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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jonathan W. Fink
Salt Lake City, UT

Last evening a traditionally liberal friend of mine was lamenting the actions of the Congressional far right in the shut down. I reiterated my off stated point that the far right is not interested in governing, it is interested in ideological purity.

I explained my belief that the tea party is to the Republicans what the new left was to the Democrats and is ultimately bound have the same effect: Crippling the Republicans for a generation. On that score, I said, we should probably be celebrating.

My real concern, I declared, is the impending fight over the debt ceiling. With a brief explanation, he kindly dismissed my concern as catastrophic.

Well, today, I received confirmation of my fears. Boehner declared he would prevent a fight over the debt ceiling. My observation is that when Boehner says one thing, he is unable to follow through or does the opposite.

Trust me: The Federal Government shutdown is just the appetizer. The main course is a fight over the debt ceiling. I can't wait.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The speaker will ditch the tea party radicals thankfully. This will be a major chapter in civics study. How to a minority attempt to overturn established law will fail.

Mcallen, TX

Obama has bent over backwards trying to reach a settlement.

Just like he'll cut the deficit in half, and not sign any legislation which would add a dime to the debt.

To spend money we don't have is irresponsible, and unpatriotic.

We won't see our taxes go up a single dime in any form.

These are words coming out of his mouth!

Only an uneducated public would keep believing his words.

American Fork, UT

One thing about a situation created by anger and cynicism, more isn't helping.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Jonathan W. Fink" why is it just the Republicans that are " interested in ideological purity". The fact that the Democrats, including Obama, have said that they will not support anything other than funding the Obamacare along with the rest of the federal government.

If Obamacare is so great, lets fund 99% of the government, then have a meaningful debate over funding Obamacare and making it apply equally to all US citizens (getting rid of the exemptions).

Obama does care
tranquility base, 00

No let's put some more laws into funding debate. I think we can just defund the DOD entirely. If not we'll just keep the government shut down.

Republicans can't even decide if this is Obama's shut down or their own "slimdown". Whatever the polls say I guess. What principal!

Hyrum, UT

@ one vote:

Do you realize that Congress had to overturn established law when it got rid of slavery and when it allowed women to vote? For Congress to work at overcoming bad laws is not a bad thing in and of itself. That is, unless you are a liberal who believes that only his ideological causes should be preserved at any cost... even if it means furloughing hundreds of thousands of people.

Please remember that the buck always stops with the President... just like he has previously stated. That means unless he actually takes some action to get this resolved (something he has so far failed to do), then he still holds the primary responsibility.

Just like he said about the Republicans, Obama could end this thing in 5 minutes if he would just agree to give to the American public the things he's already chosen to give unions and certain of his special interest friends concerning Obamacare. To treat all people the same would be the morally right thing to do, and is all that the Republicans are now asking for. They've already compromised from their initial demand. So why can't he?

Sioux City, IA

Until the President and both Houses of Congress accept the facts and work together to fix it this fiasco will continue.
The facts are that we have both a spending problem and a revenue problem. What needs to be done is to reduce spending until there is no deficit spending occurring for 30 consecutive years. Then they need to raise additional revenue above that to pay down the Nat'l Debt to return it to $4bn. That requires working together to do what is best for the Nation as a whole.

Mcallen, TX


Anger and cynicism, does help.--That's why the Revolutionary war led to a free country.

When people are silent,-freedoms are lost.

Syracuse, UT

The Republican Party has already compromised by agreeing to delay Obamacare by a year, instead of out right defunding it. It's the Democrats who are not willing to compromise at all.


Oblamer and his minions haven't taken responsibility for anything yet. It is no surprise that the "shut down" isn't their fault either. Broken promises, divisiveness, lack of leadership, and believing you are smarter than the rest of us are only a part of this administrations problems.

Salt Lake City, UT

Latest national poll results:

57% of American want to delay Obamacare for 1 year.

This is the Republican position in the House.

Sorry Democrats but the tide is turning against you.

Fredericksburg, VA

While I don't know that I would be opposed to delaying the individual mandate for a year while people test the waters with the insurance marketplace, I do not feel that the bill to increase the budget ceiling is the place to do it. Especially when you consider that the ACA(obamacare) is funded regardless of this bill.

How many parents "negotiate" with their children when they're having a tantrum in the middle of the super market wanting a treat after you told them before you left that they're not getting a candy bar?

Houston, TX

Michele Bachmann, one of our leading Republican spokespersons, is one hundred percent RIGHT! Rep. Bachmann was at the World War II Memorial, actually said, ‘The shutdown is exactly what we wanted. We got what we wanted.’ A good day for the tea party is when government is having a bad day.” Why don’t you people understand that TeaPublicans view obamacare as a threat to the country, and that we ARE willing to use all tactics, including blowing up the economy if we have to, in order to get rid of obamacare! Yes, I know I tell this you all the time, but we TeaPublicans ARE taking back our America in 2014 and 2016….and when we do, we ARE taking back obamacare! Its just a fact of political life folks. Just a fact of political life in our America!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Jonathan Fink
There are 21 Republicans in the House who are willing to vote for the Senate's version of the continuing resolution. Presumably these 21 Republicans consider the debt ceiling to be a more serious issue to avoid. If necessary, Pelosi, one of the best speakers in history*, can round up the votes to use the House maneuver to force a vote if a majority sign on to something.

*Note to conservatives who think she's awful... I'm defining best speaker as having the ability to maintain party unite, pass bills, and being an organized vote counter (she never lost a single vote she called while speaker, Boehner has lost around a dozen at this point).

"If Obamacare is so great, lets fund 99% of the government, then have a meaningful debate over funding Obamacare and making it apply equally to all US citizens (getting rid of the exemptions)."

No, because Republicans are not interested in meaningful debate over funding Obamacare and they would obstruct funding for it no matter what especially if it's isolated. Democrats aren't stupid so they won't do what you want.

Salt Lake City, UT

The thing I mentioned in my previous post that Pelosi can do is called a discharge petition. Democrats are about to put one together for the gov't shutdown. If a majority of House members sign onto it it'll force the House to have a vote on the Senate continuing resolution.

Salt Lake City, UT

And... apparently the hurdles to obstructed discharge petitions are such that it'd take around 10 days to get to a vote. That's annoying. Okay, I guess Pelosi can't force the issue to avert debt ceiling default. We'll just have to rely on Boehner having the stones to say no to his radical extremists who unknowingly (I will assume ignorance over malevolence) want to do more damage to the economy (by defaulting) than Al Qaida could ever dream of.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


The debate on Obamacare has been done, done,and redone.

Iowa City, IA

It is the great American sham to pass a law when nobody really knows what the details are, for a democrat to announce that a bill must be passed to learn what is in it, demonstrate the utter contempt our leaders have for american people and it shows the blind, drunken greed for power and control. The point we are at now, started years ago when the bill was passed. It's a terrible law, policy etc. in fact it is criminal.

All in are favor of a great health care system but lets not put the government in charge, it is welcome to regulate commerce but not control it (see the Constitution).

There have been to many qualifiers, escape clauses, unregulated fees and money and favors for this law to be taken seriously. It is a sham at best.

Do over. Start from ground zero.

Centennial, CO

Why is it that you never, ever, ever see an AP story with a headline like, "Republicans say it's time for Democrats to do [something decent or intelligent]" ?

(I know why; just sayin' that accepting AP's premise on this or anything else is just a bad idea]

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