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Published: Friday, Oct. 4 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hayden, ID

Life is cheap in Washington DC. Was it really necessary to shoot an unarmed woman with a child or was it political correctness? What threat was she to the precious members of congress or to the President? I would be ashamed if I lived in Washington DC.

Durham, NC

Are you equally ashamed of the police shootings in Utah and Idaho? What are you saying? That somehow police in DC live by a lessor standard... that her plowing into a squad car, ramming an officer.... that is not acceptable to do in DC?

There are so many facts missing here.... and to make statements like this... just weeks after another person not a mile away killed innocent people at the Navy Ship Yard... that some how the police should have given her the benefit of doubt - after trying to ram the gates of the White House.

Yes, the lives of the members of Congress.... and even the President, regardless of who is in office, is precious. Why wouldn't they be? Have we dropped our morals so far that despite politics, we would not care to protect their lives?

I wish I wash shocked by comments here.... but nothing surprises me anymore.

And yes, it is sad that she got so desperate, she resorted to such desperate measures. It is a sad incident all around - except evidently for a few people.

Everett, 00

Assume the worst,
error on the side of caution,
don't take any chances.

So long as police must assume ALL Americans - even the mentally ill - have free access, without background checks to fire-arms, this will always be the final outcome.

Farmington, UT

The police shoot first, then ask questions later. To try what this lady did is a recipe for death, especially in jittery DC where they can't afford to be careless. I feel compassion for her family, especially her daughter. Many persons deals with unknown issues all the time and sometimes they just are over-whelmed. It's a pity she couldn't get someone to help her but she probably never indicated she needed such.

Hayden, ID

UtahBlue.. In Idaho and most states, police use deadly force as the last resort and don't shoot unarmed women! Not so in Washington DC apparently. She drove her car into other cars and into barricades which drunk drivers do everyday but none of them are shot dead for doing it.

Tooele, UT

Re: "So long as police must assume ALL Americans . . . have free access, without background checks to fire-arms, this will always be the final outcome."

Yeah. And the same goes for unregulated black Infinitis, that seat more than one passenger.

When will American Neanderthals wake up and realize we need reasonable restrictions on vehicle color and capacity?

It's not mental problems, it's the high capacity, assault Infiniti that committed this crime.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mountanman [sic], I'm amazed that, with no more information than you have from this article or other media outlets, you feel competent and qualified to second guess the cops on the scene. Why do that? Apparently, for you, this is because it happened in D.C.

We need a little more thoughtful analysis from you rather than emotional responses.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

If you saw the videos, you would notice that she almost hit one of the police officers who were trying to stop her: that she was using her vehicle as a weapon. I would say that she was far from unarmed, even if she didn't carry a gun. Thankfully, the officer leapt out of the way without being hit. They stopped her to prevent her from injuring others.

Riverton, UT

@airnaut No matter what the laws say police must ALWAYS assume anyone - mentally ill or not - has access to guns. Making a law doesn't magically mean everyone obeys it or the threat goes away. All it does is make it so that in the event of breaking the law there is a punishment. Even with such laws people will still get guns - ESPECIALLY the insane or mentally ill who are seeking to do bad things.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

I could be wrong but there is more to this story than we know. Who, for example, is the father of the child? And why was she fired ..."It just didn't work out just doesn't cut it.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

M-man and proc. They pretty much know everything, so they second-guess without hesitation. Too bad they couldn't have been on the scene this time to remind police what is and isn't "politically correct."

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

All of these rampages are a result of mental illness.

I wonder if the president will come out today and ban cars since she put police and others lives in danger as she was ramming and smashing things with her big bad dangerous car? Maybe he will ban having children because it causes postpartum depression?

I'm sure there will be a liberal that will suggest some stupid law. They have another law for everything.

Why do these suggestions sound ludicrous? Because they are. Just like the presidents crazy gun control ideas wouldn't have had an effect in preventing these shootings either.

Bad things happen in a free society.

Mentally ill people do not follow laws. Get these people better mental health assistance or improve awareness so these people are not left to snap without people around them saying or doing anything.

Elk River, MN

What? She was "depressed"? I guess, implying that she deserved to die? Oh boy, we're in trouble.

Oh, and I really liked this, the chase was "harrowing". I wonder what would have happened if they had just let her go? Oh wait, she was depressed. Can't let that go.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very sad event. The questions that come to my mind are: she was hospitalized for depression, why was she released? What medications was she prescribed? Was she under the influence of meds at the time? And, what did she so urgently want to ask or tell the president? Had she gotten fed up with failed attempts to enroll for Obamacare online and wanted to talk to the man directly? She did not have a weapon so I doubt that harm to the president was intended.

May the Lord comfort all those grieving the loss of this woman, and help those that now have the responsibility of raising this motherless child.

Murray, Utah

re Mountainman:

Well, in DC and apparently West Valley City. We're probably not in a position to throw stones.

re other gun grabbers:

Stop trying to make this about guns, unless you're also trying to say we need to disarm the cops. This story isn't about guns, you only show your paranoia by trying to make it about guns.

Provo, UT

toosmartforyou said "The police shoot first, then ask questions later" This is Always a silly comment, and one I hear a lot from those complaining about use of force by police.

Of course the police should shoot first in a situation like this!! Would 'asking questions' have stopped the car?? Somehow we, as the public, have put the value of a cops life below someone who is committing a violent crime. When did this ridiculous thought process come about?
It is NOT now, nor has it ever been, the responsibility of Law Enforcement officers to figure out WHY someone is doing something violent BEFORE taking action to STOP the violence!! The main main part of a cops Motto - 'Protect' us law abiding citizens from those people that are trying to harm us! Looks like those cops were doing exactly that!
So, for me, I dont care what the cops do, as long as they stop the CRIMINAL, or the EDP, or the mental patient, etc., from harming me or my family, or from causing more death or destruction. YES, Shoot first if need be, Please! Just stop them. Great job DC Cops!

Sandy, UT

Does this remind you of the Danielle Willard case in Utah, which resulted in an unnecessary killing almost one year ago?


It appears she was schizophrenic...a very sad and tragic ending. More resources and help for the mentally ill please.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The narrative dictates that this one is a victim.
I don't understand who decides or how, but they are telling us this woman is a victim. She had the baby blues, or did she fall down the stairs and bump her head?
There are mentally ill and then there are nut jobs. Carey is a mentally ill victim or circumstances.
I don't understand the criterion.


Just another very sad tragedy--for all involved.

Mental illness is a very difficult and big problem in our country. Perhaps Republicans and Democrats, working with professionals who treat mental illness, could look for ways to improve our system of treating mental illness.

BTW the bill proposed to expand background checks for firearms also included measures to deal with mental illness.

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