Comments about ‘Spire atop Idaho high-rise drawing concerns for causing building to look like Mormon temple’

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Published: Monday, Oct. 28 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

I looked at the picture and thought "what in the world are they talking about?" Maybe they could mount a bowl-shaped piece of metal part way down the spire--make it look like a satellite dish? Add a little water and turn it into a giant bird bath.


The article doesn't say if it is LDS people or non-LDS people complaining. In looking at the photo and thinking about it, I really can't see why anyone in either group would care, let alone complain.

You can't please all the people all the time, so don't try.

Clearfield, UT

This is the same state where residents complained about the flag flying at half staff when President Benson died. Really.

Sainte Genevieve, MO

I haven't read all the comments, but someone must have said something about the lack of an Angel Moroni statue. Most LDS temples have the Angel Moroni statue on them.

blue springs, MO

really seriously how does this look like a temple ? ok guess some are just bored.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

Looks like the NSA will need to find a different spot for it's covert antenna array.

Honestly, folks-have you any idea what it will cost to bring scaffolding to change this thing? Why not just paint it black, or even navy blue or orange? Dudes! Get creative here.

Nobody ever accused the Eiffel Tower, the Chrysler Building or many newer structures moving back to an art deco look, of being religious. Tell these three complainers to google "Liberty Place" to catch changes in new world architecture.

Before adding unnecessary public expense, I'd use the media by showing photos of these famous buildings (to show it's not a "Mormon Thing") run them on the front page of the largest newspaper there, and take a public opinion poll. Looks to me like Boise is ahead of the new wave in architecture, but I guess that bothers some old timers. Don't let a few squeaks get to you, mayor!

Wasatch Front, UT

Even if the owner of the building called a press conference and stated, "YES! We intended for it to look EXACTLY like a Mormon Temple spire. That is the effect we purposefully wanted! We hope everyone in the world thinks it DOES look exactly like a temple spire! That was our absolute motive in designing it that way!"


Capt Moroni
Perris, CA

So, just because there is a spire it automatically looks like a Mormon Temple? Perhaps people don't know, but on Mormon Temples there are statues of an Angel blowing a horn...how is that remotely the same as a Spire?

Bernard GUi
Puyallup, WA

This certainly should take its place at the top of the list of important things that need to get done to make life more tolerable. Get on it right away.

San Diego, CA

I clicked on this link because I thought it was an Onion spoof :)

Ella Mentry
Longview, WA

Yeah. Not seeing what even REMOTELY looks like a temple spire. I thought if I zoomed in on the picture....nope. Still looks like lovely building, but hardly a temple. Please make a fuss elsewhere...

Brigham City, UT

Complaints and concerns? Huh?!?

dpgrizzle: I thought that was the Nashville temple... But no, its the AT&T building. ;)

Sacramento, CA

It does look like a rather misplaced temple spire...minus Moroni, who probably is laughing hysterically on the other side of the veil (if you are LDS). Since it is white, but the building is, well, building-colored, it looks mostly undone. How 'bout a nice coat of paint?

Springville, UT

Three complaints? Three?! And they are considering expensive changes to the building? I'd say that was silly. The three complaints might even have come from a group of people that egged each other on.

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

So some people think it looks like a temple. So what?

Why should anybody cater to the PC-pines? We don't tolerate tantrums from children -- why do we tolerate them from adults?

Medical Lake, Washington

In this day and age, this is what it's all about --- complaining. Elder Boyd K. Packer once said: 'Where there are problems we'll abate them, where there are none, we'll create them.'

If you begin any topic of discussion, there will be someone who will rush in to complain about it -- pro or con, it doesn't matter. If you say it's a bad day, someone will become offended and file a complaint. If you say the performer did an excellent job, someone will rush in to counter your compliment. Its just what our society has devolved in to.

layton, UT

TO: Semi-Strong, Don't know if it looks specifically like a temple spire but it does look generally like a church spire.

True, But not a Christian church, Corinthians 1:18 For the preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

Salt Lake City, UT

Never mind what this building reminds people of, it is one UGLY building - the mast was attached to an ordinary block building - like something out of Monty Python.

New to Utah

It is both biszrre and ludicrous that citizens in Boise would concern themselves with this non issue. They should be happy to have the big hole filled and a nice office building. Three people will complain about anything. It seems that the contractor is trying to be sensitive to these people.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I can't see any resemblance.

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