Looks like a stretched-up stake center? Maybe. Get a grip Boise. Paranoia is now taken to a new level.

Orem, UT

Put a flagpole on it and move on!

Salt Lake City, UT

The rest of the building makes it clear that it is not an LDS temple. Besides, they live in a area with a lot of Church influence, and it is going to come out once in a while. What is wrong with the spire?

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

As we said in the 1970's, "big whoop."

In Idaho there's Boise and then there's the rest of the state. Boise tries so hard to be a secular "big city" and at times projects a California attitude.

The rest of the state--especially Southeast Idaho--embraces the LDS faith.


Methinks some people need more with which to occupy their time. No one church has a monopoly on spires. Compared to the rest of the building, that spire is completely out of place.

Layton, UT

This is absolutely ridiculous. Can't people spend their time worrying about something important like world peace, world hunger or even just volunteering at a community organization who might need their help. Have they ever noticed any other architecture around the world?

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