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Published: Sunday, Sept. 22 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Conservatives are not worried that Obamacare will be a disaster. If it is they can run against it and win for the next decade. They are worried that it will work pretty well and people will like it.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I disagree with the editorial writers.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have had their hours cut back at work because of ObamaCare. Those families are suffering NOW. They need full employment NOW. Obama will delay the misery until after the 2014 election. Those families will not be returned to full employment until ObamaCare is removed. ObamaCare is a burden that those families cannot afford to bear.

How many bankruptcies will occur because of reduced hours? How many other businesses will sustain collateral damage? If you can't pay your bills, are you going to take a vacation? How big is tourism to Utah? What would happen to many small towns if people stayed home? What would happen to their local economy?

The Republicans are not shutting down the government. They have fully funded all government programs except ObamaCare. It will be the Democrats who shut down the government, led by Obama himself. As long as newspapers, including the Deseret News, falsely blame the Republicans, people will be misled. I'm surprized that the Deseret News would let themselves become an Obama pawn and print what he wanted to read, instead of printing the real facts.

Saint Paul, MN

"the annual federal deficit has begun shrinking on its own to levels not seen since the Great Recession, a consequence of a recovering economy"

If this were true we wouldn't need to raise the debt ceiling. While it may be rising more slowly than 2, 4, or 6 years ago, the debt is still going up! I fail to see the logic in pundits congratulating themselves on only adding "less" to their grandchildren's credit card, rather than paying their own bills.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

There is panic on the Right as the ACA turns out to be a boon. Cruz admitted as much -- he's desperately afraid that people will get "addicted" to it and deprive him of his straw man.

Silver Spring, MD

The ACA is based almost entirely on ideas and concepts promulgated by Conservative think tanks and politicians. It's not what most on the Left advocated.

It leaves in place the current employer-based insurance system, and enlarges it to include commercial insurance marketplaces will help those who have previously been rejected by insurance companies or who, up till now, couldn't afford policies. can shop

With or without the ACA, all of us pay for the uninsured. We've just been doing it in the least cost efficient way possible, including through the ER. Now at least everyone will be paying into the insurance market.

Honestly, I don't think the GOP is afraid that the ACA will be an unmitigated disaster. We've already begun to hear whispers by politicians afraid that the public will "get hooked" on it (their words, not mine).

There are better approaches to healthcare than insurance companies controlling "Death Panels" of who gets covered and for what, based on the profit motive. The ACA isn't perfect, but it does go a long way toward correcting what for too long we all just sort of accepted as a necessary evil.

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Good opinion article. I like the mandate portion of the Affordable healthcare act because I am tired of paying for the care of freeloaders (i.e., people who could buy insurance but don't). However, I don't see how the mandate is possible without a universal, single payer system that automatically deduct premiums from paychecks - that is where things get messy.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Rolands right, They are terrified it will work.
Of course when it does, they, and the Heritage Foundation will then take ownership of it... again.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

This is the new spin. The ten percent radicals that want a shutdown could attack each other. The scare tactic os the desperate are comical.

Far East USA, SC

Mr Richards,

People act like everything concerning health care prior to Obamacare was great (or at least sustainable). It was not.

By virtually any statistics, health care in the US is the most expensive, and gives a very low return. It IS a problem, Obamacare or not.

So, While I agree that Obamacare is not a great answer, the GOP would be far better served by putting forth a replacement plan of their own. You know, actually proposing legislation that does a better job.

I realize that you will answer with "healthcare is not provided for in the constitution"

Well, the free market system is not working either. SOMETHING must be done.

Far East USA, SC

An article today in Forbes (hardly a liberal rag), states something that I have been harping on for years.

"To state the obvious, Republicans have historically talked a good game about limited, less expensive government, but the expense of it always seems to grow on their watch."

However, the right still seems to contend that the key to smaller government is to simply vote Republican. History does not support that conclusion.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

On the Brightside --

Republicans can add ACA [Obamacare] to their basket of Red Herrings they are going to reverse each election cycle.

Sort like; Abortion, Immigration, Wars, Taxes, ect.

They SAY they will do something about to win votes,
but in reality, they won't ever DO anything about them - they need and rely on them to win anything.

Like when they accuse the Democrats of handing out FREE stuff to win votes.

Burley, ID

@Roland Kayser

ObamaCare is not going to work well. It is going to fail miserably.

Here is what is going to happen and is already starting to happen.

