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Published: Friday, Oct. 25 2013 7:45 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

BYU totally dominating boise. No surprise at all. Boise's defense is terrible on the road.

Enid, OK

9:31 left in the 2nd quarter: BYU driving and on 3rd down Boise State DB grabbed Hoffman's jersey and slow him down to prevent the catch. Replay showed the defensive pass interference as plain as day. He stretched Hoffman's jersey at least 6 inches.

Totally blown call.

Also, while I'm on the subject of blown calls, what the heck is up with Skyler Ridley being held out for the 1st half due to "targeting" in last week's game?

Saw the Ridley replay and all he did was lower his head about 6 inches to protect the ball.

That's OK....blown calls, it doesn't matter. We're going to beat you anyway.

Go Cougars!

bountiful, ut

1000 yards of total offense.

100 points...

0 Sacks, interceptions or fumbles.

Said a boise state player: They remind me of a PAC-12 team with how tough and physical they play on defense.

Debate away! :)

Quotation marks get a comment denied? Where is this off topic, etc etc? Oh, I know... BSU decided to send their powder puff team down instead of the men... And hence 100 points and 1000 yards is unattainable due to the pure sportsmanship of the Cougs... Although, at the fevered pace of the first quarter, they could easily score 100 points on 1000 yards of offense! It could happen... The trouble of the 1st quarter was 3 minutes on drive one ending in zero points.

Enid, OK

5:55 left in 2nd qtr: Boise state throws and BYU called for PI. Totally blown call. Replay from 2 different angles showed contact was limited and both were going for the ball. These refs are blind.


South Jordan, Utah

BYU is proving why they are the best team in the state. Should be undefeated but it has taken time for the offense to gel. Next game against Wisconsin, by far the best team they will play, will tell how good this team really is.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

A shame that Boise is without Southwick and can't perform at full potential. Of course Southwick doesn't affect the defense being gashed by BYU.


Great start, but BSU's coaches and players aren't stupid, they will adjust and come out better. BYU will likely have very little adjustment because of the success of the 1st half so we will have to see how it goes in the 2nd half.

But happy for the Cougars so far, go Cougars!

Bonneville, ID

Time for anae to go conservative

West Point , UT

I hate it when Anae does this. Well we have a lead lets go conservative and hope we don't have 3 & outs. Drives me nuts!

Bonneville, ID

Throw on first down with a play action pass.They need to keep the pedal down. They should not play so conservative in the second half giving the other team some life.

Raleigh, NC

What is it with BYU second halves? 11 minutes left and BYU has one fieldgoal and four three and outs. Putting too much pressure on the defense. BSU will make this a close game if they can hang on to the ball. Anae better quit trying to run so much or BSU will show him how to play second half football.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

BYU's offense has been impressive. Very impressive.

Centerville, UT


"BYU is proving why they are the best team in the state."

Except that they are NOT the best team in the state. They got beat soundly by Utah and they played Utah State without Chuckie Keeton. And tonight they are playing BSU who is without THEIR starting QB. I think that when BYU goes to Wisconsin, it could get very ugly for them very fast.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Centerville, UT

It could.

Or, the cougs just might prove that they have been getting better and better. Good metric late in the season.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

A nice all around show from the best QB in the state tonight, much to the dismay of Chrissy B.

Enid, OK

@ A1994 - Centerville, UT - @WJCoug - "BYU is proving why they are the best team in the state."

Except that they are NOT the best team in the state. They got beat soundly by Utah...."

Puh-leeease. BYU didn't get beat "soundly" by Utah. The game was in question until the very last play of the game. Where do you guys come up with this stuff?

"....and they (BYU) played Utah State without Chuckie Keeton."

.....and we were throttling Utah State even WITH Chuckie Keeton in. And Keeton doesn't play defense. Go watch the tapes.

"And tonight they are playing BSU who is without THEIR starting QB."

So IF Utah beats USC (while the Trojans will play without their star WR) are YOU going to say "Well, yeah, we beat USC without their star wide receiver...."

Didn't think so.

South Jordan, Utah

Good thing for Utah that they caught BYU early in the year, before Hill & Co. knew what they were doing. BYU has clearly shown, as I am sure the national press will substantiate by the rankings, that they are the best college football team in the Beehive state.

As far as those who whine about injuries all I can say is whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Centerville, UT thats all you ute fans care about beat byu and your team is the best team in the state well i have news for you 1 game does not a season make,unless it,s utah beating byu ,who has the better record at this time its not utah or UTAH STATE,get ur facts straight before you post.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


BYU will go bowling and "the best team in the state" will be sitting at home watching the game. lol

bountiful, ut

I would like a comment above if it wasn't for the 'those who whine about injuries' statement. I bleed at the loss of Keaton that USU has suffered during a game against the Cougars. I was so hopeful that the serious question of questions was going to be yes, that USU can still win with their greener pastures departing head coach that got them consistently winning and winning big. But now... Only a route of a struggling New Mexico has happened since that fateful moment. I am hopeful it will pan out to more W's for them, but I am subject to the reality that is staring before us... It is simply too early to tell if Keaton is or isn't Utah State... For 2 straight games it was definitely yes... UNM has the hope churning once again that it will be no!

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