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Published: Monday, Oct. 7 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

Nice to see there's at least one sane Republican left.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's that kind of level-headed thinking that got him booted from the Senate.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

After the ACA Government shutdown extortion hostage back-lash fiasco,
So that Republicans can have a ghost of a chance winning ANYTHING this next election?

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Okay Robert Bennett , if we accept your theory wholly then only one question remains, how the heck did we get here?
You served in the senate for a long time and did nothing to stop this mess.

Next time answer this question, how do we solve this mess? We cannot keep spending more than we take in, so what goes away?

Burke, VA

"We cannot keep spending more than we take in, so what goes away?"

Sorry high school fan, but your one sided perspective - what goes away - is not the only answer. Certainly the government needs to spend only that which needs to be spent. We need to stop pork barrel spending that is perpetuated by both siders of the aisle. Legislation should always be "clean" without attached amendments that fund somebody's pet project in their district or state.

But cutting government spending is not the only way. Near the end of the Clinton Administration, when the country actually had surplus budgets primarily because of the robust economy, the CBO estimated that at the current rate we would have eliminated our total national debt - at that time about $5.0T.

Yes, the economy sunk into a recession immediately afterward putting that goal in jeopardy, but the biggest change was the enormous tax cuts implemented by the incoming Bush Administration. President Bush famously said we should be able to keep "our money". He failed to mention that it was "our debt" that needed to be paid. Return the tax rates to what they were in the prosperous Clinton years to start.

Hayden, ID

Anyone with a brain knows there will come a time when we can't live in red ink. Someday we will have to cut spending and live within our means. Interest on our national debt alone will eventually destroy our economy. Obama said he will not negotiate and wants an open check book, no spending limits and unlimited credit with no spending restrictions. That is economic suicide!

Burke, VA

Oops. I meant to say, "..the CBO estimated that at the current rate we would have eliminated our total national debt - at that time about $5.0T - in about 10 years. That was 14 years ago.

Roosevelt, UT

Seems that a dose of reality makes many uncomfortable but they contuinue to look to the government to change things.

The government has been in the drivers seat the entire time the country has been headed downhill financially. It is too difficult for government members to say no to the money that flows to them as a result of their office.

A good example would be the 9 + million dollars that came to Senator Hatch from health insurance companies who hopes he will continue to support the high cost of health care in this country.

It does not matter the party that is elected as each have proven incapable of turning off ongoing cash flow out of the federal government.

However when $.41 of every tax dollar goes to feed the military that has to be one of the things to look at when you talk cost reductions. American Medical Association says that 50% of their funding is wasted yet we keep funding them. There are options to cut spending but those elected do not want to cut spending. We also need to increase revenues.

Looking to government to do either is absurd... no matter the party

Ogden, UT

I watched Jack Lew on three different programs, and heard his "creative accounting", ummm no "cooking the books", no that isn't right...oh yeah, "extraordinary measures" comment.

But, my questions go to Bob Bennet. You were in office for a long time. Why is it we always need to do this? Why do we get empty promises from you and the other old politicians about controlling the spending? Why is it always, from you old politicians, "we need to raise now, and talk later"? Maybe there are enough of us out here that are finally tired of your old politician excuses. Maybe there are enough of us that are finally tired of the exemptions and special rules you make for yourselves, while leaving us serfs to deal with your laws (that you can't even take time to read, let alone understand, before approving them).

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Every single bill presented to the treasury represents funds that were legally and lawfully appropriated by congress. Failure to pay any of these bills therefore constitutes a default. Due to this, many legal experts believe that Treasury lacks any legal authority to pick and choose which bills to pay.

Here's something else I would like my conservative friends to consider: Let's say the debt limit is breached and the Treasury Dept. does prioritize payments. Treasury is an executive branch agency, which means that you giving President Obama the authority to decide who to pay and who to stiff. Is that your end goal?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Please. Let's negotiate everything - taxes, spending, the works.

AFTER we raise the debt ceiling.

Should we fail to do so we risk losing not just our credit rating but out status as the world's reserve currency. Then watch what happens to interest rates (for the rest of your life).

Hayden, ID

Roland. I fear you missed the point. Obama says he will NOT negotiate and wants unlimited spending, unlimited credit. It is necessary to balance our income with our spending but Obama isn't willing to even talk about that. Its Obama's economic malfeasance that we are trying to overcome. By the way don't you think its the American tax payers and our grandchildren who are being stiffed? I am proud of the GOP for standing up for economic sanity because Obama and the Democrats are not.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

You know, I'm not a Republican anymore, and I probably never will be again. Can't see any end to the insanity, frankly. But I find myself agreeing more and more with Bob Bennett. Why did we ever boot him out of office? Oh, yeah, I remember. It was so we could send that Mike Lee dude to Washington and bring constitutional government to the brink of extinction. That's why we did it. Seems like such a wise choice.

Bob, have you ever considered starting a moderate party? I think it would win every election, except for a few of those House seats from crazy conservative gerrymandered districts. But this seems to be the only way we might ever see sanity in Washington again. I think you and a few of your old buddies from both sides of the aisle ought to give it a try. Jon Huntsman is already with you.

Sandy, UT

@Mountainman. Roland is right. Congress passed these money bills already and the president signed them. It is extortion to pass a money bill and then say we are not going to fund the bill unless you give us what we want.

Saint George, UT

Why isn't it considered? For the very same reason that vast numbers of citizens, including members of the House and Senate, haven't considered the importance of fiscal responsibility for 50 years? It's call insanity and it originates in citizens and then converges with cowardly congressmen from both parties who point the finger at the other party! This is Obama's lack of leadership and the selfishness of Congress, plain and simple. Don't even try to tell me that our President hasn't put his blueprint on all of this irresponsibility. He relishes it and so do most of our representatives from congress, both Democrat and Republican! The most deluded of all are those here that belong to either party and continue to shout the predictable line--'it's the other guys fault'. A criminal class if there ever was one.

Salt Lake City, UT

We need more senators like Bob Bennet - a very prudent and capbale man. Senator Bennett, please run for office again against Mike Lee!. Senator Lee evidently does not have the best interests of the American people in mind unfortunately. Senator Lee seems to represent only the extremist minority of the Republican party. Utah can do much, much better.

Bountiful, UT

"The sky is falling; the sky is falling." If we don't increase the federal debt limit, the sky will fall on us! So says former Senator Bennett. He and Uncle Orin used to pretend their support of a Balanced Budget amendment, which has long been a plank in the Republican Party Platform. Now, however, they are exposed as the big government proponents they really are.

I say take the bitter pill, bite the bullet, return to sanity even if it requires sacrifice. Kill the giant dragon that eats the hopes and prospects of our grandchildren.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

I should be allowed to go the bank and make them raise my credit limit rather than pay the debts I have. Thats real smart.

Ronnie W.
Layton, UT

For some people this article is a sign to them why Bob Bennett should still be a senator. To others, it's a sign it's good he is gone.

Raising the debt ceiling without drastic cuts, is ignoring the problem. Bob Bennett did nothing to prevent us from getting here. Why should we take his word he could get us out?

Burke, VA

Anti Bush-Obama - I think you've misinterpreted the situation. It is not, as you suggest, a case of going to the bank to "raise my credit limit rather than pay the debts I have." It is, in fact, going to the bank to raise my credit limit so I can pay the debts I have, the ones I've already committed to paying. It's a simple concept made difficult by people who have an agenda and see no other way to have their voice heard because that can't win in the arena designed by the Constitution..

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