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Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Saint Louis, MO

The psychological war continues between the "far right" and "far left" with Middle America and particularly labor sitting on the sidelines. They sit there without jobs and still paying the taxes to fund the entitled and the privileged.

Bountiful, UT

Senator Lee was voted in by those who wanted reform in Washington. While I didn't vote for him, those who did made up the majority of the people who care enough to vote. Just as Pres. Obama is enforcing the will of those who put him in office, Mike Lee is pushing for reform. Those who do not like what is happening in Washington should have come out to vote. It is appalling to hear complaints from people who didn't take time to attend their neighborhood caucus meeting or vote at the polls. Fortunately, there is no longer an excuse to miss voting. Every interested person of voting age can 'VOTE BY MAIL'. The ballot comes early giving the voter plenty of time to return it before an election. To download a form visit the Utah Vote by Mail site. Get out and make your voice heard in the next election.

The Reader
Layton, UT

The US constitution was an act of compromise! No one got all that they wanted! They worked together for the common good. The Tea Party THUGS do not want to compromise with anyone. With them it is 'my way or the highway' that is no way to govern. That brings on mob rule. It is time for those representatives and senators who war moderate to tell the 'thugs' but out. Compromise and act like an adult or leave! It is time to impeach Senator Lee. We in Utah should be ashamed of his behavior!! Does anyone knowe how we the people of Utah impeach a senator?? It needs to happen!

Taylorsville, Utah

Senator Lee is my No Yes man hero. He's doing exactly what we send him to Washington to do. Lead by examples. You can't tell the public to go tear walls and fences down and then sit back and watch them do it. He's joining in the fight by leading them to the walls and fences.You have my vote the next go around.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Remind me again of Mike Lee's military service.

San Antonia, TX

Good Job Mike Lee!!!

I will stand with you all day long!!!

So will the Constitution!

Don't even think of caving into these looters. We are going to go over a cliff with them driving. At least this way we have a fighting chance to steer away from the edge.


I'm sure all of you cheering this event also voiced your enthusiastic support for the Occupy Movement. Or do you just support civil disobedience when it's for a cause you support?

Midvale, UT

I'm not thrilled to see Mike Lee at a protest. Doesn't he have actual work to be doing as an elected Senator of the United States? He considers himself a leader, and I would like to see him actually leading - in the Senate - and not mugging for the cameras.

Mcallen, TX

Too many people in this country are not Americans. They want to be controlled.

As for me, I'd rather give up my life than have people like Obama controlling it.

This was not founded on people being micro-managed by government.

SomewhereIn, UT

Alpine, UT

"The irresponsible, entitled group on government dole are the ones complaining the loudest. As long as politicians can be voted in by the illegals and nonworking classes, America's freedom will be threatened. A revolution is brewing between freedom from big, oppressive government and slavery to big, entitlement government."

Amen to that. Of course, you won't get any "up votes" from the entitled or the socialist-leaning commenters here. I'm glad I've been able to raise my family to be hard-working, independent, and self-reliant. Then, their natural choice is for smaller government, conservative values, and shunning anything that threatens our freedoms and our Constitution. They understand the opposition and that their entitled attitudes are not in their personal best interest or in the best interest of our great country.

Farr West, Utah

There is plenty of blame to go around on this. Certainly the Obama administration carries much of the blame. But Senators Lee and Cruz carry much of the blame, too. They correctly criticize Obama for making the veterans pawns in this political game. But Lee and his ilk are doing the same thing - shutting down the government to try to undo a law that was passed through proper legislative procedures. I agree that we need to repeal Obama care. But holding the budget process hostage and shutting down the government to do get your way is shameless political gamesmanship. What if the Democrats start using this approach and refuse to pass a budget unless they get their way on expanding "abortion rights," or any of their favorite agenda items. We would rightfully be outraged - as we should be now at the Republican House.


I say through them in jail starting with Lee and Cruz.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Any one who has followed the news from more objective sources knows the house passed bills to fund parks and many other things, and Reid refused to give them airing in the senate.

