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Published: Friday, Sept. 20 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

Money, money, money.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Well...much like your free radio and TV, something has to pay for it.

On the flipside, may I recommend you switch to Chrome and use Adblock.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

MY pet peeve is the annoying television network logo that won't go away from the corner of the screen.
I KNOW I'm watching CBS, or NBS, or whomever...take it away!
I have a giant screen, and the logo is the size of a frisbee...

one old man
Ogden, UT

Firefox has a pop-up blocker that works very well. I rarely have a pop up pop up. :-))

American Fork, UT

I've never tried chrome/adblock but have heard good things about it. My firefox is pretty good at stopping popups.


Pop-ups, as annoying as they are, have been part of the internet experience since the internet became a commercial enterprise. They actually even used to be more annoying because they used to pop-up on top of whatever you were doing - now they pop-under.

The fees you pay your internet provider pay for the provision of the internet - they do not support the webpages you visit - those are supported by ads or fees. So, what you have to ask yourself is do you want ads or do you want to have to pay a fee to every page you like to visit?

As other posters have mentioned, many browsers have pop-up blockers - many anti-virus programs also have them.

Most of the stuff I do a muted volume is not an issue - so I happily surf and then close any ads by shutting down the internet when I am finished. (I usually only get one or two anyway - somedays I don't get any.)

Sandy, UT

This guy probably has a computer virus. I never have popups.

Layton, UT

Let me make sure that I have this straight. You want me to spend my days creating web pages for free? You also feel that I should not be compensated for all of the time and money that I have spent learning how to program? You want my children to be hungry, dirty, naked, cave dwellers so that you are not inconvenienced? I don't thinks so!

Clearfield, UT

The most disturbing thing about the internet ads is they are a reflection of everything I've shown an interest in online lately. The NSA is not the only one compiling an exhaustive record of the electronc communication activities of anyone and everyone.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

Since when did it become okay to disturb my peace while driving along the roads? Billboards are everywhere.

Same culprit.

Far East USA, SC

I, for one sure have been getting a lot of ads for the LDS church.

They ask me if I want to know more and if I want to chat now.

Is this included in what you are railing against?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

So which is?

Free Market Capitalism which is fueled and funded by commercialism
Regulated Socialism?

The double talking hypocrisy in Utah is truly astounding.

Clearfield, UT

Ad subsidized radio, television, print, and internet media are much more appropriate places for marketing than your telephone, your email, and your front door. The advertisers contribute nothing to lower the cost of your telephone line, your email account, or your house. But they try to benefit from them at your expense. When advertisers invade my privacy by ringing my phone, knocking at my door, or deluging my inbox, they are stealing from me the use and enjoyment of things that I paid for and they did not.

Bob Wiley
North Salt Lake, UT

Install Chrome or Firefox. Both have an Adblock extension. You will (almost) never see another web ad again.

Enderus Krang

Actually, there are a LOT of tools and plugins that you can use to block ads, popups, and malware. And a lot of those are freeware. Just look around, check out plugins and/or extensions for your browser or check out some freeware sites. I'd link to them myself, but... apparently that's considered advertising.

And you thought there weren't any free protective measures that filter or block advertising...

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

There is a constitutional right to free internet?

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