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Published: Thursday, Oct. 17 2013 10:05 p.m. MDT

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St. George, UT

To all tea-party zealots I say THANK YOU. The more you fight against something, the more popular that something gets!!!! Keep pushing extreme ideas and extreme leaders, as the more you do, the more average Americans and even true conservatives, reject you. That's right, just keep digging your own holes deeper. Soon, no one living on the surface of reality will even see you. Prop up Cruz. Keep feeding his ego. Keep falling prey to the false-consensus effect. Keep making outrageous claims about Obama. Keep being irrationally angry and hostile. Just keep being yourselves and your movement toward irrelevance will be assured. Keep loving the fantasy America in your heads, and hating the real America that you live in. Thank you for showing the country and the world exactly who you are. Thank you for reinforcing the absolute necessity of moderation in governance. Thank you for making it obvious to everyone outside your echo chamber just how shrill the noises you make are. Keep it up Tea Party. Heckuva job!

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Salt Lake City, UT

The tea party is wrong. Senator Lee should resign since he failed and caused damage.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am ashamed of Hatch......Utahns and true conservatives should be deeply ashamed we elected this wolf in sheeps clothing!

Saint George, UT

The message is simple. If we had more real men in our society, we wouldn't have the leaders that we have in the halls of congress. Unfortunately, the lack of real men falls heaviest on the women of this country in everything from deadbeat fathers to aborted life. Women are taken advantage of by the Harry Reid's of this world, who patronizingly use the power of the government to keep them on the government dole and lined up at the abortion clinics. Where are the real leaders and the real men?

Saint George, UT

Origami: I'm sorry to inform you, the Tea party wasn't even begun until 5 or 6 years ago. If anything, it is growing by leaps and bounds, including diminishing the power of the corrupt Democratic and Republican parties. Nevertheless, every person should have a voice, something you seem to diminish. I'm not a Tea party member. That's the great thing about being an independent. No one knows exactly how to track you, label you, or disdain you. Far from being passive, however, the strength coming from those who know there is something better should not be underestimated. It is the future, albeit one that will strain under the weight of carrying those who can't think for themselves.

DN Subscriber 2

Thank you, Senator Hatch for identifying the problems in D.C., although you are diametrically opposed to the actual facts.

I am delighted to know that contributions to Heritage will be waging the good fight to save our country. Likewise, I am glad to be a contributor to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee campaigns. I need to send each of these a lot more money!

And, I am most proud that I contributed to Hatch's opponent in the last campaign. Unfortunately, Hatch's massive campaign fund (from establishment and lobbyist types) prevailed. I am saddened that Utah ended up with a Senator who basks in his past glory, touts his experience and clout, but has done exactly nothing to halt the horrendous destruction of out country by the liberals.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

I love hearing the high pitched whining of the Right, pontificating the ills and follies of the POTUS! If I'm not mistaken Obama won the last two presidential elections against the Republicans very best talent! All I see in these anti Obama rants are his perceived faults, seldom do I ever see them claim any great and history making successes of their own. Oh sorry! I forgot the sterling success the Pubs had this past week during the shut down and debt limit fiasco! That certainly is one they will want to hang in the trophy case! When all is said and done, it all comes down to "Scoreboard", eight years for Obama, looking like eight for Hillary, and zero for the Pubs.

St. George, UT

bandersen: I think you missed my point. I do believe everyone should have a voice. I am encouraging the members of the Tea Party to express themselves as much as possible. That way, their ideology can compete in the marketplace of ideas. The more people learn about the true intent of the Tea Party, and their real motives, the better. What's wrong with that? And to say that the TP is new suggests that you have a very shallow understanding of their underlying ideology, which has been around since the days of secession, Jim Crow, McCarthyism, John Birchers, Moral Majority etc.....The only thing new about the TP is the name Tea Party.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

I remember when the GOP was the party of business -- it sought stability and predictability in government so that business leaders could make investments and create jobs with confidence in the full faith and security of the U.S. government. It seems to have forgotten that legacy.

Today, the GOP has become a loose canon which believes massive disruption and government default is the only way to stop ONE law -- ObamaCare. What happened to the principle value of preserving America's economic security? The GOP had many opportunities to vote down ObamaCare -- but couldn't do it. Too many Americans want it, plain and simple. The GOP should work to make ObamaCare effective for businesses with a predictable implementation -- rather than create so much uncertainty and disruption that the GOP's actions become THE reason our economy continues to drag.

History is shaping up to say that today's GOP sought to take away Americans' opportunity for affordable healthcare and moved to shut down the government to do so. Conservatives opposed women's right to vote. Conservatives opposed civil rights. Once again, conservatives are moving to once again be on the wrong side of history.

Eden, UT

Senator Hatch is attempting to run in front of a parade he initially tried to block. With his statement that this was his last term in the Senate, he should have shown courage and stopped this nonsense. He is a senior member of the Senate and of the Republican Party. His lack of leadership is horrible. It take courage to go against the tide of the Tea Party. Senator Hatch should have stood up and shown leadership - instead he followed. Shutting down the government to win your position? Give me a break.

Tremonton, UT

Orrin Hatch is right. Heritage used to be a respectable think tank which focused on policy. Now the inmates have taken over and are running Heritage into the ground getting involved in threatening politicians who don't tow their line. That's no longer a think tank. It's a real shame.

Provo, UT

Can Orrin Hatch honestly say the country is better off than when he took office 36 years ago? It is much worse.



And yet the elecorate in Utah voted Hatch into office 6 times.

You can't complain about the guy and then vote for him every election. Some very good, reasonable people have ran against him. The problem was they had a "D" after their name. In Utah that is an automatic disqualifier for many voters.

Hopefully the insanity that is the Tea Party will get republicans in Utah out of their shell and looking at the actual candidate instead of only party affiliation.

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