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Published: Thursday, Oct. 24 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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m.g. scott
clearfield, UT


Regardless of the rational, it still is big brother government finding another way to impose itself into the lives of all citizens. Haven't we allowed enough of that already?
Where will it end? Single payer, socialized medicine? Is that what you want? Not me. I've lived in that country and did not like the stories I heard from friends about long waits and rationing health care the older you get. I'm talking about England by the way, not Botswanna.


With Obama, It should be the "bucks" started here. 7 trillion of them anyway. 7 trillion of additional spending on top of the yearly 3 trillion plus we spend anyway. Notice the difference? How could a country spend that kind of money and have nothing to show for it except tepid economic growth and meek employment numbers? As they would say in England, I'm gobsmacked.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Grover" just because it came from the Heritage Foundation does not mean it is a good idea. The other problem is that the idea that the idea for the mandate that we got is anything like what the Heritage Foundation proposed has been proven false. The ACA mandate does not reflect the HF, see "Column: Don't blame Heritage for ObamaCare mandate" in USAToday.

tranquility base, 00

The knashing and wailing is funny. You lost two elections. Democrats didn't start 2 wars they are getting people to take "personal responsibility" by buying private health insurance. Yes, that was a republican idea, even Romney says so.

Romney said he got the idea from the Heritage Foundation.

Cedar Hills, UT

Web contractors blame Barack? Barack is the Jedi Master of blame and he will simply deflect it to some other party...anyone but himself. With Barack - the buck NEVER stops here. This little man is not a leader and every crisis sadly shows that the king has no clothes.

Mcallen, TX

Could prices start low, and increase in the next year or two.

Liberals are tricky in disguising their intent.

How can we be sure, rate increases aren't going to happen?

Mcallen, TX

Once government takes control of health care, --the door to communism has been opened.

Pleasant Grove, UT


Socialism is found nowhere in Christ's teachings. He teaches us to care for our brother, not turn him over to some soulless bureaucracy.

Roy, UT

Remember, "just vote for the bill now, read it later?" that got us to this point. Who signs a binding contract before they read, know what's in it? Oh yes, our Senate and Representatives did, and our voters did the same, by voting for and keeping them in office. All the education in the world, without the wisdom to employ it, causes this foolishness. We yearn for real leadership, and it seems nowhere to be found, perhaps because the people themselves do not exercise "the sense they were born with." Perhaps it all starts, and ends, with you and with me, the most painful realization of all.

Kaysville, UT

Computer programming requires viable end point and with analysts and programmers and supervisors and especially the insurance companies involved, it is odd that they don't have their precise programs in-place. Insurance companies would have known of this debacle and that their whole plan with the President's ultimate plan is not doable. Social security was robbed by the government years ago. It was sold on a solid plan of people paying into the system and having the money they contributed there in their future years. However, it was used to build social programs that got people enabled to want government to do everything.

Government is not the end all but is there to help protect the society's safety and welfare. This President hasn't run anything in his life producing anything. His closest allies haven't done anything either so it is a good opportunity to see what happens. Other Presidents may have made mistakes in something but this President has made the nations of the world despise us for his NSA intrusion into their lives and countries. People like privacy. The NSA programming was successful. That is where our CEO put his efforts.

Mcallen, TX

Many people voted for political leaders hoping they would increase taxes on those who work, and be benefited by it. This is mean spirited.

What goes around,--comes around. When Obamacare strikes, I hope they pay like the rest of us.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

A 2,700+ page monstrousity of a law that was n-e-v-e-r wanted by the majority of Americans.

What could go wrong?

30 million more people to receive free health care with NO more doctors added.

What could go wrong?

Nationalized health care with sign up/enrollment via the internet?

What could go wrong?

So, liberals.....are you still convinced that "nothing can go wrong"?....

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