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Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

Bahahahaha! You just gotta love it! Sen. Lee and our Tea Party creates the government shutdown...which means everything associated with the government "shuts down"...and then makes a photo opportunity out of pushing through the barrier that he helped put up! I just love it! I tell you, this Sen. Lee is one cool Republican! He sure knows how to work the camera and news media! Darn glad Sen. Lee is on OUR side! Yes folks, it should be obvious to all of you that we TeaPublicans ARE taking back our America! "P n P" ....Perry n Palin in 2016! Yes folks, it IS going to happen!

Sandy, UT

This is an embarrassment to the state of Utah. Three of a kind: Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah
2:06 p.m. Oct. 13, 2013



Read the Constitution and stop trampling it!

The President is the 3rd Step.
He has not even GOTTEN the bill from the Senate.
How can he possibly be responsible for it?

IF he had, and had he veto'd it -- fire away with your silly comments.
Until then, please follow the Constitution.

This whole thing has ground to a halt in the Teapublican led House.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

As a veteran myself,
I'm deeply offended by this.

Ted Cruz is NOT a veteran,
Mike Lee is NOT a veteran,
Sarah Palin is NOT a veteran.

So then I ask,
Who is using this for political grandstanding?


Lee embarking on a stunt to burnish his image?

Nothing new here.

Just hours before the govt. shutdown, Lee left D.C. to speak at the CPAC conference, while other Republican legislators cancelled their appearances at CPAC and stayed in D.C. To work on averting the shutdown.

Indianapolis, IN

Only ONE party has been openly embracing the use of Govt shutdown as a bargaining strategy for months (hint: it wasn't Reid, Obama, or any other Democrat). Now that Lee and fellow Republicans finally got what they've been saying they wanted, the doublespeak is mind-blowing (huh? somehow claiming that Obama shut things down?). Guess what - only ONE party is now claiming that defaulting on the debt "might not be so bad" after all (2nd hint: still not the Dems). Last time I tried paying just the interest on my credit card bill, VISA promptly froze my credit line.
We need Republicans who actually have enough basic decency and fiscal responsibility to get their jobs done on time through regular (civil) debate and persuasion, without resorting to extortion tactics and embarrassing self-destruction. We will ALL be paying the extra costs for years to come (through higher interest rates, mortgage rates, etc.), due to the current Republicans' reckless fiscal brinksmanship. We need to elect Republicans who don't cynically try to blame the other guys for things that only Republicans have ever been cheering for. Otherwise, nobody will ever take them seriously, no matter what their purported "principles."

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

So let me get this straights, Sen. Mike Lee pushes through a government shutdown and then gets all upset when the government shuts down. I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Mcallen, TX

This is great.

No matter how you spin this, Obama is the head of our leadership. Shame on him for the disrespect of our memorials, and the men who died for our freedoms.

Thank you Lee, Cruz, and Palin for your grit.

Jaar van kwaad
Salem, UT

Mike Lee is the best Utah Senator this state has ever had!

It's unfortunate the people of this country have forgotten what Independence Day was all about.

Thank you Senator Lee for having the courage to stand up for our State and against our Dictator-in-Chief.

Sugar City, ID

I sure miss Bob Bennett

Salt Lake City, UT

Until the shutdown begin we have been under a budget in some form (whether through normal budget or continuing resolution) the entirety of the administration.

Democrats were proposing to use the House funding numbers for everything in gov't except Obamacare and that's evidence of a total lack of compromise?

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN

Mike Lee is a great man, a leader, and a patriot. He is standing up against Socialism. I am surprised how many socialists post to this site. Wake up America!

Senator Lee, please keep up the good work. We are behind you!

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN

In response to many of the comments made on this forum:

The house passed many bills that would have funded the government (including the memorials). It is Reid, the President, and their socialist allies that refuse to compromise. Reid and the President demand everything they ask for and then say the republicans won't compromise. It is shocking how the left can be so dishonest and then accuse the republicans of the very acts they commit themselves. Americans need to pay attention to what is going on with this process and not just devour the propaganda of the left.

TN Cougar
Johnson City, TN

The administration probably spent more money on the barricades and guards to keep people out, than it would have to keep the monuments open. The President is trying to "make it hurt."

Buena Vista, VA

@ alt134
"Those things are shutdown because the Congress has not passed authorization to spend on them."


TN Cougar had it right. The House DID vote to fund govt, all but Obamacare. And the dems said no. This is totally constitutional: the House has the authority to fund the govt. Or to say no to certain things. They did what they thought was right, and the dems said no. The shutdown is Obama and Reid's fault. They closed monuments that are not even manned, and spent extra $ just to keep people out, for spite. They not only closed Mt. Rushmore, they closed the highway so that no one could even see it from a distance, out of spite. They held a busload of foreign tourists for a day in Yellowstone Lodge, and went out of their way to prevent them from glimpsing Old Faithful, out of spite. The list goes on, and on. Even if the govt had to be closed these spiteful activities were the lowest of the low, and all authorized by Obama. Obamacare is already failing, yet the libs remain true believers. Open your eyes and watch the failure.

Syracuse, UT

Mike Lee doesn't listen to America, he listens to the Tea Party. He is part of the group that shut down the government which shut down the monument and people's jobs. The hypocrisy is astounding but not surprising.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

Mike Lee seems to think he's exempt from the rules the rest of us have to live by.

Layton, UT

Lee claims he has always said he didn't want to shut the government down. He is back-pedalling in the face of meager support and much criticism from his colleagues and constituents. In fact Lee told Derek Hunter on Hunter's radio show (July 19th) that he would not vote for a continuing resolution that includes funding for Obamacare........On July 7th in a Washington Press conference, he stated that he and 14 other senators"...will block a continuing resolution to keep government funded beyond Sept. 30th if it includes funding for Obamacare"......In a July 10th speech to CPAC, he said "It's time to defund Obamacare and if necessary, shut down the government to prevent additonal funding."
Of course he along with everyone else in the country does not want to shut down government. But he has indeed expressed his willingness to do so in order to get his way. It would not be right to allow him to run away from this position now that the political heat is on.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

RG - "The House DID vote to fund govt, all but Obamacare. And the dems said no. This is totally constitutional: the House has the authority to fund the govt. Or to say no to certain things. They did what they thought was right, and the dems said no."

The House voted to fund the government, just as they'd agreed to do when the Senate passed the appropriations bill in the spring (after intentionally delaying). But they tacked on an amendment to defund ACA, which had zero to do with the CR.

They reneged on the agreement absolutely knowing that the Senate wouldn't pass the amended bill.

They literally cheered when the amendment to defund ACA was passed.

They knew exactly what the result would be.

They had Cruz filibuster a vote in the Senate to delay its ability to react.

They were warned by the GOP leadership that it would backfire.

And when it did, all they could do is play the blame game.

Federal monuments weren't closed out of spite. They're closed because keeping them open is a violation of the Antideficiency Act - and Lee knows this. If he doesn't he should be disbarred.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Impeach Obama for wanting affordable healthcare!
So neat to see Senator Lee be so patriotic and reminisce about his time serving in the military!
I sure hope the victims here, the republicans, can keep getting blessings.

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