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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 9 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The GOP deservedly should get the blame for this shutdown!. The extremist tea-party republicans are the principle leaders of this shameful strategy. Utah Senator Mike Lee has taken a prominent roll in this disaster. Senator Lee's judgement on this is a black eye on the State of Utah. I am totally embarrassed that we Utahns elected such a radical and extremist right wing politician!. When Utah voters elected Senator Lee, I doubt they expected he would be quite this radical? What a shame that Senator Bob Bennett was forced out by the GOP. He was a much more sensible and wise representative from Utah. He would never have supported this shutdown the way Mike Lee has. Come next election, let us remember this shameful stance Sentator Lee has taken and elect a more moderate and reasonable representative from this great State. Utah and the nation deserves better!

salt lake city, utah

there is only one reason for the shutdown and one solution. Boehner had multiple conversations with Harry Reid early this summer and they negotiated and agreed on a level of CR funding. Harry Reid passed it through the Senate, then Boehner said oh wait I've changed my mind. You need to shut down the ACA also. That's it. That's the sum total of the problem. There is no other problem. The solution, pass a clean CR like Boehner agreed to in the beginning and raise the debt ceiling. Leave the ACA out of this.

Exton, PA

The real blame lies with the American Public. We elected these so called "representatives" and they have failed miserably. The accumlated understanding of free market economies for all our congressional delagates could fit on the head of a pin. 1. Live within your means. 2. Save 10% of your income for future unknowns. 3. Everyone works doing something. Even those with diabilities, mental or physical, can contribute. 4. Work ethic must be re-enthroned. 5. Compassion on others is an attribute, not a federal demand. 6. Congressional people ought to be less self absorbed and more constituent educated. 7. NOTHING IS FREE, AND PRINTING MORE MONEY DOESN'T MAKE IT SO. 8. All Americans must come to know and live according to the understanding that the Western Hemisphere is a Land Of Promise, only if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ

CPA Howard
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I wonder if the sample used in the pol was unbiased. If the group conducting the poll show a bias towards a group then the results will usually favor that group. In past polls conducted by media groups and organizations that favor the democrat view point, the sample population will be weighted towards that group. The only poll that really matters is the one conducted every two years by the actual voters and not the likely voters. In the last poll conducted (2012) the majority of Americans decided the House of Representatives should control the purse strings and eliminate the affordable health care act by voting for the Republicans.

Some will argue that majority of Americans wanted the affordable health care act by reelecting the President; however that isn't true because congressional districts are based on the population within a specific area.

The founders of this Country wanted the House of Representative to control the purse strings because they would be more responsive to the will of the people because they are elected every two years.

If you don't like your current congressional representative show them the door in 2014. Until then remember elections have consequences.

The Skeptical Chymist

The tea party Republicans are driving the country into the ditch. When the economy crashes again (as it will if they fail to extend the debt limit), will the country finally rebel against them? These know-nothing idiots (Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and their cronies in the House) are so vehemently against government that they will PROVE that it doesn't work by demolishing it. A true self-fulfilling prophecy! And they don't care about anyone who gets hurt in the process.

The ACA was legitimately passed by the House, by the Senate, approved by the President, and approved by the Supreme Court. The President was re-elected, in part as a referendum on the ACA. The Senate remains in Democratic hands, in part a referendum on the ACA. Yet the bullies in the gerrymandered House claim the right to hold the entire country hostage in order to get rid of it. They are so afraid that people will discover it works that they want to nip it in the bud, and they will destroy the country in order to save their skins!

clearfield, UT

You want to get the government back operating. Have the blame put on the Democrats for the shutdown instead of the Republicans. As soon as the polls changed to Democrat responsibility, you can bet Obama and Reid would move to end the shutdown. Right now the shutdown is benefiting the Democrats and the longer it helps them, and hurts Republicans, the longer the shutdown will go on.

Salt Lake City, UT

The House Republicans continue to pass bills to fund all of the government, except Obamacare which the CBO says we can not afford, and Harry Reid won't even let be brought up in the Senate.

If the media for one week actually did their job objectively the polls would change dramatically and the Democrats would compromise. So who exactly is responsible for this?

Orem, UT

At least SOMEONE will stand and do something about the messes our public and President have created! Thank-you to all you Republicans, tea party people, etc. Now, open the doggone National Parks...the rest of government...stay shut down. That way, you can do no damage to our nation! By the way, message to states...take back our public lands from the monstrosity called Federal Government!

Eagle Mountain, UT

@CPA Howard

"The only poll that really matters is the one conducted every two years by the actual voters and not the likely voters. In the last poll conducted (2012) the majority of Americans decided the House of Representatives should control the purse strings and eliminate the affordable health care act by voting for the Republicans."


