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Published: Saturday, Sept. 14 2013 7:30 p.m. MDT

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Our offense is better than their defense and our defense is much better than their offense.

I think their QB will be spending all night on his back side.

Utah wins easy

Utah 34
Osu 17

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

We WILL be 4-0 and ranked in the top 25 in another week.

We WILL be 8-4 or 9-3 this season. After tonight some of you will begin to jump on board with what I've been saying for months.

I think either Utah or UCLA will win the Pac 12 south.

With Erickson running the offense as well as it is, I think we'll be putting up about 30 a game and our defense is more than capable of holding most Pac 12 teams under 30

Go Utes!

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

While we cheer the Utes to an easy victory, lets salute our Pac 12 brethren!


UCLA convincing win over Big 10 Nebraska
USC dominated a good(better than Virginia) ACC Boston College team
Washington win on the road against Big 10 Illinois
Cal down only 11 against #4 Ohio State
Oregon dismantled SEC Tennessee

Wisconsin at Arizona State upcoming

Pac 12 4-1 against fellow power conference teams.

Pac 12 PRIDE

I LOVE our Pac 12 Conference of Champions membership!

Go Utes

Sandy, UT

I think we score early and cruise to a pretty easy victory. This OSU team couldn't beat a division II team. They can't handle the UTES. Beavers going to get steamrolled.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah by 21. Wilson for 300 yards and 4 TD's


O Line needs to get it together. These are two future pros at DE, tackles need to step it up and backs need to do their part in the passing game. Lots of football left.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

your right the oregon could not beat a FCS team but they are currently manhandling the utes
dear me dear me dear me things dont look good.
Chris I know you are the game better get some pepto at the half if the game continues as I have seen

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Is this the live blog? The comments contrasted with the game action seem just a little surreal...

Provo, UT

I sure hope Utah doesn't lose at home to the team that lost to Eastern Washington at home. Let's pick it up Utes!


That's the drive we've been waiting for for 20 minutes. D needs to get a stop and the Utes will have a little swagger again. Didn't expect this slow of a start.

Farmington, UT

Is Utah confused and think they are playing Colorado?

"I think we score early and cruise to a pretty easy victory." So says Ken. My, I guess that's why they play the game, isn't it? On paper, the Utes are tough. On the field, not so much so. 2013 Ute Seniors I hope you get used to being the bottom feeders. PAC 12 teams did pretty good today, except for Utah. How does that feel?

Layton, UT

Travis to Dres!...I wasn't worried. lol.

Layton, UT

I'm worried about our defense.


Can we start giving flags to QBs for flopping? TERRIBLE roughing call.

Layton, UT

How about pass interference on the offense.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

Has anyone counted how many times the announcer has stated "Utah has to do something to keep the game from getting out of hand?"
seems to be about 5 times oh boy

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

..and here come the excuses. Go Beavers. Roll the Utes by 20.

Mcallen, TX

Enjoying this game.

Layton, UT

The refs have it out for Utah.

Layton, UT

It's raining, the beavers are playing in their element.

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