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Published: Thursday, Sept. 26 2013 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Here is a confusing thing about Mr. Parry’s system. Bingham was scored 121.2 in week 2 (no score was given for week 1). While their schedule has not been great (Bonneville ID, Herriman, Valor Christian CO, Hunter, Granger) they are 5-0. Despite that their score has steadily decreased to 119.1. A decrease of 2.0.

Davis has beaten Copper Hills, Hunter, Taylorsville, Syracuse (who I think is overrated despite their record), and Fremont. Their score has fluctuated from a low of 96.2 (week 1) to 105.2 (week 4) to 102.4 this week. A max increase of 9.0.

Brighton has beat American Fork (impressive), Fremont, Granger, Cottonwood, and Hunter. Their score steadily increased from 95.2 (week 1) to 103.5 (week 5). An increase of 8.3 points.

Pleasant Grove beat Orem, Timpview (very impressive), Timpanogos, Maple Mountain (all 4A schools), and Lehi, and has gone from 90.7 (week 1) to 106.4 (last week) to 103.6 this week. A max increase of 12.9.

So what gives? Seems if you win, you should not be penalized. If you are picked by 53.1 and the halftime score is 42-0, you call off the dogs, and that hurts you?

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

My math is bad. PG has a max increase of 15.7.

Still, why has Bingham seen their score decrease while going 5-0? The other teams who are 5-0 have had their scores significantly increase and yet they have not necessarily played better schedules.

Herriman at 2-3 has seen their score increase by 10.2. And Northridge at 1-4 has only seen their score drop by 0.3 points. Just defies logic.

Rural sport fan

I think it is more about the stats, than just wins and losses.

I'm sure points scored, points allowed, possibly yardage and yardage allowed all factor in.

You want a great ranking...run up the score. There's no benefit in the system for a team that just gets comfortable leads, then plays their younger kids to help them get better. At least, that's my guess.

It would be interesting to actually see the formula. Hint, hint.

syracusse, UT

-Parry is a Farce

Syracuse is not over-rated. If anything they are under. They lost to Davis, one game and went from 2nd to 10th. yeah okay that happens but why are jordan and alta still in their then? Not to mention Syracuse just slaughtered Northridge and that didn't bump them up at all. And northridge even gave #6 Logan a good game, it was within 3 points. And yet when syracuse slaughters them nothing happens. If you want to talk about over-rated, then lets talk about jordan. Jordan had a 3 game loosing streak, and i get that they had a hard schedule but its just a little sad now. they are not the same team from last year, same with syracuse. That's why I didn't mind the huge drop in ranks. but syracuse is going to be stuck because even if they win the rest of their games, theyll still be low ranked. The only way they'll move up is if someone looses. (last year is the very first year syracuse got any respect from the media. and then they loose one game to a top 5 team then boom all respect lost) I hate it.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Bring on the Titans,

Parry ranked Syracuse 3rd to start the season. I think he did that based largely on what happened last year. He did the same with Jordan. I did not say Jordan was not overrated (I think they are too).

Syracuse has beaten 3 teams from 4A and struggled to score in those games. And then you want to point to a 18 point win over a 1-5 team as your big win? I'm not saying Syracuse isn't good. They are probably a top 10 5A school this year. I think they'll finish 2nd in Region 1, probably running the table, and win a play-off game. They just are not #2 like they were last year, nor #3 as Parry ranked them at the start of they year, nor #4 as he presently has them ranked.

They are a good team this year. Last year they were on the verge of being great. And they are overrated this year because of what they did last year.

Herriman, UT

@Parry is a Farce - a little disclosure...I am a Herriman Mustang homer. In looking at your comments I became curious and checked Herriman's rankings and this is what I have found.

Preseason - 92.2
After West Jordan win - 94.4
After Bingham loss - 96.8
After Highland loss - 97.4
After Lone Peak win - 101.0
After Jordan loss - 102.4

So, looking at this is seems that it has more to do than just with wins and losses. It seems like its an algorithm that takes into account wins, losses, margin of victory, record against being favored, record against being the underdog, how many teams have beaten the team you just beat, how many teams have lost to the team you lost to, etc.

