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Published: Saturday, Sept. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

"Why is it we can find money for highways, buildings and prisons but we can't find money to help poor people with health care?"

The answer is quite simple... Highways, buildings, prisons, provide for the general welfare... Which is authorized in the US Constitution.

Government provided healthcare, such as Obamacare, is not 'general welfare.' It's specific welfare. It's the job of the several states to provide specific welfare if they so desire.

Cedar Hills, UT

Pouring trillions into an unworkable program is not a moral dilemma - it is fiscal insanity or suicide and that is where America is steaming toward. Instead of using common sense laws to solve health care we instead adopt socialism and call it the affordable care act when it is anything BUT affordable for anyone including the poor. Go figure.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Roger Terry "[W]hat I meant by operating on the same principle is spreading the costs over a large population...."

I don't object to cost sharing. Only let me enter into into it freely, and not be forced into it by the state. My objection to socialism rests on that distinction. Don't try to pretend that they are the same thing.

Houston, TX

I agree that we owe it to our neighbor who is without health care, and cannot get it on his own, to provide a viable pathway to receiving it. This was the basic premise of Medicaide, but Obamacare isn't like Medicaide. We should have simply expanded Medicaide and raised federal taxes accordingly. The next best thing would have been to introduce a single-payer solution. What we have instead is a very complex system which will not work, either economically or politically.

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