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Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mapleton, UT

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist

DN Subscriber 2

Bravo Senators Lee and Ted Cruz, for showing leadership and sticking to their repeatedly stated principled positions.

Boo to our senior Senator Hatch for being invisible (but thus offending no one) and failing to show leadership and he self proclaimed experience and clout.

Yes, the shutdown was caused when the House and Senate failed to agree to a funding bill. However, the House has repeatedly passed compromise funding bills, only to see them slaughtered by Harry Reid's Senate, which demands their solution, and only their Semocrat solution.

I am no longer a Republican. I am a Conservative, and will gladly support Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and their allies, but never again will help any of the RINO Republicans, who are merely poor copies of liberal Democrats destroying our country, just at a slighlty slower pace.

Spanish Fork, UT

Why are there barricades around a monument that is open 24/7 normally?? Or Mt. Vernon that isn't even run by the Feds -- it's a private org running it not funded by feds.

Good for Mike Lee to stand up against the bullies of Obama.

SomewhereIn, UT

@TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN
...I am surprised how many socialists post to this site.

Don't be surprised. Its the same posters everyday (some even using multiple IDs). This is what they do - 7 days a week. They do not represent the voice of Utah or the voice of the majority.

@Ernest T. Bass
No, impeach Obama for the deception. If you were part of the working class, you might understand.

Centerville, UT

House Republicans have voted for spending bills that would open portions of government, but the Democratic Senate has refused to negotiate or even conference on these bills, and Obama has stated he would veto them.

It is the Democrats that have shut down the government, and are keeping it shut. They believe their stunt can be blamed upon the GOP. The Dems count on the media to ensure Republicans take the blame.

All Americans must ask why democrats won't go to conference to achieve compromise.


Cruz can't run. He was born in Canada and maintains Canadian citizenship. Birthers have a problem with that.

Heber City, UT

Instaed of showing up for photo ops, they should get their butts in gear and do the job they were elected to do! They need to work something out so the government can re-open and good people can get back to work. Can't wait until Mike Lee comes up for election again. I hope the people of Utah are smart enough not to re-elect him. As the polls clearly show, most Utahns do not agree with his position.

Springville, UT

Hooray for Mike Lee. Love the guy.

Please support term limits in the future and retire public servants before they get corrupted or abandon their post and responsibilities like Orrin did.

Yeah, I noticed Orrin didn't vote a couple of weeks ago. Shameless behavior.

Go Tea Party!

Mcallen, TX


* The Tea Party doesn't have the power to shut anything down.
* It's not Cruz, or Lee.

Let's go to the very top. The one who blamed George Bush for the mess he has enlarged. The one who increased our debt 45% in five years.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

"Those things are shutdown because the Congress has not passed authorization to spend on them."

How un-patriotic and downright un-american to shut down monuments that are normally open 24/7/365. I guess President Obama waited for Congressional approval to spend EXTRA money to put up barricades and use EXTRA security at more expense to protect the monuments from 90 year old men who have planned for months to visit. Men who saw their friends killed and have now lived into their 90's to see their President turn his back on them and use them for his disgusting political petty-ness.

There is enough blame to go around to all sides.

Provo, UT

Those who try to blame the shutdown on the Pres and Dems are like the abusive husband who smacks around his family then yells, "See what you made me do! This is your fault!"

Kay Hunt
Celebration, FL

Lived in Utah for years. I wish that all of the people on this site that think closing the government would send me money. My company was told by the federal government that we are mission essential which means we as a company have to work but not get paid. Which of you crazy shutdown is great people are willing to open your wallet and pay my employees. We work but can not bill for the work we are doing. Talk about crazy. I am sure there are other small companies like mine that are in the same boat. Truly it is stupid that if the government is shutdown that people think that places of amusement (parks and memorials) would be open. These are hardly essential.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

This is rich! Create a government shutdown, and then protest it! Add Palin and some Confederate flags to the fun, and you have a festive anti-Obama TEA party photo-op!

This has "GOP Loses House in 2014" written all over it!

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

The actions of Senators Cruz and Lee are more "Munich Beer-Hall putch" than "Lexington". This is grandstanding at an all-time high.

We should be embarassed for them! They are too arrogant to be embarassed themselves!

Blanding, UT

I for one am proud of Mike Lee. People who do not stand up to the political antics going on in Washington DC are the ones I am ashamed of.

Alpine, UT

The irresponsible, entitled group on government dole are the ones complaining the loudest. As long as politicians can be voted in by the illegals and nonworking classes, America's freedom will be threatened. A revolution is brewing between freedom from big, oppressive government and slavery to big, entitlement government.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Defunding has been going on for years.
Example: During the late GWB years there was all sorts of hoopla about building 700 miles of border fence. In the summer and fall there were great debates and finally the bill passed.
Come December Congress failed to fund it. We all thought we were getting a fence, but at the end of the year Congress pulled the funding and nothing happened that year.
This ACA bill is a much larger animal but the concept is the same. If the House doesn't give you the money the program doesn't go forward.
As we've learned regarding selective enforcement the President can unilaterally NOT enforce the laws he doesn't like, funding or not.
Just ignore them all...and laws in general if you can get away with it. We are being played for chumps by the politicians in Washington. Pitchforks, tar and feathers are in order but we are too civilized for that these days.


I absolutely blame Mike Lee and his "father" Rafael "Ted" Cruz for the shut down. They created this mess and it seems they will not be satisfied until they destroy our nation.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

"The irresponsible, entitled group on government dole are the ones complaining the loudest."

Surely you're referring to the veterans who stormed the barricades to protest the halt of their VA payments?

Layton, UT

So the funding is needed for the NPS to enforce shutdowns of the parks because we can't fund the NPS to keep them open.

Did I get that right O-bots?

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