More and more "part time" workers.
Much higher insurance premium rates for everyone.
Firing of employees to reduce work forces to under 50.
Employers dropping their insurance for their employees.
Millions and millions of young people opting not to buy insurance.
Employers insuring only their "employee," but not their spouse or kids (UPS).
People paying the fines instead of the insurance fees due to the high cost.
The working poor still being unable to pay their health care costs (even with the subsidies), due to the high 20% co-pays.

Those who passed ObamaCare want it to fail. The "real goal" of ObamaCare is to force everyone into a "Singer Payer System," where the federal government controls everyone's health care.

Currently, if I don't like my insurance company I can fire them. I'm not going to be able to do that with the Federal government.

Sandy, UT

@mike richards. Joeblow is right. As much as die hard conservatives want obamacare to go away and want a market based solution they need to realize that something needs to be done about healthcare. We are talking about real humans and real problems not some utopia of the ideal society that conservatives want.

The republicans should and can come up with something better than obamacare but the tea party will turn on them if they try. During the republicans debate for president the moderator asked something about healthcare(I can't remember the exact question) and someone in the audience said "let them die." And people cheered. I couldn't believe it. This is why republicans can not do anything because people are turning their backs to their fellow man.

Im starting to wonder are we a society that will start charging for CPR before we help someone?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What astounds me is the carelessness that liberals show towards the Supreme Law of the Land. The Court told us that Congress has the authority to tax us, but they did not rule on the ObamaCare tax, because it had not been implemented. No damages could be proven. Assuming that the liberals have actually read the Constitution, none of them can show us in the "taxing authority" that the Federal government is authoried to TAX us for personal welfare. Seventeen "duties" are listed in that "taxing authority" (Article 1, Section 8). Health care is not on the list.

The government started the insurance "crisis" under FDR when he froze wages. Employers couldn't increase wages, so they offered insurance as a benefit. Now, the Federal Government is telling it's "subjects" that the IRS will force them to pay the largest TAX ever levied on the American people. By the way, what did Obama promise to the poor and middle class about NOT raising their taxes? Does anyone believe anything that that man says?

Sugar City, ID

I don't know everything about Obamacare but I have serious reservations about it just because President Obama and everyone who voted for it exempted themselves from it! It's so fishy sounding. It's like being told that the government is going to provide a Yugo for everyone in America except the leaders who all get a tax provided Lexus. Why aren't the people who voted for Obamacare confronted with this hypocrisy? Why does the President escape from answering this question: If Obamacare is such a great program, why did you exempt yourself?

Buena Vista, VA

Obamacare is already failing, which is why Obama is already delaying many of its provisions, and his delays are not done legally. Congress must change the law, not the president, even if it is named after him. It is sort of like a banana republic dictator making it up as he goes. In fact, the law was passed only because of backroom deals, and now, Obama is still giving special exemptions to his friends - again, this goes against the "rule of law" and makes him a whimsical dictator. Of course, it was passed by a congress (well, the GOP didn't vote for it, only the dems) who didn't even read it. No wonder our constitution hangs by a thread. To all those who think the GOP fears Obamacare because it will work, think again. As rvalens2 expertly pointed about above, it is already causing big problems. Thousands of employees have already been moved to part time jobs because of it, and many large companies are no longer offering health coverage.

Far East USA, SC

"I don't know everything about Obamacare but I have serious reservations about it just because President Obama and everyone who voted for it exempted themselves from it!"

No JSB. They didn't exempt themselves any more then the exempted themselves from Medicaid.

They had insurance. Just like I do. Just like you probably do. I will not be under Obamacare, and most likely you will not be either.

A better statement would have been "They did not force themselves to be covered under Obamacare" (just like they didnt force me or you)

YOu did get one thing right however. You dont know everything about Obamacare.

Sandy, UT

@mike richards. My taxes have not gone up and actually have gone down and I consider myself middle class. As far as the constitution goes the federal government doesn't have the power to set up a central bank but it has and I have never heard a concern about it from most conservatives.

As far as obamacare being the biggest tax increase in history can you prove this claim?


The vast majority of the "hundreds of thousands" of workers who have had their hours cut because of "Obamacare" were working 32 hours per week so their employers would not have to offer them benefits. They are not working 29 hours per week so their employers do not have to offer them benefits.

The blame for this is not with the Affordable Healthcare Act but with the employers.


"I don't know everything about Obamacare but I have serious reservations about it just because President Obama and everyone who voted for it exempted themselves from it!"

Actually, it appears you don't know anything, or you would know that Congress and their staff is NOT exempt from Obamacare.

Congress and their staff are now required to purchase their health insurance from the exchanges being set up. No other employees working for a large employer are required to use the exchanges. Just Congress.

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