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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 16 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Once the system collapses. This is a possible result. We all know that the democrats, liberals, the left or whatever you want to call those that desire to destroy this nation; would like to fill the "vacuum" with their ideologues and gain absolute power. You have "middle America" that will be ticked off, confused and poor. Then you have us Tea Party members that will stand for liberty and push to take this country back. Which though it will be tough. However, we don't need to go to the courts and fight our case with an activists judge. We don't have to talk to corrupt leaders. We won't have to try and reason with those who refuse to take care of themselves.

When it becomes every man for himself. I have greater faith that the Tea Party will rise to the top.

That's what has happened time and time again in the history of the world.

That's right barack. The Tea Party is on the right side of history.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Thank goodness idiocy was pushed aside until January 15th at least. I wonder what will happen then? It's a shame that our country has to suffer this embarrassment at the hands of few who's hatred for our President is so transparent that they would risk the fate of our country just to say "I told you so". My Lord in Heaven what have we become?

Even back in 2008 having the Republicans/Tea Partiers stand up and demand a reduction in National Debt and claiming it was for future generations was and is like watching your house burn down and then calling the Fire Department. The damage is done folks.

We need leaders who are less worried about who someone marries and more worried about facing and fixing the difficult issues this country faces. You want the Government to shut down? You want anarchy? When our Government fails you think you can defend your home on an advancing army with the guns you have in your basement? The blood is in the water folks and the other countries can smell it.

Be careful what you wish for Tea Partiers and Some Republicans you might just get it!

Alexandria, VA

It never ceases to amaze me that the Tea Party Republicans continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They have damaged the Republican brand beyond repair and will likely not live to fight another day. Ladies and Gentlemen - in case you forgot - it is winning the war, not a single battle that counts - but I guess that is too "old school".

Salt Lake City, UT

Look, the debt ceiling only has to be increased because Congress keeps authorizing the spending. Don't mess with the full faith and credit of the US. If you want to force spending cuts then there's one simple solution... don't pass them in the first place. Incidentally they did both last night since they ended the shutdown too. Even with the Paul Ryan budget we'd have had to raise the debt ceiling by 5-6 trillion over 10 years.

Hayden, ID

Thing haven't changed much in America. Go back 250 years ago when King George (Barrack) demanded more taxes, more submission and more control over people's lives. The freedom loving patriots in America said no! Other than a few names and faces, what's changed in America? Big government wants more control, more money and more power and the true patriots want self government. Different times, same struggle for freedom! Sadly the majority of greedy Americans have traded freedom for entitlements which the rest of us have no hope of paying for. We just added another trillion to the national debt ceiling and the King (Obama) said, "its not new debt". Makes me feel better doesn't it you?

Cedar Hills, UT

If the government of the United States were a business - it would be long out of business. Gigantic debt - unfathomed waste and abuse - no balanced books or budget - horribly inefficient in all its branches and it just gets worse every passing month and year with NO END in sight. As for the CEO - he would have been run out of town on a rail for driving the stock of the corporation into the ground. The sorry thing about this budget is - it will all have to be revisited after the first of the year with the same stupid partisan politics being played. Harry and Barack setting in corner with their marble bag refusing to play with the other kids and their lap dog media belching out the smoke screens.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

We were meant to be separate, sovereign states -- United. Not one big federally controlled and FUNDED mass. One thing that happened, temporarily anyway, with this shut down is that the states, as they should, took over funding of national parks. One thing that happens now, that shouldn't, is that the federal government is supposed to bail out Colorado (where I live btw) from flood damage versus the other states (if they wanted to) offering assistance.

Here is the heart of the matter. People expect the federal government to pay for everything, stick their fingers in any affair and to provide the over arching decision to every consideration. Problem is those bottomless pockets upon which we all rely, who simply just declare their own credit increase -- is us.

The recent shut down hurt because -- we're bloated and spending what we don't have for everyone's favorite industry or cause. It needs to come to a crashing halt! So we can pick-up the pieces, re-set our priorities within our budget and set out to pay our debt off rather than infinitely increase it.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Senators are supposed to have vision.
Cruz and Lee have tunnel vision.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


"...I like how low the approval rating is for congress, but next election we will probably elect over 90% of them back into congress again. We as citizens like to forget the past and relect the same old people...".


