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Published: Sunday, Sept. 29 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Generation Opportunity, a nonprofit financed with $5.04 million from a fund controlled by the Koch brothers’ lobbying team, just launched a new television advertisement to kick off an anti-Obamacare campaign. The creepy ads, which provides no actual information about healthcare reform and instead seem designed to scare people away from doctor visits, have already been dissected by many in the media. What’s more revealing is Generation Opportunity’s real agenda, which was explained to Yahoo News in a story unveiling the new campaign (emphasis added):

Their message: You don’t have to sign up for Obamacare. “What we’re trying to communicate is, ‘No, you’re actually not required to buy health insurance,’” Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg told Yahoo News in an interview about the campaign. “You might have to pay a fine, but that’s going to be cheaper for you and better for you."
(The Nation)

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

I sure hope there are no Millennials gullible enough to believe this article or that Generation Opportunity is a "nonpartisan organization." The sheer fact that he calls the ACA "Obamacare" and cites the National Center for Public Policy Research is proof positive that his organization is anything but nonpartisan.

The President of this group won't even come clean about his organization, why would he be honest about the ACA? Seriously, some people have no integrity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whenever I read an op-ed piece that strikes me as bizarre the first thing I do is Google the author and the author's organization.

It took 30 seconds to find this from Yahoo News:

"Generation Opportunity, a Virginia-based group that is part of a coalition of right-leaning organizations with financial ties to billionaire businessmen and political activists Charles and David Koch, will launch a six-figure campaign aimed at convincing young people to “opt-out” of the Obamacare exchanges."

This movement could care less about the health of young people - they're shills for the Koch brothers and the insurance industry.

Also, the author got his start at the conservative Heritage Foundation, which originally came up with the key elements of the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate that he now says young people should ignore.

The hyper-conservatives who are now throwing fits over "Obamacare" not only are disconnected from reality, they've also lost their appreciation for irony.

American Fork, UT

If only we'd have been able to get to the point of a single payer system, we wouldn't have to play these games.

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

I think some of the authors of these comments would do well to find an introductory textbook on logic and look up "ad hominem fallacy." The validity and soundness of an argument do not depend on the wealth or political preferences of the arguer.

I got a letter yesterday that my medical premiums will rise 76% in 2014. The only medical claim I ever make is for a routine annual physical. It's very much in my interest to look at ignoring Obamacare, paying the penalty, and finding catastrophic medical insurance outside of the exchange system for emergencies... if that's even possible. You may despise the author of this article because he's outside your political bubble, but his argument makes perfect sense for me. And I'm older than a twentysomething.

Lehi, UT

Sorry, Evan. It turns out that insurance premiums under Obamacare can be had for less than half of what premiums are going for in the so called "private" market. Obamacare is the better deal for the cost conscious individual of any age!

Bountiful, UT

Tackling one point: the insidious nature of "inter-generational subsidies":

Guess what? Intergenerational subsidies have been with us since before the beginning of time, known by another (perhaps increasingly derogatory) term: parenthood. Thus far, nobody has come out of the womb ready to take on the world, which is apparently some kind of new neo-conservative fantasy, intended to divide society.

It gets worse: young parents, in their desire to provide for their children, shamelessly rely on overt and coerced "intergenerational subsidy", otherwise known as tax money for childrens' education.

Sure, everyone since Thomas Jefferson has glorified the education of children, and young parents blithely steal from older generations to satisfy their own selfish instincts to raise their children. Furthermore, the tax code is biased toward more irresponsible production of children, punishing those who have raised their kids or otherwise don't have children, and shifting benefits toward un-established young parents who somehow think it's a gift to society for them to produce children.

It's no wonder the offspring of this corruption is raised to perpetuate the theft.

Or, maybe we all benefit. You decide.

Salt Lake City, UT

Daniel L.: "I got a letter yesterday that my medical premiums will rise 76% in 2014. "

A letter from whom? Your employer? Your health insurance provider? A political fundraising group?

Context, please.

Oakley, ID

Government knows best? Give me a break!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Does Generation Opportunity have some money they would give you should you actually have a medical problem? No? So their only gamble is that their ad might be ignored, right? What could possibly go wrong? What other advice are they willing to share?

Leesburg, VA

My problem is not with Mr. Evan Feinberg, after he is doing what his bosses pay him to do. My concern is with DN a so called Christian newspaper. ACA may be imperfect but is the beginning of the most serious attempt to provide health insurance for most if not all Americans.

