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Published: Thursday, Oct. 24 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Say No To BO

I agree that the only way for this ACA to succeed is to have millions sign up. However, what I think we all see coming is another "tax" being put on our payroll to support the ACA, like we do with medicare, social security ect. The naive idea the Democrats had that this would and could be supported by just the young, uninsured, and healthy was as dumb of an idea as liberal thinking is capable of. And that's saying something. Bottom line, I think the ACA is a bad program, and will ultimately end up in all working Americans being billed, and the non working will get their free health care. What's the difference from what has been going on anyway? The only part of ACA that I think needs to be followed thru with is the pre-existing condition. That however could have been legislated as a seperate program althgether without this 2600 page monstrosity of a bill being passed.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

We really needed to have figured out Social Security and Medicaid funding before starting this mess. With record numbers hitting retirement age we're setting ourselves up for funding disasters already, now we've also got to figure out universal healthcare... We're sunk in about 20 years from all this!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

The government would never survive if they competed in the private sector.

Salt Lake City, UT

@lost in DC
"Why do you continue to print lies? The GOP voted to defund obamacare and leave the rest of government open – harry and the dems voted to shut down the government."

That's wrong. Reid and the Dems voted to pass an amended continuing resolution, one Boehner never allowed a house vote on. In fact, Republicans even changed the rules to guarantee shutdown since the rules used to be that anyone in the House could initiate a process to bring up a Senate bill for a vote but Republicans changed it so only House majority leadership could, thereby guaranteeing a lack of vote on the Senate bill which probably would've passed then seeing as that's basically what passed a few weeks later.

Hayden, ID

I finally figured out why Obama never accepts any responsibility for his failures. Its a religious thing for him: Thou shalt have no other god before the government! To critique or demand accountably from the government is therefore like dissing their god to Obama and liberals.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Why, I must ask yet again, wasn't this rolled out to 10 States at a time, over 5 months, rather than all at once to the entire country?"

Roughly 20 or so states have their own systems in place, as far as I can tell at least most of them have been running smoothly. The federal one applies only to the states that rejected the idea of setting one up themselves.

"Why cannot persons shop for the best rate?"

The healthcare exchange quite literally lets people shop around and see the different rates.

"Why are rates higher than existing and much higher than anticipated or promised?"

Because you didn't factor in the subsidies.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The administration should realize that forcing people to sign up was one of the big negatives in the first place."

Here's the reason Romney and Obama had mandates (Obama initially opposed the idea). The problem with banning companies from dropping people for pre-existing conditions is that you add a lot of sick people to the insurance rolls. On its' own that means the cost of health insurance premiums increase. So you need to balance it by putting a lot of younger healthier people on there too. So it's there for cost control, and... as Romney explained repeatedly before the 08 election, there are a lot of people who get sick, go to the hospital, get treated (because at some point we determined that was basic human decency), default on their medical bills, and leave all those costs for the rest of us. It's estimated that the average family was paying around 1000 dollars a year just to cover that kind of cost for the uninsured. The mandate prevents what Romney termed "free-riders".

Salt Lake City, UT

@Uncle Rico
"The government would never survive if they competed in the private sector."

Then why were insurance companies so adamant that there not be a "medicare buy-in" or other "public option" in the Obamacare exchanges? They saw the non-profit entity as a threat to their business.

Centerville, UT

Obama is in a world of hurt right now and its not going to get better. After the website is fixed and people are able to sign up for insurance, we will all begin to painfully realize how expensive this is going to be. Premium increases as well as hidden taxes will all be hitting our pocketbooks and bank accounts.

The state of our economy will continue to pitter along as employment numbers largely reflect part-time work opportunities as employers won't want to hire full-timers.

I agree with a previous post...watch for politicians to next call for a single payer system as a replacement for Obamacare. We are quickly moving down the road of struggling countries like Greece.