For example...we gained 2.2 points for beating West Jordan...a team we should have beat and a team that most teams will beat. However, we gained 2.6 points for losing to Bingham...a team that most say we should have lost to and a team that most teams will lose to and we kept it within 2 scores.

So I think there is a lot of mathematics involved!!!

Aces in the Hole
West Jordan, UT

This power poll means nothing!!! Win your region games and that is it!! Why do we care about one guys "formula"? Also who cares about the top 25? Win your region, get home field and play on the Hill, that's it!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

I understand that there is a lot of math and an algorithm that Parry uses. And I very much agree with "Aces in the Hole". I just think that there is a huge flaw in the system and I like to complain about it.

I think the Parry system places to much emphasis on last year. That is why Jordan and Syracuse were ranked way high in the preseason, and in the case of Jordan still is. So you take this expectation that Parry has and if you live up to it and/or exceed it, you are rewarded. If not you are punished.

Take Bingham last week. Parry had them favored by 53.1 over Granger. They were up 42-0 at half. If Bingham keeps going, the final should have been 84-0, but human nature, sportsmanship, and the rules (clock keeps running) dictate that does not happen. And since Bingham only won by 42, Parry drops Bingham from 120.4 to 119.1.

I think a system like this should be based more on reality than on living up to the expectations based on last year.

Somewhere, UT

If you don't like his system then quit paying attention to it. This is his system that he has come up with and is really just his opinion just like you have your own opinion on who is the best team.


Although I am enjoying the current season and I am very proud of our team in Kamas (South Summit)
it is disappointing that all the other 2A teams seem to be going through rebuilding years. I believe this year just happens to be South Summits year. And probably the next 2 years. With Manti and Richfield moving up to 3A, South Summit has no competition this year. Having said that,, South Summit has a ton of talent. Its just disappointing that they have no one out there to showcase that talent. It would be interesting to be able to play Manti again this year. and I would love to see South Summit play Duchesne. I am told that a South Summit/Duchesne match was in the works but Duchesne did not want to jeopardize there undefeated rescored... understandable.
SS would surely be on the top of that one. SS will be coasting to a state championship this year and probably next. Oh.....despite our coaching... Go Wildcats!! Its about time.

West Jordan, UT

Guess I missed the news flash saying that East and Cyprus both got reclassified to 1A.

All kidding aside, putting together this Power Guide is an inexact science. It's sorta like national high school rankings. How do you rank teams nationally that will never play each other....and likely will never play a team within 5 states? You simply do the best you can, and as the season goes on, the rankings seem to become more representative of what is happening on the field. Oh yeah, and lets not forget, even the most nerd friendly stat based polls get smacked upside the head when a true upset happens.

Regardless of the differing opinions, I love that high school football is getting some love!!


@ ENJOY KAMAS, THEN GO HOME - Watch out for Gunnison. No, I don't mean in the game this week, you'll destroy them. I mean if you win too much they'll whine to the UHSAA to get you moved up to 3A so they can have a chance to actually win something.


Yes I know, there are a few fans and school administrators that wine when there teams consistently lose. But that's just life. Every school goes threw cycles, ups and downs. but before they blame everyone else they should really look in the mirror. I for one think playing bigger schools gives our kids needed experience and forces the kids to play harder. We should have more 1A/2A 2A/3A 3A/4A etc. games. Maybe one or two in the middle of the season. But I think SS will be 2A for a while. We just don't have the population to move to 3A (yet), and I hope we never do.

Provo, UT

The obvious big one that was off was Mountain Crest and Sky View. Sky View is very good Mountain Crest is really struggling. Also didn't see Alta beating Brighton.

true Silvewolve
farr west, UT

Syracuse is overrated they had one good season and they got destroyed in champions game Syracuse had a easy none region Syracuse got way more attention then Fremont did even though Fremont went to state 2 but yeah its cool

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