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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 23 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Heretic, US support of leaders that later become our enemies is well documented and has occurred in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and elsewhere. It is difficult to predict the future ambitions, or even the current underlying goals of foreign leaders. Foreign policy must shift and adapt over time to account for events.

But the unchanging principle of American military, economic, and humanitarian strength must remain the same. America must protect its interests, it must support Democracies and freedoms throughout the world, it must support basic human rights.

As voters we make mistakes too when we elect someone we think will be a good leader, but turns out to be a poor leader. I would throw many former US presidents, Senators, and Congressmen into this category, and would certainly include Barack Obama as a poor leader...but that's my opinion.

I believe I am out of posting numbers on this article. Thanks for enlightening me, reminding me of history and politics, and engaging in an enjoyable discussion.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

@ David-Thank You, and you are most welcome, sorry it got a bit off topic.

..and you are correct in what principals should be upheld, my fear is that these principals are seldom the real reason we actually get involved and our record is looking worse, each time, considering how many of our "choices" have come back to haunt us. The immaculate deception is a good read.

Hyrum, UT

Local supporters of Obamacare (Happy Valley Heretic, alt34, Truthseeker, etc.) are now sounding more and more desperate in their attempted efforts to show some sort of support to a bad (and getting worse) program. It's become the stroke of midnight and they're still trying to convince others that the sun is still shining brightly. People are not that gullible.

For each purported example of someone who has benefited from Obamacare, there are at least 10 other examples of people who have had negative experiences with it. Even Obama himself has now taken a very defensive posture... something he usually only does when getting desperate and frustrated.

Some of these almost humorous supporters have even fallen to blaming radio talk show hosts and are even denying the existence of proven facts in desperate attempts to detract from the real issues surrounding Obamacare. It's already on the path to becoming what many warned us it would be... a bad train wreck.

The real irony of this situation is that democratic senators and the president himself are now looking at doing exactly what Republicans were asking for before democrats allowed the government shutdown... a delay in implementation.

Mcallen, TX

My neighbor"s premium just doubled.

I remember Obama saying the rates will not go up.

Do we have any clue of what responsible leadership is?

Mcallen, TX

The more our political leaders help the poor, the more poverty increases.

In the 1964, the war poverty was created, and since, the numbers in poverty have increased.

Very likely, it'll be the same with healthcare.

Government steals from those who are responsible, and calls them greedy. They take their money and redistributes it to the others. This causes a state of dependence which over half of our people are at. Over half of our people are being fed by government, and soon it may be all of us.

Obamacare continues this trend. Those who currently have insurance will be forced to pay extra for the others, and soon, there won't be anyone for government to take from.

Like cattle. We're being corralled into communism, and government will have total control over our lives. We'll all be on our knees for handouts.

Don't take my word for it. Look around and observe. See how our standard of living has changed, and people are begging the Feds for handouts? Some places in this country resembles Cuba. The evidence is there.

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