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Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 9:40 a.m. MDT

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Los Angeles, CA

"The theme of this article is not "look at me, I'm righteous and Miley Cyrus should be condemned"."

I disagree. The theme pretty much is "look at me, I'm righteous...". She even included a picture of herself in white!

Beverly Hills, CA

We are all sinners and beggars before god. Pride comes before the fall. Even though I am LDS, I am not better than anyone else.

Maureen Fepuleai
New Zealand, 00

Dear daughter

I have taught you as well as I could as a single mother. You know who you are and you have developed enough confidence and faith in your own abilities to choose for yourself. Some of your choices may or may not have my support or understanding throughout your lifetime, but I will continue to love you with every fibre of my being, regardless of what they may be. Wherever you choose to go in this world, remember that you can always come back home to me when you need to and that Love will answer you every single time.

Love, Mum **HUGS**

Roanoke, VA

@JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt re "...I am not better than anyone else." Americans especially masquerade attacks on moral rectitude by calling it self-righteousness. There was a time in pre-PC history when it was okay to acknowledge that some people behave better than others; that in fact some people are better human beings than others. I'd bet my last dollar that you are a far, far better person than Stalin was. The refusal to acknowledge crabgrass for what it is is a reason we have so much of it.

If it is not self-evident that Miley's performance was offensive, arguments to prove it cannot be effective.

vancouver, canada, 00

While I understand that everyone has a different view on life, I believe that confining your children to one path backfires more often than not. The more guarded children are by their parents, at a certain age they will snap and make decisions purely to go against what has been almost an oppressive law in their home. Also, bare in mind? Miley Cyrus IS someones child and to talk about her in such a manner as a mother is embarrassing. Every family is different and abides by different rules so to use her as a measuring stick as to what you don't want your child to do is pathetic. Lastly, its really irritating that in 2013 a young woman is practically ostracized for expressing herself in a sexual manner... last I checked? Robin Thicke who is 16 years her senior and married hasn't gotten ANY flack for that performance.

...May I also point out that Macklemore makes a speech that night about the equality of human beings and instead of writing her daughter a letter talking about that, she chooses to pick apart some person who shes never even met before. Great example for your kid.

Bill Fitz

JohnJacob; Here is a different perspective one I learned since becoming a LDS. We are all sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven. Yes even Miley. We are blessed according to our thoughts words and actions now and in eternity. (What a blessing repentance can be because we all need it as you seem to indicate.) There is a scripture which reads in the bible, judge not, and be not judged, as if somehow we wander through life ignoring our surroundings. The correct translation is judge not unrighteously....... I will make a righteous judgment that parading around on a stage like that is inappropriate and unacceptable for my daughter or anyone else's. And it really is that simple. We judge every day and that one is about as easy to label as any in my life.

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