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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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tranquility base, 00

This is why we can't have nice things.

Many of us LDS have only had one wife, or no wife and still have to suffer the behind the back snarks about Mormons and all "our" wives.

Hayden, ID

Now that marriage has been "redefined", who is to say polygamy is wrong? Who is to say pedophilia or bestiality is wrong? Be careful now, you wouldn't want to discriminate would you? The "marriage" door has been broken down completely and now marriage means nothing and families lose.

Sandy, UT

Why is this NEWS? I am surprised!

ute alumni
paradise, UT

15 minutes of fame. raising kids in an illegal environment is not child abuse?

DN Subscriber 2

Marriage is a right for any two, er, three, no- make that four, maybe FIVE loving adults.

Anyone who dares to criticize or condemn, or even snicker at such a concept is obviously a prejudicial bigot of the worst order and must be sent to the re-education camps until their mind fully embraces the new politically correct definitions.

So, why discriminate against people who want to marry infants or animals, if they love them?

The unintended consequences of the rush to embrace something once considered perverse or abhorrent, but now proclaimed as "a RIGHT!" will be slow to unfold. And likely impossible to reverse.

Celebrate the diverse new world, if you like it, but I will abstain.

But, this "family" should be free to practice their relationship as long as they are consenting adults.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Some of your analogies have flaws, but more saying polygamy must be acceptable now is a good point. I will add family members being able to marry.

If gays should be able to marry, there is no reason to discriminate against polygamy or family member being able to marry.

Sex happens outside of marriage and there are countless marraiges without sex, so using sex as a reason to prohibit family members from marrying doesn't hold.

Some day these things will be valid, if we're opening it up to homosexuals.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I am not a bigot, plural marriage is illegal. period.

Salt Lake City, UT

When applying the same rationale and constitutionality that has successfully worked in legalizing gay marriage, there is NO WAY polygamy will be illegal for very long.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Now that marriage has been "redefined", who is to say polygamy is wrong? "

I dunno, you seem like you consider it to be the case, as do many others who somehow also believe it was okay for a period around 1840-1890, and yet gay marriage advocates are the ones that have to deal with inconsistency?

Salt Lake City, UT

@DN Subscriber 2
Infants and animals can't give consent. Don't be silly.

Orem , UT

May I ask, is the "redefinition" of marriage correct and right? And is it bettering our society? If you have an answer please explain, and if possible provide ample proof.

Salt Lake, UT

Why do people get upset with polygamist like the Browns or the Williams were it is consental no abuse going on. At least they try to take care of their wives and kids. Yet people are okay with a guy going out and having affairs and leaving single moms everywhere he goes? I hope the federal judge rules in the Browns and other polygamists favor. If the state is going to prosecute them they need to also prosecute anyone cohabiting or having affairs. Technically they are only legally married to one wife.The rest are spiritual marriages. As long as their is no abuse, the marriage is not forced, no under age garbage going on. I think most people do not care. Time to update Utah's bigamy laws.

Bountiful, UT

He must be quite a guy he has 5 attractive women and some guys can't even find one wife.

If polygamy got to be too big quite a few men wouldn't be able to find a wife. and that instance the man without would be justified in pursuing the wives of those that have more than one.

Salem, UT

Is that a UVU cap? Go Wolverines


What kind of man needs 24 children?

Palmyra, NY

I love that picture of him with his "wives". It looks like they have to prop him up for the photo. The kids from that lifestyle have about the same life opportunities as a kid growing up with a single mom in a trailer park. Its so sad.

sandy, ut


Big difference between consenting adults and relationships involving animals and children, who can't consent. I don't agree with polygamy from a religious standpoint, but I agree that adults should be able to decide for themselves. They don't need me telling them how to live. If there is abuse, or the children can't be cared for or paid for it is a different story. But I have enough to worry about in my life to worry about what polygamists are doing. And to any mormon stating that it is illegal, and isn't right - be very careful. You are doing the same thing that was done to your church when it started polygamy back in the 1800's. Don't be a hypocrite.

Hayden, ID

Brahmabull. No hypocrisy here! Polygamy was not started by the Mormon church. It was practiced by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and many others in Biblical times. I don't want to be a polygamist but I do think its interesting that the same arguments used to re-define traditional marriage can be used to justify polygamy or any other kind of re-definition of "marriage" and that is very dangerous indeed. Add to that there have been many women who were forced into polygamist marriages. So who is being a hypocrite?

sandy, ut


I guess you didn't read my comment. I'll repeat "If there is abuse, or the children can't be cared for or paid for it is a different story."

That includes those FORCED into polygamy, I obviously know and believe that is wrong and should not be tolerated in any way. But as far as consenting adults go - they should have a right to do it. It shouldn't be illegal. You compared polygamy to pedophilia and beastiality, and that is why I am concerned as they aren't in the same realm. Yes some pedophilia happens in polygamy, but I already stated that is not acceptable so I don't get why you are confused.

All the best.

Dallas, Texas

For all those commentators who are so certain that "consent" is a impenetrable firewall against other abhorrent (currently) forms of "marriage", let me remind you that marriage was recently redefined to include same sex "marriage". Why can't "consent" or even "consenting adult" be redefined? In fact, many are already making that argument.

The fact is if those pushing same sex "marriage" were intellectually honest, they would acknowledge there are no limits to how the same arguments that are used to justify same sex "marriage" can justify almost any other type of "marriage".

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