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Published: Saturday, Oct. 19 2013 7:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Every game matters in the Pac 12.

Stanford beat UCLA, which makes us look even better, and more importantly puts us just 1 game back in Pac 12 South lead.

I said we'd be in the hunt until the very end. And we will be

Utah 40
Arizona 24

Go Utes!
Onward and Upward

Sandy, UT

Considering we nearly beat UCLA with 6 picks, we beat Stanford, I just don't see any way we lose this game. Wilson would have to throw 8 picks for Utah to lose.

Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT

Arizona is extremely one dimensional. It's painful watching their QB try to throw the ball. He looks like Riley Nelson in disguise. Our defensive specialty is stopping the run. Utah wins game guaranteed.

It's a great time to be a Pac 12 proud Ute

Santa Fe, NM

Utah 31
AZ 21

One game at a time. Best wishes to Utah from a Cougar fan.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

My mom could run through that Arizona defense.

All I can say is we need to make sure we keep Erickson.


Bad defensive sequence set up by a punt coverage miscue. That has to drive Whit crazy.

Orem, UT

Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it's zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.

BYU beats an undefeated BCS team on the road; Utah loses to a mediocre 3-2 BCS team.


CG, what game are you talking about? Houston isn't a BCS team. They are in the American Conference.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I'm not worried.

Arizona does NOT have a defense.

We are the superior team and will win this game.


Bad play by Wilson. Still young. With maturity comes knowing that escaping a sack and throwing the ball away is actually a good play.

West Point , UT

The AAC is a BCS conference with an automatic BCS bowl berth. Houston is in the AAC.

West Point , UT

I agree, both Taysom hill and Travis Wilson need to learn it's better to throw the ball away or take a sack than try and force things. They're sophomores so as much as it drives us crazy it's to be expected. Their upside makes up for it most times though.


Cougsndawgs, you may wanna double-check that, my friend. The BCS schedule this season is as follows:

Rose: PAC-12 vs. B1G
Fiesta: Big XII vs. At Large
Sugar: SEC vs. At Large
Orange: ACC vs. At Large
BCS Championship: BCS #1 vs. BCS #2

AAC is slated for the Compass, Russell Athletic, Belk, Pinstripe, and Beef O'Brady's Bowls.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

STtGtoSLC, for your own sake, stop. The American is guaranteed a BCS bowl, they just don't have a contract with a specific BCS bowl. As you say, you may wanna double check that my friend. Actually, you should have triple checked it since you're incorrectly telling other people they're wrong. You are. Too bad for your sake there isn't a delete comment button huh?

Pac 12 Pride
Salt Lake, UT

Rough start, but we'll come back. Our defense will will make adjustments and I think Erickson will dial up some good plays for Wilson to get him more comfortable. Utah 35 Arizona 30

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

I watched the game today they announced that the conference Houston is in has an automatic bid to a BCS game it's true

Saint George, UT

Wilson seems injured and/or out of gas tonight. This might be a good time to put in Shulz.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

The AAC is the old Big East and they are an automatic BCS qualifier for one more year. Utah fans need to look beyond SLC and educate themselves about college FB.


I apologize, I had heard rumored that the Big East (and whatever would be coming of the Big East) would lose its automatic qualifying status for the 2013-14 season. Pile it on me, though, it's funny to see a tantrum thrown!

Anyway, tough to see Wilson still having issues with his hand. I think I saw it happen sometime late in the BYU game, and it's been obvious something wasn't right and was getting worse with it. Good to see Poole get back in the game, though. I really can't stand seeing players tackle or block with their heads down. Hopefully Bondurant can come back for Arizona as well, but stop trying to make plays the way he did. Using the helmet as a weapon is not football.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's not confuse StGtoSLC with facts. The truth ruins his attempt at a BYU jab. Yes, Houston was an undefeated team in a BCS conference. Stanford handled UCLA. Utah is struggling with a middle of the road Arizona in their first game further than 50 miles away from SLC this season.

And to further laugh at a comment Chris B. made on the BYU blog, No, Utah isn't 1 game out of the championship game in the PAC. UCLA holds the tie breaker over Utah and would have to lose 2 more games while Utah would have to win out (including tonight) to earn the right to get killed twice this year by Oregon. Nice fantasy but there's a better chance of snow in Phoenix in July.

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