Comments about ‘UN expert urges U.S. to reveal civilian drone deaths’

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Published: Friday, Oct. 18 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How about the UN asks the Taliban and Al Qaeda to expose the number of civilian deaths in their random car bombings???

John McClane

@2 bits:
Is that really your argument? That we should be no better than the bad guys? That we should set our standards to the worst example we can find? What happened to Reagan's "shining city on a hill"? Shouldn't America set the standard to which the rest of world aspires? Shouldn't we strive to be the best, rather than slightly better than the worst?

Sandy, UT

It's war. People die. Less people die from the crossfire than those who die from neglect

Deep Space 9, Ut

Funny that they think they can get truthful information from the Obama administration.

The only thing more laughable will be their response. What will the UN do if they don't like the numbers that Obama gives them, write the US a really stern letter?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

John McClane,
I didn't say " we should be no better than the bad guys"... but thanks for the strawman.

I just said if they are going to ask us... they should probably also ask the other side. Right?

I mean why ask one but not the other side?

I'm not saying it's OK, or we should do no better that the bad guys, or we can do anything the other side did. Just that what's fair to ask of one should be fair for the other.

I'm not "FOR" drone attacks. Don't put that on me. And I'm not for civilian casualties. And I'm not for us being almost as bad as the bad guys. I didn't say that. I just think if the question is fair.. it's fair for both sides.

So no... that's not my argument at all. But thanks for mis-characterising "my argument" for me.

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