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Published: Saturday, Oct. 19 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

I would think it would be difficult for fans OR players to be excited about playing games this late in the season with nobodies, with no bcs bowl or power conference title implications. Bronco historically does a great job about getting his guys ready for meaningless games.

I think byu gets this win(although I thought byu would beat Virginia, who doesn't have another division I win)

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

Typical goals for teams:

Win conference
Enjoy bcs glory
Bowl game
Bet rival

Only one of these is alive for byu, and the weak bowl is already determined

It must be tough watching your rival have all four of these still possible. Am I right?

Bronco is a mastermind at winning worthless games however, so byu probably gets this win

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu secondary looking like a byu secondary!

Omaha, NE

More ute fans with NOTHING to do with their lives than follow BYU. I love following teams who are worthless too with nothing to play for. Arizona is licking their chops playing a team who left everything on the field, once again.

Could you miss a more obvious pushoff?

Houston has scores from all areas of the game so far...wow.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Would byu win a single game in the pac 12?


Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Striker

"More ute fans with NOTHING to do with their lives than follow BYU. I love following teams who are worthless too with nothing to play for. Arizona is licking their chops playing a team who left everything on the field, once again"

Comments like that shows that you got nothing.

Provo, UT

@Big 12 on Call yet? :

Being independent, Do any of BYU's games have real significance?

It seems that if they aren't going undefeated or aren't playing to stay bowl eligible (last game 5-x record) then most games are just games...

Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT

38 points in a half. What a defense

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


We're just rooting for the Cougars for gosh sakes...

Provo, UT

Utah fans first to comment. So whats new?

West Point , UT

Did our defense and special teams decide not to show up today?

To the troll...Taysom still has 4 more INTs to match the great Travis Wilson's ineptitude for a game. "LOL"

Defense needs to buckle down, offense needs to stop all the penalties...halftime 456 yards of offense to Houston's 250. Offense gave a TD in the first half but they've put a beat down on Houston in the first half...defense you need to step up.


Gee, will you guys get over your inferiority complex already? Your neurotic shtick got old several thousand posts ago.

Provo, UT

Insecure True Blue BYU fans are snarky. They even turn against other BYU fans. I am a BYU alum, and had season tickets every year... until they got selfish and went Indy. Since then, although I am a FINO (Fan in name only), I hate Independence, and I hate what it has done to this program.

Omaha, NE

"Comments like that shows that you got nothing."

The fact you are here proves my point. Thanks for following BYU football. It's fun to watch isn't it?? Did you like seeing BYU take the lead?

West Point , UT

Anyone know where Jamal Williams is at? Haven't seen him in the last few series.

Omaha, NE

ute people, did you see that amazing game and BYU win? Of course you did cuz we all LOVE following BYU football and blogging it about it all day Saturday!

Wow, that game was THE best game I've seen this year. Wow, what a game! BYU set some amazing records. Incredible, incredible game. Happy they got a win.


To All Haters.....One huge solar storm takes out our satellite system and everything comes to an end, the RIVALRY, the USA, the world and Football! OOOOHHH NNNOOOOO!

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

What a great game! Congratulations to BYU on a thrilling victory.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

KSL reported Jamal Williams has a hip pointer. Tough kid -- He'll be back.

West Point , UT

Every year there's a game or 2 that your better side of the ball struggles. That's when you need the other side of the ball to make plays. BYUs defense wasn't very good today (how bad do we miss Johnson & Trammel), but the offense, despite numerous mistakes and boneheaded episodes, made big plays when it was needed. Last year BYU loses this kind of game, but this year because the offense is making so much progress, they come away with a win.

Hats off to Houston, they're a gutsy team with a lot of playmakers. They deserve some credit for being a pretty good team (better than most people thought).

Very entertaining game, glad the Cougs pulled it off.

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