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Published: Monday, Oct. 14 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The rollout of Bush's Medicare Part D program also had plenty of glitches. One big difference between the two, of course, is that Republicans have been doing everything in their power to make sure that the ACA fails. Democrats didn't like Medicare Part D, and voted against if for the most part. But once it was the law of the land, Democrats let it go forward without trying to wreck it.

Also, a big part of the problem with the ACA rollout is that so many millions of Americans have been trying to sign up, that it has overwhelmed the system. The insurance doesn't go into effect until 1/1/14, so everyone still has plenty of time to sign up.

Omaha, NE

If Congress can't figure out how to balance a budget, then why do we expect them to be able to figure out solutions to other more complex things such as solutions to poverty and education and medical pricing and....

Budgets are not that hard to figure out. Spend less than you take it. Save 10%. Have an emergency fund.

They should hire Dave Ramsey.

Durham, NC

Lets be clear here..... the roll out is simply the beginning of a 6 month open enrollment period. Second, the problems being experienced are not the result of a government agency putting out shoddy work, it is the result of Experian, the contractor who built the system, who didn't do their job right. Yes, the same people you entrust your credit score to... that built the system that got over loaded.

No one is being denied medical treatment. No one is being denied insurance because of structural problems with Obamacare itself. It is a contractor underestimated the load that would be put on the system, and didn't do enough testing, that is the problem. Hardly an indication of if Obamacare is a failure. No more so than when you can't log into your online banking account a sign that the US banking system is a failure.

Deep Sea Horizon was an avoidable failure that cost lives, and billions of dollars. And yet you don't see people saying the US carbon supply system is a failure.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Just a thought.

The person or persons who wrote this article obviously have good insurance for both themselves and their family.

The attitude "I have mine and I do not care if others do not have it" is not very Christian like in my opinion.

salt lake city, utah

Great explanation BlueDevil. Let me just add one simple explanation to the question of why you can delay the employer mandate and not the individual mandate. Every system has core principles from which all other policies and actions are derived. The core principle of the ACA is everyone should be covered and everyone should pay (one way or another).

You can delay the employer mandate because it's simply one way to achieve the overall principle of everyone covered everyone pays. You delay the individual mandate and you've killed the ACA, so don't think this is just some benign helpful suggestion. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Ogden, UT

Obamacare is the keystone to single payer healthcare aka government or national healthcare.

The Russian communist Vladimir Lenin, too, understood the role of medicine when he opined, “Medical care is the keystone in the arch of socialism.”

"One of the first acts of the new Bolshevik government was to nationalize health care – again, not out of altruistic concern for the masses of Russian peasants, but to centralize control over the population and over physicians, who tended to be free thinkers and well respected by the citizens".

a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

What pragmatistferlife said was exactly right.

People have until March 31, 2014 to acquire health insurance. That is plenty of time to get the glitches worked out.

The ACA is based upon a great compromise with private inusrnace companies--insurance companies will now grant insurance to the folks who couldn't pass underwriting, but only if the government has a "mandate" that gently encourages everybody to sign up. Delaying the mandate is a betrayal of the insurance companies who are doing their part by extending coverage to the otherwise uninsurable.

Delaying the individual mandate could drive insurance companies out of the market. Is destroying the private health insurance industry the Repubicans' objective, or would that be an unintended consequence?


The rollout has been fine here in CA, and in the other states which developed their own exchanges.

How goes it in UT? Got any stories to report there?

Q: Why no postponement for the individual,mandate?
A: People have waited long enough for the chance to have medical insurance and receive the treatment they need and deserve.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

Didn't Jesus teach about helping the poor, sick, disabled, and the lowly among us?

I don't understand how religious people (conservatives) can be so against helping poor and middle class people from getting health insurance.

Also, when Apple comes out with a new product and millions of people try to get it, isn't it a success?? Millions of people are trying to sign up for Obamacare (ACA). It will work.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Now the Military Vet's is in line for not getting paid and SSi nd food stamp cards are coming up to be hit. Obama is seeing a lot of money to pay for his health car plan. I"m can't see why Obama isn't impeached.

Salt Lake City, UT

The rollout is going great for all those states who chose to set up the exchanges themselves. Those silly states like Utah who said no and left it for the federal gov't are in this giant overwhelmed server system... why did you leave that to the federal gov't anyway? I thought states knew better?