Democrats actually got more votes nation wide than republican in the house. Gerrymandering at its finest. These same people also validated the ACA by re-electing the President who ran on it, and the democrats also gained seats in both houses.

Not the republican victory you think it was.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

i would like to know who this "37"%"are.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Is it so important to decide who gets the blame? When my kids fight usually both have blame.

IMO... The Republicans did over-reach with the repeal campaign, but they have backed off and made several smaller proposals since. Democrats haven't moved an inch the whole time (think compromise means just the other side gives). I think if the Senate would even vote on any of the House proposals, or even find ONE THING they could bend on... Republicans would take that opportunity to end it. The Democrats demand of unconditional surrender is preventing progress now.

Demanding unconditional, complete, and humiliating surrender is often an impediment to compromise (and more for show than for real compromise). It doesn't work when the other side doesn't have to surrender (it only works if you can threaten to drop another nuke on them if they don't surrender).

Maybe the Debt Ceiling crisis IS that next Nuke the Democrats can threaten to use to bring the Republicans to their knees and submit to unconditional surrender on the budget.

I want to see who gets credit for ending it. BTW... Obama's approval rating sank to 37% today. Just sayin...


A new Rasmussen poll shows that 71% of Republicans want the GOP to continue holding out on Obamacare.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

To CPA Howard:

Actually in 2012 the democrats received 1.5 million MORE votes than the Republicans if you total up all of the HOUSE races. It is because of gerrymandering of districts that the Republicans have control of the house.

So using your logic, more Americans want the ACA than don't.

DN Subscriber 2


What this poll really shows is that the biased news media has successfully misled the American people once again. They have convinced the low information types to believe the liberal propaganda that somehow Republicans passing multiple bills to fund various parts of the government, or even all of it except Obamacare makes it the Republican's fault. They totally ignore or downplay that fact the Democrats Obama and Reid and their cronies have refused to accept the funding passed by the Republican House.

The shutdown, as well as our imminent economic collapse are the work of the Democrats. Admittedly, Republicans must share some of the blame for the unrestrained spending which is causing it.

When you offer your teenager an allowance of $20, but they refuse it and demand $100 instead, who should be blamed when the teenager has zero money? (Today, that's a trick question- the answer would be the Republicans.....)

Sioux City, IA

Playing the game of "Who gets the Blame" is a great tactic to divide Americans while doing nothing.
The continual need to "Raise the Debt Limit" is positive proof that our Nat'l Gov't has no fiscal responsibility. Further proof of this is shown by annual "Deficit Spending" and wanting to continue or increase those levels.

We need to send a clear message to both the Executive and Legislative Branches of our Gov't.
They need to eliminate this Spending Problem. To put it plainly we need to increase the Limit by $1tn to pay any current debts and reduce the Budget by $1tn so that we can start paying down the principal on the Nat'l Debt. And this needs to occur NOW. Not supposed savings that will happen in 10 or 20 years, but right now in the next 12 months. And it needs to continue until the Nat'l Debt is again below $3tn.

Springville, UT

Duh! The media has been in Obama's pocket since the campaign trail began (and still continues). Of course they're going to blame the Republicans. Would the DesNews or its sister station KSL ever, ever blame Obama for anything? No! They're also a happy surrogate.

And will the media report that Obama stated yesterday that he refuses to negotiate (which would be received negatively by the public)? Of course not. How can this get resolved with negotiation?

And when this ends, is there any question that the media will credit Obama?

Ogden, UT

Let me say it again; .Senior Admin. Official: 'We Are Winning...It Doesn't Really Matter to Us' When Shutdown Ends. Care to rethink your accusations???

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

Thank you mr obama, for leaving the golf course at andrews AFB open through this crisis. Heaven Forbid we take away your play place the way you've taken ours.

Want to blame republicans for the shut down? Take a look into who decides what stays open and what is closed. Then take a look at the number of bills that both the senate and the house have passed and sent to the other throughout all this. The house has done 10 times more to end this. The senate hasn't done hardly a thing. Thanks Media for continuing to screw the american people out of the truth!!

clearfield, UT

Max Power

Obama got less reelection votes than he got in his first term. Not the Obama support you think it was when millions who voted for him the first time did not vote for him the 2nd time.

Podunk, UT

@churchmemeber & @maxpower: If you really wanna get into the whole gerrymandering debate, both parties do it when they have a majority in a state. Don't just blame the Dems. I mean, if you look at NYC, several of their districts have 2 separate parts, just so they can keep the Dems in office. So don't just blame the GOP.

Also, just because they got more votes overall, still doesn't mean anything when the House is divide into districts. The GOP won more districts across the country, hence their majority in the House. If the Dems were so popluar across the nation, the states would show that with more Dem control and more gerrymander their way so they would have won more in the House.

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