Those are the facts.

The left and democrats are NOT infallible nor without blame.

How can you support a president who closed the white to tours for children while hosting million dollar parties and billion dollar vacations, or bullies 90 year old veterans. and intentionally finds ways to inflict the most pain on the American people?

Or who has single-handedly raised the cost healthcare, heating, cooling, electricity, groceries, and so forth, for the poor and middle class, and treats them with disdain, and lies and make false promises to them for votes?

Who talks hypocritically of civility while he talks vilely and falsely of any who opposes him?

Who was playing cards while bin laden was being taken down?

OR did not care Americans were being murdered in Benghazi?

Doesn't care to stop the NSA from spying on the American people, but supports it?

And uses the IRS to bully opposing groups?

And bottom line is destroying the USA and trampling over the constitution?

Salt Lake City, UT

Our Junior Senator should be learning from our Senior Senator, Orrin Hatch. Following an inexperienced Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, led us to this mess. Lee should show true independence and patriotism by distancing himself from Cruz bad influence.

Columbus, OH

They sort of forgot to include the part about the speaker at this rally telling Obama to "put the Qu'ran down." That, plus all the confederate flags, and you see where all this hatred of Obama comes from (hint: it has nothing to do with his policies).

Centerville, UT

I just love it, Mike Lee is a sitting Senator, in a Senate with a majority of Democrats. The issue of funding the government has not come up for a vote due to a Democrat. And yet all this talk about Mike Lee causing the shut down. If the left says it loud and often enough then people believe it's true. All Mike Lee can do is say he supports the house republicans. His vote has never been counted.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Military people and veterans as a group are among the most selfish, conceited, coddled, and duped people in America. They got that way by the phony aggrandizement, praise and deification by the people who control them, the American Businessmen.

Unwilling to pay the true cost of foreign trade American businessmen use the taxpayer paid military to provide easy access to foreign markets mostly at the displeasure of foreign peoples. And while it is businessmen who get us into wars, it is left to ordinary people to get us out.

It is to the great shame to these people who place their right to show off their supposed virtue above the health and welfare of the rest of America.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

My buddy and his family had planned for months to go on a vacation to Washington last week. They flew home yesterday. When I spoke with him it was about 5:30 P.M. He said the best part was the War Memorial which he and his family went to on Saturday morning. What he was most surprised about was the ease in which they got in considering the Government shut down. I talked to him this morning and asked him again about the War Memorial. He said the only thing he observed were the Security Officers, random Camera Crews and a very small band of protestors. He claims there were absoulty no "Barriers" what so ever. Odd.. The video I saw was of Cruz and his minion Lee throwing barriers into a pile with the vets. How did the barriers get there? And why could my buddy and his family just walk in and the Vet's couldn't? Strange...

I'm not accusing any body of grandstanding but after talking with some one who was there on Saturday I am pretty sure that is exactly what it was.

Either way its a shame, we should ALL be ashamed.

spring street

@the truth
Why should the democrats allow the republicans to piece mill their way through and fund their pet projects to take the pressure off them instead of demand a clean budget proposal. The republicans want actions? Send a clean budget bill and stop playing games with peoples lives.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

RE: The Truth:

Fox News is not a source of Objective reporting. You lost all credibility when you wrote this.

"How can you support a president who closed the white to tours for children while hosting million dollar parties and billion dollar vacations, or bullies 90 year old veterans. and intentionally finds ways to inflict the most pain on the American people?"

Give me a break! I'm sure President Obama just sits down every morning and says to himself "Gee I wonder what I can do today to inflict more pain on the American people?" I also doubt highly The President has ever been on a Billion Dollar vacation.

The sad part of your post is that Americans like you are the ones who yell the loudest and exaggerate the most. Or in this case flat out lie. They seem to be the ones the media and a good portion of other American are attracted to.

The Truth huh? I don't think so.

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