Electing the same people over and over and over...(electing/re-electing the same person 6 times ring a bell for anyone?) and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

The solution(s) is(are) available, for Americans to end this madness...yet for some reason Americans do not have the will to solve the problem...



Do either political party have ANY relevence whatsoever anymore? (besides tacking on more "pork")to every piece of legislation that comes from Mr. Reid or Obama.

As near as I can tell the whole Congress may as well be put on furlough. Its' Obama and Reid who unequivacably control the government. All the rest of the "players" (with a very few exceptions) merely act as a cheerleading squad.

Springville, UT


But it is not a business. A government cannot, nor should not be run like a business. A business has a profit margin to think about, and a government, if run properly has the welfare, safety, liberty, and property of the people in mind. Conservatives and Liberals have and always will argue over how best a government should be run in order to meet the needs of its people, but that is counter to how a business should be operated. People are not products, they are not assembled or manufactured, and they are not customers. Further, concepts like democracy and liberty cannot be treated as marketable products.

A government, if it is going to work, cannot operate like a business. It cannot be concerned with the trivialities of a business. It must operate independently from the constraints of a single, myopic philosophy, providing access to rights to all its citizenry. Yes, too much debt is bad, and taxes, like Oliver Wendell Holmes said, are the price one pays for living in a civilized society. However, the analogy of government as business is not a goo or proper one.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

some ought to stick with poetry as they know nothing about reality

Mount Pleasant, UT

Does Obama think he is a hero now? He's dragged everything out to the very end. In order for the American people to have respect and recognize him as a decent man he has to show that he is and so far he is dwindling in our estimation. Our country deserves better and hopefully soon we will get that.

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

We are repeatedly counseled to live within our means.

My State of residence (Texas) does exactly that, without inflicting an income tax on its residents.

It is high time we elected Federal officials and forced them to do the same.

Provo, UT

So sick of all the shut down sob stories....and endless blame stories. I couldn't care less....if I cared any less I would care backwards.

My house was stolen
Roy , UT

President Obama is the best President we have had since Reagan. He stood his ground and I commend him. This was all about a law AHC. A law that was properly made and then challenged by the obstructionist Republican Party in the Supreme Court and then upheld. Even though our President was elected by a clear majority there is still hate coming from the God party towards him. Some of the very right extremists who claim to be Christian have not been acting like Christians. Then the same Senators that created the shutdown over this law led a protest at the Vetrans memorialand that protest took down the barriers in violation of the law. If it was anyone else they would have been arrested. It seems as there is no longer Liberty and Justice for all but Liberty and Justice for some. America is hurting folks.

Mcallen, TX

Once again, Obama is the anointed savior.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

A sure fire way to assess whether or not the populace trusts the Gov't is their willingness to take up arms and make the ultimate sacrifice. The last time that happened, it was in response to an oppressive regime that was overtaxing and not responding to the electorate and actually defined our nation. This has happened three times in our history, the first one was in Concord, MA, the next was in the Berkshires and most recently was in Fort Sumter. The only thing keeping revolution at bay, right now, is that the populace has been doped into submission ... but there is a growing segment of society that has had it with all of the monkey business and fear mongering to keep us in our places.

Mcallen, TX

I really don't know! Will someone please explain?

If our country, with its seventeen trillion dollar debt,--were to default. What would happen? Do we foreclose,-and what would that be like? Do we lose our properties?

Obama says we can't pay our bills without raising the ceiling. Will the day come, when we can't raise the ceiling any more?

Wasatch Front, UT

For those federal employees who did NOT work ("non-essential") during the shutdown, their backpay had better come out of THEIR OWN Personal-Leave account ("paid vacation time")!

If they did NOT work during the shutdown, then that needs to be accounted as paid-vacation time, and pull their back-pay out of their PPL (or whatever the government calls accrued vacation time).

If not.... then hundreds of millions of hard working (and voting) Americans are going to be all-the-more disenchanted with how our government is run!

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