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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

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gambier, oh

I would love to see a Temple there. Just to fulfill the Prophet,s vision and the dreams of all those who died or suffered for their beliefs.

Joan Watson

In due time a temple will be erected and all prophesy fulfilled.

Westland, MI

All of this land is someday going to be restored back to the rightful owners - the American Indian. Adam-ondi-Ahman is false history based on false revelation (D&C 116).

Las Vegas, NV

Michigander is correct, all this land will be restored back to its rightful owner... God, the Creator of it all. He can then decide how it is to be used (which He already revealed to Joseph, one of His prophets). The American Indians were, at one time, stewards of the land, just as we are today of those things we think we "own". I prefer to look to the true 'owner' for guidance on how He wants me to utilize my stewardships.

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