10CC said perfectly "Guess what? Intergenerational subsidies have been with us since before the beginning of time, known by another (perhaps increasingly derogatory) term: parenthood. Thus far, nobody has come out of the womb ready to take on the world, which is apparently some kind of new neo-conservative fantasy, intended to divide society."

I work for public schools system where more than 70% of its population doesn't have children in our schools. We are a village and we all should work together. May be the DN needs to read the book of Acts 2:44 or the history of the LDS Church.

I have a very good health insurance. Should that be enough? Of course NOT! Everybody deserves be protected, and the young paying to help for the older, why not? We (the old) support the infrastructure of society for the benefit of the young generations.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The simple fact is that they are a bad deal for young people." But they are good deal for their parents who will have to cough up the money to pay for their care if they get sick, a simple economic fact which seems to elude the author.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Generation Opportunity, a nonprofit financed with $5.04 million from a fund controlled by the Koch brothers’ lobbying team, just launched a new television advertisement to kick off an anti-Obamacare campaign. " The D-News could be a little more explicit about the origins of the opinion pieces they quote.

Salt Lake City, UT

"These problems, along with others, have even caused Congress to exempt itself from the exchange."


Yeah, Congress has been great at saddling us with all sorts of garbage from which they have conveniently made themselves exempt.

Little wonder that the counties surrounding DC has been consistently listed among the areas with highest average incomes for several decades. They and their former colleagues turned lobby shills feed on the industry and gullibility of the rest of the country. For example, you can see several classic examples of the gullible Obama sycophants here in the commentariat.

Saint George, UT

The 'social justice' crowd continues the mantra of a utopian society built by force and compulsion and those 'noble' feelings that will surely run through every human until we all can 'imagine' no possessions, war ete. As long as man is running things, and as long as people continue to support government intervention to solve all of the worlds ills, chaos and problems will literally plague the process. It is also something that was bound to happen and anybody who thinks that the young are going to be signing up in droves because of their noble desires to support the system are deluded. Ah, just for the record, this is the Entitlement generation that believes that money grows on trees and accountability is something meant for someone else. Sorry to be the bearer of the truth.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yep, I hope all the kids sign up! Yes sir, as long as all the young-un's sign up, I looking at getting me some low-cost healthcare paid for by the 20-somethings.

Houston, TX

Yes…….most Americans won’t be much affected. The online marketplaces are focused on the roughly 15 percent of the population who are uninsured or buy plans individually. Yes, it’s a new place where people can shop, compare and buy health insurance in a way that was not available before obamacare. Yes, when the new plans take effect, insuers can no longer deny coverage based on health status or preexisting conditions. And all plans must cover essential benefits, such as hospitalizations, maternity care, and mental health services….and insurance companies cannot drop coverage just because someone gets sick….and small business will have more options for insuring workers, and get tax credits to pay for it. But remember what TeaPublicans are trying to accomplish here. Just like Sen. Gram said…if obamacare succeeds, then that woman hillary Clinton will be president in 2016! This “war on health care” is about taking back our American and making that guy obama fail and stopping that woman hillary! This is about taking back our American and no true Republican wants to be seen as helping the president! Just not going to happen!

Hayden, ID

All we need to know about Obamacare is that the hypocritical Democrat politicians who forced this mess down our throats have exempted themselves from Obamacare! Amazing hypocrisy for them to tell us its good for us but not enough for them!

South Jordan, UT

If Obamacare is such a good deal for all Americans, why has Obama, all who work under him, Congress, and 9 million federal employees (including the IRS who will oversee the whole mess) opted out and will be entirely exempt from it. They will have their own private healthcare plan, NOT Obamacare! If it is good enough for us, why isn't it good enough for them?! You can't dispute that one! That fight needs to be heralded from every rooftop in this country. Too many people are under-informed about this.

Saint George, UT

Just for the record. Ronald Reagan was the last Republican President I voted for, so when someone says that Republicans are just against Obama, that may be true. Not for me! I'm against anything that destroys initiative and accountability, whether Republican, Democrat, or Tea party. Those who keep thinking that government should provide healthcare haven't thought much about how it erodes responsibility and accountability. The African American family has almost been completely wiped out and a major part of that can be laid at the feet of Democratic and Republican lawmakers that thought providing free everything would make a difference. It hasn't. Now, who is destroying Character? Is the citizens who believe in responsibility or Democrats and Republicans that want to maintain power and control by handing out free stuff to keep the slaves quite?

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