USS Enterprise, UT

Ok liberals explain this. Several of you have pointed out that to get the system to work they need young healthy people to sign up. The problem is that they also included the "slacker" provision that allows the healthy young people to stay on their parents' insurance. So, how do you expect to get the young healthy kids to sign up for insurance when they can be covered by somebody else until they are 26?

Burley, ID

"One House Democrat says the president needs to "man up" and fire somebody..."

President Truman had a plaque on his desk that stated "The buck stops here." The one who should be fired is the man at the top who pushed this debacle on all of us.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Considering past leaks of information from the military, IRS and NSA, how secure is our confidential information?

Salt Lake City, UT

If I recall, the ACA would only provide insurance coverage for an additional 30 million people more than already have insurance. If Mountainman's figure of $394 million in costs is correct, taxpayers could have given each of those 30 million people $10 million dollars each. They'd probably be happy and we wouldn't have to deal with this mess.

The shutdown was a sham of the Obama administration. Departments in the Pentagon and HUD were mailed notice weeks in advance of the shutdown to expect delays in funds. The administration wanted to make it as disruptive as possible to the American people, spending money to close areas that were not costing anything to remain open, ie. the veterans memorial, and viewing of Mt. Rushmore from the roadside.

The goal was to put the blame for the shutdown on the Republican's so that Democrat's could use it in campaigning, increasing their chances of election. We need people in government that are concerned for the welfare of the country, and not just getting re-elected. The game's that they are playing won't continue much longer, the American people are slowly waking up and getting involved.

Sugar City, ID

President Obama will go down in history as President Blame. He's got making excuses down to an art form. The trouble is, blaming and making excuses is not leading. When Bush wanted to extend the debt ceiling, Obama called it "unpatriotic." Are the Republicans now "patriotic" for wanting to put a lid on it or was Obama wrong when he criticized Bush? We are heading for a crisis of huge proportions unless something is done about it but if the Republicans try to stop increasing the debt, President Blame will attack the Republicans--it's his style. And when everything falls apart, he'll find some Republican to blame. The biggest problem with Romney's campaign is that he overestimated the intelligence of the average American voter. Oh, how I wish Romney had been elected. I think that there are more and more democrats who feel the same way.

Riverton, UT

@JSB, I wish I could use more than one "like" for your post. Here is what I would do, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, etc.

You get the idea. Spot on in my view.


@ ATL134:
1. The shopping question was a sequence question. You can't "shop around" 'til you open a account --- which means you have to expose your personal ID stuff to a myriad of confirming sources (without encryption, according to the mode-of-failure reports). The rest of the world does this at shopping cart checkout time.

2. The hugely inflated costs is a legitimate question that your subsidies response did not answer. To paraphrase "So what? --somebody else's wallet will cover it". Did you really mean that?
When my own profitable Obamacare compliant policy costs less than 1/2 (sticker price) and provides better coverage than is offered by Obamacare --- there is definitely something wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ok Red explain this: The individual mandate (making healthy people to sign up) was the brain child of the Heritage Foundation (Jim DeMint is a liberal?) during the Clinton Administration. The only reason Obama went with this scheme is he thought it would bring a few Republicans with a memory on board. Since it did not and they had the votes they should have gone for national healthcare and not wasted time trying to get any positive ideas from the Pubs to control healthcare costs and make it affordable for all. I know...that is a socialist goal (and a Christian one).

Murray, UT

The Government contractors share the bulk of the blame. Who in their right mind creates a website with over 500 million lines of code? That is absolute insanity. The predominate operating systems on the market typically run well under 50 million lines of code...

Murray, UT

@Uncle Rico "The government would never survive if they competed in the private sector." - The majority of the big businesses in this country would not survive without the Government pushing for subsidies and regulations that protect their interests.

Murray, UT

@Grover - The Republicans of the 90's were moderate and sensible politicians. Now, the tea party folks that are the cancer of the Republican party are extremists who will push moderate Americans to continue voting Democrat, not because they want to or believe in the complete Democrat platform, but the tea party Republicans are absolutely insane.

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