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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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tranquility base, 00

I have a suspicion that most of this "intelligence" gathered has nothing to do with national security. I believe it is being used for insider trading, data mining and other nefarious ways of making billions of dollars.

Why? Because that's what always happens. Why something can be used to make money, It will be used to make money.

Did you know derivative trading is 20 times the size of the legitimate economy of the entire WORLD? Trading derivatives requires a great deal of INFORMATION.

Burlington, WY

@ Esquire: Did I oppose the Patriot Act passed during the Bush presidency? You bet I did. I stated then, and do now, that it was knee-jerk legislation designed to appease the unwashed masses. Now that was not very nice of me to say "unwashed masses" was it?

Just because I identify myself as "conservative" don't for a moment think I bow at Bush's feet or spit at Obama's. There's really not much difference.

Of course there is compromise in most legislation - it's the nature of the give and take of political life, but unfortunately, much recent legislation is "whack-a-mole" legislation. Legislators pounce on whatever the hot issue may be (terrorism, airport security, healthcare, etc.) without much thought, let alone understanding.

With the Patriot Act, the politicians hopped on the bandwagon and many people joined the choir. What that piece of legislation should have been called was "Take Away Rights In The Guise Of Promising Security" Act.

Don't back away from your notion that "Snowden supporters are naive and clueless" unless you want to. Fortunately for you and me, Congress cannot pass legislation to keep us from thinking as we wish!

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