Provo, UT

Didn't the GOP already get a delay when the ACA was first passed? Here we are, 3 years later, and they're asking for another delay?

I think it's painfully obvious what the GOP is trying to do. They pushed for a delay hoping to have the White House by now. They failed. Now, they hope to push for another delay.

Like an immature child who comes up with excuse after excuse to procrastinate doing their homework, the GOP needs to grow up and let the ACA work.

Time to move on and work on other things GOP!

American Fork, UT

In spite of your wishing it so, it isn't nearly the disaster you were hoping for. Maybe if we stopped trying to tear everything down and showed some christian charity, things would be better.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Everything is overshadowed by tea party hysteria.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Roland Keyser

The problem is so much bigger than glitches on a website. The real problem is that there's no demand for the product. The website got millions of hits because visitors were reloading pages over and over again trying to get the site to work. The true way to measure demand is to ask how many people actually made a purchase. It's a question the Obama administration won't answer. The answer is too embarrassing.

Obamacare is built on the backs of young people, and it's predicated on forcing them to buy products they don't want, at prices they can't afford. If no one signs up on the exchanges, the whole thing collapses. There is no question about this: the scheme will fail. Not because of sabotage by the opposition, but because it's based on the assumption that people will do things that people don't do.

Woods Cross, UT

@ Church member

To your first point, I'm not against helping people get health insurance (or health care). I'm against the government doing it. Like a referee they should create a level playing field, not a tie game. I personally support organizations, groups, drives, etc. that seek to help individuals who are currently unable to be self-sufficient to become so - managing health care costs included. I feel there is a personal responsibility to help those in need, not a government-mandated responsibility. Remember Jesus' attempts to help the poor were done through invitation not legislation. When the rich young man went away sorrowful after Jesus invited him to sell everything and give to the poor Jesus didn't try to sue him or create a law forcing him to give his riches to the poor. It's a question of agency.

To your second point, that is a horrible comparison. Millions of people try to get Apple products because they want them, and they are willing to pay the price. Millions are trying to access Obamacare because the government is forcing them. They will be taxed if they don't. BIG difference for measuring success.

Silver Spring, MD

With respect, it just seems that people on the Right are all too eager for affordable health insurance for all to fail. Why not help make it work instead?

There were obvious problems with the healthcare.gov site. That's a shame. There also remain 6 months for people to sign up, and already the site is working out the glitches.

My advice: let them fix the glitches, and if more time is needed in March, extend the enrollment period a bit then.

Why do it now? There's really only one motivation that I can see, and that's to give the opposition more time to try to convince people they shouldn't sign up for insurance. I find that extremely disingenuous, especially considering that the marketplace idea was touted for a long time by the very conservatives now opposing it.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

To Voice of Reason:

DO you think American citizens should be forced to buy car insurance?? Why??


"Remember Jesus' attempts to help the poor were done through invitation not legislation. "

What was the govt structure during Jesus' mission on earth?
Was it a democracy?
Did leaders collect taxes, and if so, what were they used for?

Do you imagine Jesus would condemn our democratic system today in which taxpayers contribute to help the needy, disabled, elderly and children? Would he condem those of us who support such programs because it wasn't purely "voluntary"?

While the Catholic Church recognizes the important role the govt plays in helping others, other denominations remain silent--unless it involves same-sex marriage, abortion or contraception.

There is nothing stopping you from voluntarily helping people now. I'm sure you could contact local agencies and find those who need help paying medical bills, rent etc. or those who need rides to Drs. appts. or any other variety of help. What are you waiting for?

Jacksonville, FL

Dear Church Member,

You are correct that Jesus said we should help the poor. Never the less, his directive was toward individuals, not a government entity. Furthermore, the Christian is not to be compelled to give, as in a government mandate, but from a good conscience and a willing heart. The are many of us who willing practice this ethic, such as myself. I give of my time and I tithe my finances. The framers of our constitution deliberately limited the powers of the federal government so that it would not infringe on personal liberty. Personal liberty includes the freedom to be charitable. It is not the job of the government to tell me or you how to give from the heart. Nor is it the job of the government to take care of us. We don't answer to an entity. We are each responsible to God. Moreover, the Bible also says that if one doesn't take care of his own, i.e. family, he is considered worse than a reprobate. We must work to eat.

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