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Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

$668 a month for a family of 4???

I am not poor or on food stamps but my family of 6 does not spend that much on food each month.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

There was a period of 6 months where our family of 10 was on food stamps. Both my husband and I had lost our jobs and were working temporarily at $8/hour (we're college graduates with many years of experience).

Until better work came along, we applied for SNAP.
I was embarrassed, humiliated, then stunned; the government gave us over $900/month.

I told the worker I never spent more than $750/month on food, and that INCLUDED diapers, detergent, etc. I didn't NEED that much in benefits. I cook from scratch, we rarely buy junk food, and we're careful with portion controls.

His response? "This is what the government says you need. Just use it all."

I didn't, because I felt guilty over-buying when I never would if it were my money alone. But after a few months I started to think, "Hey, why not?"

Fortunately by then my husband had a new job and we earned enough to take care of ourselves.

But it was becoming easy to take what was given, with no strings attached. It eventually becomes an unfortunate way of life.

Cambridge, MA

To "djc" what about the people who don't want to look for a better job, gain skills, or do something so that they can earn more money. Should we just blindly give them everything they need so that they don't ever feel hunger?

If you don't like the fact that Walmart pays low wages, then don't work there. States like North Dakota show us that if nobody wants to work for minimum wage, Walmart will increase their wages until they can attract employees.

Stansbury Park, Ut

I guess as usual my point was missed. The WalMart reference was to show that as the Bible says in the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the hatred toward the poor that is often verbalized in these comments is not right and definitely not Christian. Jesus Christ's teachings are full of references to serving both God and Money.

To the person who knows how to cook and can and does get by on less then the government offers, I can only say one thing. Try living in the inner city in most cities and try to even find good wholesome food in those places.

Again I am more talking toward the hatred of the poor then anything else. Don't be jealous and don't vilify, someday you might be down on your luck.

I have a Masters Degree and can't get one of the proverbial good jobs that RedShirtMIT seems to think are laying around for the taking. But alas I am also over 60. I think that explains the reason for the two part time jobs.

I just hope some of you judgmental people learn the consequences of setting yourself up as judge of others.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


It's not judgmental to expect people to take care of themselves. It's not judgmental to not support people who have made bad decisions(lack of sufficient education, financial planning, family planning) taking the money I earn.

Mcallen, TX

Some questions:

* How many people are fed per food stamp?
* Why do people have children when they can't afford to feed them?
* Why does a person, working, being responsible, and feeding their own family,-made to pay for someone else?
* How can a country, who spends billions per year for education,-have a high amount of people on welfare, and food stamps?

Mchenry, IL

Mrs H. The ads are dependent on your browsing and posting history.


I feed my family of 6 every month for about $500 and I figure that if we really budgeted that we could even survive on about $300/month so I don't know why these families of 4 or 5 need $600/month of free food? I don't know why the Govt doesn't handle welfare the same way as the LDS church. Set up Govt storehouses in metropolitan areas so that those on welfare assistance can go and get what they need. That way it's controlled and only approved items are available. And make people re-qualify for the program every 3 months with proof of job applications and other requirements showing that they are working themselves off the program. The Govt could learn a lesson or two from the church.

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